LIHAO NOSWER I8L Stereo Gaming Headset PC LED Light Headphone with Microphone (Blue+Black)

LIHAO NOSWER I8L Stereo Gaming Headset PC LED Light Headphone with Microphone (Blue+Black)

LIHAO NOSWER I8L Stereo Gaming Headset PC LED Light Headphone with Microphone (Blue+Black)

Not being a gamer this was tested by a friend’s 17yr old grandson.

The packaging was adequate and easy to open, with no unneeded or pointless packaging like spare bags or things that will get in the way. It comes with a little bag you will be able to store the headset back in when not in use to protect it, and the wires all come in their own individual packaging. On the back of the box in English it told you
about the details and what the headset comes with and consists of. To install it finds the drivers with no problem and everything start to download once the usb is put in
the port.

This headset feels average in robustness as some parts feel quite strong but then other parts feel a little flimsy like the top of the headset .
The sound quality on the headset is great for the price, you can hear everything
clearly without a problem when it comes to listing to music,  and when gaming you can hear what is going on with which characters. can hear  in-game sounds like explosions and where everything is around you, and what my friends where saying when talking to them.
I found the cable length a little too short for me but that is because I need a long cable for my set up, so I had to attach a usb to usb cable to make it longer. But for others I’m sure it will be fine, depending on individual set up.
The only problem I found with the headset is that the mic you talk into is to short and
sometimes doesn’t pick up your voice or that it makes you very quiet. The only device I connected the headset to was my computer and when it comes to setting them up you couldn’t ask for anything simpler. All you need to do is connect it to a USB port and then plug the mic jacks in the mic port and the stereo port.

The comfort on this headset for the price is outstanding, and gives your head the support it needs. There is one head band on this headset which also sits nicely, but with fast movement it may slip off  sometimes, so sometimes it is to loose or tight. The headset is
very easy to adjust , all you need to do is click it in precision by pulling/pushing the headband up or down. The padding around the speakers was amazing and very comfy. You can hear a little noise around you depending on how loud you have the headset.

This mic is great value for money with the price and what you are getting. It has great sound quality and ticks many boxes with the great padding round the speakers to make the headset very comfy. The wire is at a decent length and will support a lot of peoples needs. The cons for the headset is the mic is not flexible and cant be moved, which is a problem as sometimes it picks up your voice but then sometimes you can come across very quiet when talking.

Stars: Five, excellent value

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.


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