Bags, bags and bags…..

DCCN 17 Inch Laptop Bag Sleeve Shoulder Messenger Bag Tablet Briefcase

This bag comes in two sizes and six patterns. I’ve the 17 inch size and the clock/butterfly pattern which I fell in love with.

The outer is a strong canvas type fabric and the print doesn’t feel as thought it would wear off quickly – given the way bags get left on the ground many covers wear in a short while and look shabby. I don’t think this one would do that.

Its a fairly simple bag, a padded interior in a sort of water resistant fabric, but which feels a little scratchy. Usually the ones I’ve had have a soft fabric interior, velour type feel or similar, and it has some padding between interior and exterior layers on both sections. The padding feels quite thin and I’d not want to take a laptop/tablet on long journeys, unless its also got a robust cover of its own as my kindle does.

Its pretty generously sized and many tablets will fit very loosely in, some straps to hold in place would be useful. As well as the generous interior, it also has a second padded outer zipped section. The zips are very robust, and feel secure, not tiny ones which snap open after a few uses. Its got carry handles, or you can use the shoulder strap which clips on at the sides, but which would benefit from some padding as laptops and peripherals can get very heavy.

For carrying expensive laptops I’d say short, safe journeys only and I’d not recommend it for longer ones, or where its going to get knocked about simply because the padding is so flimsy,  but as a school bag for books etc. its spot on and five star.

Stars: Four, not so good for laptops and tablets but a perfect school/college book bag with superb printed covers

 BAOSHA HB-03 PU Leather Women’s Handbag Business Briefcase

This is a practical and attractive bag. Its not leather but a PU substitute and can easily be wiped clean with a soft cloth ( or baby wipes – we use them on shoes etc and they’re great for quick clean up)Its got a pleasant feel, soft like leather, not that hard tacky cheap feel many leather substitutes have.  Its a good size and can easily take books, phone and ipad/tablet/small laptop though it doesn’t have padding so it they aren’t in protective cases take care.

You can use it as an everyday handbag, messenger bag, or a school/college bag. Its got hand carry straps but also a clip on shoulder strap – I prefer to carry bags across the body, they are much safer from theft that way. This strap is wide enough t be comfortable even if bag is full.  Its got a main section that nice and roomy, with two separate zipped pockets and an open pouch between them, and two more small pouches ideal for phones, keys etc which saves scrabbling through the detritus that accumulates in bags – well, mine anyway!! On the outside there’s a further pouch tucked under a false buckle section that closes via snap fastener. The base has four small feet to help protect from scuffing when placed on the floor.

It has a lifetime guarantee which is good, but as a sceptic I can’t help wondering what use that is if the company aren’t trading as so often happens? Still, its good to see a company that has such confidence in its product its willing to offer this, and would be nice to see more companies offering this instead of claiming “ its out of guarantee – nothing we can do” Nothing they want to do more likely!

It is quite expensive compared to what else is available online, but set that against the quality and a quote of my grans comes to mind, “cheap always comes dear in the end”. So if you want a bag that’s going to last and stay looking good it is going to cost a bit more. Take your choice.

Stars: Five, excellent versatile bag.

Canvas Tote Bag, ASAPS Foldable Canvas Tote Bag / Shopping Bag (Black Surfing)


I really like this bag, a lovely summery sea print on the front with a solid black background, its a sort of stylised surf and its very attractive.

Of course with plastic bags now being charged many people like to take a bag with them, and this is perfect for that as it folds up to fit easily into a pocket and just use as needed. I’m pleased that we’re looking after the environment by getting rid of so much plastic now bags aren’t free, and its simply a matter of remembering to take bags with you. Leave a few tucked into pockets, backpacks or whatever bag you usually carry and you won’t get caught out. Its what people used to do pre the 80’s and the free bags endemic.

We seem to need more and more bags around the home, I’ve one on the back of most of my wheelchairs and my scooter, so handy for tucking in phones, water bottles etc, and then when family are here we seem to always be exchanging things so strong, reusable bags are so handy to have around and you can never have too many…


This is made of a robust canvas, with the print being what feels like high quality, not the sort that fades or peels after a few weeks use. As well as shopping and general use as I’ve mentioned, its also good for school/college bag, packed lunches, all sorts of things. Its got an neat inside pocket useful for phones and keys as well as the large roomy interior, and a couple of small ties to close if needed. I think a snap fastening would be better as though this is a good idea they are very small, and its difficult to get a secure bow/knot that can later be undone!  It has carry handles and also a shoulder strap for those like me who prefer to carry bags across chest, far safer that way.

Stars: Five, attractive and useful  bag.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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