Mixed bunch of items today :-)

Glass Roller Bottles for Oils Aromatherapy XPASSION 10ml (1/3 Oz) Aromatherapy Roll on Bottles with Perfect Stainless Steel Roller Ball Set of 6 

These are fun, Six pretty, deep blue, frosted glass bottles that have a close fitting roller cap and a silver top.

If like me you like to use essential oils as perfumes these are perfect. Most oils can’t be used neat, and need diluting with a carrier oil. I use either sunflower, almond or jojoba oil for that. Add into bottle with enough of whatever fragrance oils you choose and you’ve a great perfume, unique to you if you use a blend of oils, rosemary and lavender perhaps, or a citrussy lemongrass and sweet orange or lime oil for a fresh wake up perfume. Or go for something like bay rum and sandalwood, apple and cinnamon – the only limit is imagination. I love rose oil, its one of the most expensive but you only need a little. I was sitting out in my hammock reading the other day with rose oil on and a bee spent a few mins buzzing round me looking for the flowers – poor bee!!

I’m also going to make an insect repellent as our garden is full of midges and when I’m feeding my horse early morning and evenings i get badly bitten. Some people never have a problem – sadly I do…I’m planning maybe lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint – something like that anyway. Need a bit more research first. Conventional repellents reeks, are expensive and full of nasty chemicals. This way I’ll get  a safe, pleasant smelling one. You can add vinegar to insect repellents – if you want to smell like a chip shop, I don’t so I’ll stick with carrier oil 😉

Stars: Five, very useful product.

Mudder High Torque Golden Hands Clock Mechanism, 3/ 10 Inch Maximum Dial Thickness, 4/ 5 Inch Total Shaft Length

A simple little clock kit, ideal for repairing a favourite clock or for making your own unique one, either for a gift or for yourself. Mudder sell a number of different ones so you just need to pick which best suits what you want to produce.


I did one earlier with a similar kit on a  box edge canvas painting I had already done, but you could paint whatever you wish to suit your décor which would blend in. Or you could match it to a friend or relatives home for a unique gift which would ensure you’re giving a very personalised present. I this design would suit a more old fashioned/traditional design, something with that classic, elegance look rather than a contemporary appeal.

I used one similar to this in the clock I made but the hands were silver. Looked good but my eyesight is bad so I had to repaint them in white to make them stand out enough for me. Lost a lot of the subtlety but gained in function. The hands are quite fragile and bent easily so take care, but if the do bend its easy to straighten them again – I’ve done that with mine as clock is not in a case and got knocked. If you could get a very thin board this would be great placed in one corner, with the rest left for picture maybe? …So many ideas that there’s something for everyone.

Everything you need for the clock part, apart from the battery, is here. It would make a great gift for crafters just as it is too..

Stars: Five, excellent value clock kit and fun to use

Magnetic Knife Holder – 40cm Black w/ Stainless Steel End Caps – FREE Bonus Knife Sharpener

This is an excellent value set, a knife holder and sharpener for under seven quid.

The sharpener has two rolling grinders, and a whetstone type block on the end. I gave a knife sharpener to a friend recently who’d never used one, she said it was a revelation how easy to use these are, and what a difference sharp knives make. I find potatoes are the biggest thing for me that blunts them, so I always give my knife a quick sharpen before using it to peel them, or any root veg. Makes the job so much easier.

As well as the sharpener there’s a useful magnetic knife holder here, with two screws and rawl plugs included for fitting. Keep them up high safe from kids, and close to where you want to use them. They’ll stay safe, stay sharp, and be to hand when you want them that way. Knives stored in a drawer soon loose their edge, I’ve a knife block but they are germ hazards so I always wash knives before using. Once my kitchen is finished being redecorated I’m finding a place for this instead.

The magnetic strip runs the length of the holder and is so simple. Place knife bade against it and that’s it! Its surprisingly heavy, not flimsy and easy to bend, so I feel its a device that will last well. Its got a clean, classic look so would fit in with most kitchen styles.

Stars: Five, excellent value set to keep knives in top condition.
Shish Kebab Grilling Rack with 6x37cm Skewers – Barbecue (BBQ) Stainless Steel Non-Stick Flat Wide Kabob Skewers

Useful gadget if like me you never remember to put your BBQ away…then go to use it and the grill is covered in rust and grot!! However much you scrub and tell yourself the fire will sterilise the residue left on it never comes quite clean does it? this way you can lift off the rack and clean easily, in dishwasher if you’ve got one, in sink if like me you haven’t 😦

The rack is very stable and simply sits on top of the grill. Its easy to sit the skewers on to it. The kebab skewers are flat, so much better than round ones as the meat/fish balls don’t slide round when you turn them and so its easier to get even cooking. If you’ve large items, big steaks, chicks of lamb or pork  you can threw two skewers through parallel and then its child’s play to turn instead of faffing about trying to hold them steady while turning. They’re decent length too and fit in two ways in the rack making BBQing well so much easier. Now all we need is some decent hot weather!

Stars: Five, excellent value set for summer BBQs..

Product supplied for honest review.

All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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