Coocheer MJX X500 Headless Mode 3D Roll RC Quadcopter Helicopter H Shape Design 2.4G 6 Axis Gyro Black

Coocheer MJX X500 Headless Mode 3D Roll RC Quadcopter Helicopter H Shape Design 2.4G 6 Axis Gyro Black

Tester for this was 17 year old Daz, his 5 year old brother was desperate to try it too but its too advanced for him, so you can see in the video his helicopter drone, which I found for kids so they could have Drone Wars!

1-Was packaging adequate, was it easy to open or that plastic tough sort where you nearly take your fingers off trying to get in!
The packaging was good it came in a box mounted in a plastic mould and was easy to open.

2-does it come with a box or bag to keep everything together when unpacked?
Once you open the box you get greeted with massive plastic mould and the drone was secured to it with 4 bendy metal wires. Everying else is in this mould as well that includes screws the controller and the battery+charger for the drone. The looser items such as the screws and spare propeller blades are put in plastic airtight sealent bags

3-was everything there that should be there?
I believe everything was included in the box and an instruction manual.

4-does it feel robust and hard wearing or fragile and easy to break
Its made of plastic so it has the plasticky feel to it but it seems strong and i believe it would be hard to break, as you have to screw the propeller guards to the drone and i believe it has some form of gyroscoped/ levelling device in it, as if you were to hold it on at an angle the drone would put more power into the lowest wing and therefore keeping the drone parallel with the ground.

5-how easy is it to set up. Did you have problems? Do you need batteries etc not included?
Besides needing to get my own batteries it was easy to assemble the propeller guards and battery, but the thing i found hard until i read the manual was how to get the drone started, as you have to put the switches on both sides up or down to say which side controls what part of the device, so that is one side up+down+rotation and the other is forwards+backwards+left+right.

6- Usage: Is it too quick/slow/hard to use? How responsive – ie any delay or is it instant response. What tricks can you do?
There are some instructions in the manual that tell you how to do certain tricks but the one i found out on my own was how to get the drone to do a flip, that is to double tap the function button. The drone is very responsive as soon as you move the controls it starts moving and it also tells you a percentage of power its using. The drone is very fast indoors and quick outside but it does not like to fight wind much, and i found out the remote has a very large signal range as i lost the drone over my nans trees!! I was flying it about 100 meters in the air, so i had to run through the woods onto the road where i was then giving the throttle more power to see if i could hear it and it was hovering above the water tower. ( EDIT: Nan. The water tower is a local reservoir over a side road at the top of my garden, all high fences and locked – Strong lecture when he came in about keeping it under control and away from roads, high wires, private property etc. I had no idea it would go so high….) The drone is hard to use sometimes: it isn’t if your outside and got no wind it is easy peasy but if your in the house you have to set the throttle trim relatively low as it is fast.

7- Any problems? Anything you found needs improving?
I have no problems with the drone but there is one thing that i would improve and that is on the two legs of the drone is to put rubber grips as where ive landed the drone on the concrete sometimes it scrapes the floor and grazes the plastic legs.

8 -was the manual easy to understand and helpful? The manual was easy to understand and helpful in the fact it helped me to understand how to start the drone, as you then have to push controls of the up+down movement to the top then to the bottom and then the drone will respond to your commands after you’ve chosen what side does what.

9 – how long does charge last – approx. How long to recharge?
The charge seems to last around 15 mins for me but it would last longer if i used a lower throttle setting like all remote control devices. I do not know how long it takes to charge as i just leave it on charge for like 2 hours and come back when i want to use it that is quite often.

Stars: Five, Great fun for teens and adults
Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.



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