Daewoo KOR6L77 Microwave.

Daewoo KOR6L77 Microwave.

This is a neat little device, perfect for smaller kitchens though
it can cope with large quantities too. It arrived really well packed, with the glass plate encased in card and polystyrene on the side of the microwave, not in the interior as I’ve had before, risking breaking in transit. A note on the front of the microwave would be useful just to say that’s where it is though…  It comes with a useful manual with suggestions for siting, and some essential safety tips. Most are common sense but there are people who do things like try to heat fat for deep frying in a microwave, try to cook eggs in shells, potatoes without pricking etc. I absentmindedly used a saucer with gilt edging once, the blue sparks very quickly reminded me what I’d done, so its good to browse through and remind yourself of things not to do.  Once set up its simple to use. Its got seven different settings from a very moderate 117w, suitable for things like egg custards that need slow gentle cooking, up to 700w. Some microwaves and recipes are geared for 800w cookers but I find its simple to add a few minutes on time, and of course with many things such as jacket potatoes or ready meals the timing depends more on size than actual wattage. The timer is a plus, going in one minute increments from 1 to 10 minutes, then 5 minutes increments up to 35 mins. Its simple to open the oven even if timer is still running, as pressing the door latch stops the timer and then as soon as its closed it resumes. That’s how I cook things like scrambled eggs, porridge, cheese sauces etc. by opening door two or three times during cooking to stir, thus avoiding lumps and producing best results. It also means there’s no messy saucepans to scour out, trying to remove the gunk stuck to the base.  I’ve cooked some scrambled eggs in this to try it out, its something I always doing my old microwave and this one works perfectly for that. For dieters ( and for kids – they love watching it) its easy to cook popcorn in a microwave. I use a large glass Pyrex dish with a lid, put a single layer of corn in the base and simply cook. You’ll see the kernels popping through the glass – something kids love to watch, and as soon as most have popped just stop it, add a little salt to taste and eat. As there’s no fat or butter needed, the kernels create their own steam with the lid on, its very low in calories but also very filling. Of course if you’re not worried about calories you can melt some caramels or a Mars bar or something, and pour over for toffee popcorn. One thing that’s important is that not all kernels will pop. That happens however you cook but don’t continue heating, that risks them burning and spoiling the rest. Just throw those ones out. You can buy specific microwave popcorn but its easy to use plain dreid corn from supermakets. Make sure you keep to a single layer as its expands Hugely. When working its pretty quiet, they all make a certain amount of noise but some are louder than others. Its got a turntable too which helps ensure even cooking. Its so versatile with the different wattage settings that don’t just use it for heating soup and drinks, use it for cooking. I always cook frozen veg in it – often fresh veg too, in a glass Pyrex jug. I make sauces and scrambled eggs, do jacket potatoes and baked apples, and even dry herbs. Sometimes when there’s only one or two of you for a meal its easier than putting on the oven. When I’m making things like cottage/shepherds pie I make extra and its simple to reheat in microwave, then with cook some frozen veg and you have a meal in minutes, with very little washing up. Bonus! Overall its a comnpact efficient machine and perfect for almost all households.


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