PowerLead Page G001 Mini 9920C RC Remote Control Wall Climbing Car(Random Colour)

PowerLead Page G001 Mini 9920C RC Remote Control Wall Climbing CarRandom Colour)

Well, when I was offered this for review 5 year old Brennan was Really Keen to be chief tester. As it happened he was staying here the day it arrived, and he was so excited it was hard to prise it from his hands….

The packaging was good, its in a card display box and the car and remotes held in with wire twists that were easy toi undo. Finally we persuaded him to hand the car and remote over and help put in batteries – not supplied, you need six AA ones for the remote so check you have them when you order. Nothing is more frustrating for kids than having a new toy and no batteries!! Actually its frustrating for adults too 😉 Once the batteries were in he put it on the floor, used the remote and it was off, careering across kitchen floor madly, flashing lights and then being out into spins and reverse. When we actually got to read the manual – well, does anyone read it before playing? really? – I saw how to get it to go on walls. Sadly our walls are papered, and though it was fine in living room it wouldn’t work in dining room.

Our house is very old though and the walls very rough, hence the paper which is textured, so its not surprising the car wasn’t happy. It works by way of air+ the plastic sheet around the base. I can’t explain more but hopefully from photos you can work it out? Bren and his older brother and sister, and dad – me too – had fun with this, and he took it home where they’ve got nice newish plastered and painted walls where it works better. My ceilings are all textured so again we couldn’t try that but I don’t see why it won’t work.

The car feels very flimsy as its so light, but it felt off walls a few times – user error – and was fine so its more robust that appearance would suggest. You need to hold it on the wall to start, but as soon as it moves then its fine on its own. Its been great fun and for something relatively cheap I’m very impressed by it. Bren loves the lights too – adds to the all round fun effect.

The car is charged by a USB cable but as with so many of these toys its got a different end, not the mini USB type, but one of those with a circle, so ensure you put it in a safe place. I wish these cables were all standard, it reminds me of the early mobile phone days when each had different chargers, and were a pain to charge, needing to have its own cable taken everywhere – now with them mostly standardised its so much easier. Come on manufactuteres, do the same with kids toys please. We’ve so many where they’re uselss as chargers been lost.

Stars: Five, great fun for kids and adults and a good price!!

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.


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