gaming mouse and lock pick set

LIHAO Zelotes T90 Wired Gaming Mouse 9200 DPI High Precision Optical 6 DPI 8 Buttons for Pro Gamer

LIHAO Zelotes T90 Wired Gaming Mouse 9200 DPI High Precision Optical 6 DPI 8 Buttons for Pro Gamer

Reveiw done from testing by freinds 17 yr old grandson. I’m not a gamer – he is!

The packaging was very adequate and well done easy to get into without force. Was very straight forward and just showed the product of once opened into, with no pointless packageing inside. It doesn’t come with a different box the product came in or a bag to keep all the product together. But the inside of the box is very useful as the mouse came with a plastic mold of it to keep it in that so if you keep the box and get a new mouse you can easily store it away again and it will keep everything together.


My first thoughts of the mouse was that it would meet a lot of people style as it  looks like a normal regular computer mouse with more added features. It looks very nice but plain and simple which is what I like.This mouse feels very robust and hard wearing, it feels really well made and put together. The mouse is designed to a shape where it fits round your hand very comfortably. It doesn’t feel cheap and plastic like some gaming mouse you can buy for near the same price or even more.

The mouse is very responsive, and doesn’t have a mind of its own or jilt about the screen, you can set it to the sensitivity what suits you which is a good thing depends what you like or are playing. I think it differs a lot compared to an ordinary mouse as it gives you more features like the extra buttons which can help you when playing games and the much cooler stylish look it gives and makes it stand out. One feature which a lot of people look out for is that it glows and breaths, it comes with a CD which you install and from that you can edit the colors you want the mouse to be and breath ( nearly any colour you can think of is available)

It finds the driver as soon as you plug in the usb with no problem at all. Very straight and simple. I used various games when using the mouse from first person shooter games to detective games, strategy games and many more. For all the mouse was very responsive with no delay. The cable length is a little on the short side for me but every mouse is as its down to how I have everything set up, so you may want to invest in a usb to usb for the extra cable length with then means you can have the mouse longer. But the cable length is a decent size and may not need extending.

There is a manual with the product, the font size is pretty small so maybe hard to read for some. It is understandable but to be honest you don’t need it, as all you need to do is plug the mouse in a usb port and you are away, before even downloading the disk. The disk is there for if you want to personalize the mouse.

All together I think the mouse is a great product for its price, with the breathing lights and that you can personalize it, and is money well spent. Is well up there for the ones I have used. It is very easy to set up and is very comfortable around your hand. The added features are a bonus as it makes gaming a lot easier. I cant find any faults with the mouse.

Stars: Five, excellent well priced mouse for gamers.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

11-Pieces Practice Lock Pick Set Treastar® Lock Picking Tools + Transparent Padlock for Locksmith Training Cutaway Lock Set

Well, this looked intriguing but when it arrived I was defeated..couldn’t work out what to do or how, but family were over later so gave it to 17 year old grandson to play with. He went to youtube ( our answer for everything!!) and found out how it works. Showed me, again and again but I can’t do it. Son in law can but star of the family proved to be 5 year old Brennan who can do in in 2 seconds, almost every time. Now we’re hunting for a padlock to practice on that’s not transparent. Its a kind of technique knack I think and one we had great fun with. Kids everywhere will love this! Not sure you really want to teach them lock picking skills but….


Stars: Five, excellent and great fun for all the family. .

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.


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