Digital Kitchen Scales, Silent Wall Clock and lettered beads

Plater Digital Kitchen Scale Cooking Food Scale with LCD Display and Removable Tray — 5kg / 11lb:0.4oz / 5000ml Max Capacity

For years I didn’t  have any kitchen scales…it made cooking something of an adventure and the results a little…strange. Still, I managed without , but some months ago got a set similar to this. Its made a massive difference to cakes ect which pleases the grandkids, no more volcano buns or biscuit type birthday cakes. Of course for weight control weighing food is a good idea and I was surprised at what some portions weighed….

I’ve had a few sets since that first one and each of them differ slightly. This one comes with its own bowl, a triangular shaped one in an easy to clean plastic and has 4 units (ml/oz/g/lb.oz) to select .


They come in a well packaged box, easy to undo, no awful plastic shrink wrap type that nearly takes off fingers when undoing. Its a neat set, in an attractive matt black colour with the bowl tucking neatly in the weighing section. Its easy to clean, just wipe over the surface and its done, unlike the old type where there were little hidden corners, cogs and knobs that collect dirt.  These scales can measure from 2g up to 5kg with a high-precision sensor. The display is clear and easy to read. They use 2 AAA batteries which are supplied – hooray! I hate when you’re ready to use something and there are batteris or cards needed to make them work.


The weights come in a variety of displays, metric or imperial and liquids in ml or fl.  Its easy to change from one to another, simply press until the desired reading is shown. What I really like best is that you can set to zero each time you add more ingredients without removing the earlier ones. So when adding ingredients to the bowl only the additions get measured. Example: place mixing bowl on scale, zero, add sugar and the weight of the sugar only is displayed. You can zero again and add next ingredients so all you need is the mixing bowl. Saves on washing up 😉 and I’m all for that.

Stars: Five, excellent  accurate scales


Hippih Silent Wall Clock Wood Non Ticking Digital Quiet Sweep 10-Inches Home Decor Vintage Wooden Clocks Black Number

I recently knocked my kitchen clock off the wall – been fine for 16 years but that killed it 😦

I made myself another from one of my paintings and a clock kit I’d had for review, but though its attracted much attention and looks pretty I find it too hard to see. I have eye issues that mean I need clear contrasts to see properly – like many people it developed slowly as I’ve got older. So when this arrived I knew straight away where it would go.

It arrived well packed, in a sturdy cardboard box with polystyrene supports. It needs one AA battery to power it and that’s  supplied – hurrah. Its so frustrating when you need something you haven’t got to make an item work. Its also supplied with two wall hooks, useful.

The appearance is great, a clean minimalist look, with a simple black wood frame, clear cream face and large font black numbers. Up on my wall I can now easily see the time instead of squinting miserably.

Though I have it in my kitchen its neutral style means its suitable for any room, and the fact that its silent is useful if you want it in a bedroom. There are times when the Tick of a clock is comforting but I find when I’m trying to sleep its just really annoying! Much like a dripping tap……

Stars: Five, practical and useful clock


Goodlucky365 500pcs Mixed White Acrylic Plastic Letter/ Alphabet Letter “A-z” Cube Beads Size 6x6mm or 1/4″ for Bracelets,necklaces, Key Chains and Kid Jewellery

I’m always on the lookout for things for the kids craft box, and this caught my eye.

Beads are great, you can thread them on sticks or string and reuse, or put them on cords or chains and make necklaces and bracelets with names or messages on. You can label keys etc too. I would like to see a few plain beads so when making lines of text for a motto or something there’s a spacer between words, but that’s a small quibble.

We had fun playing with these, started with names and of course got on to a few “rude-ish” words. Brennan, age 5, mentioned they look like his dad’s scrabble tiles and I’m sure there’s ways you could make some fun spelling games out of them. words out of a certain number of letters or something? Or some kind of scrabble type game?

These are great value for kids birthdays, for crafters, for labels and just for rainy day fun.

Stars: Five, cheap and fun.

Products supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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