Aretha Genuine Cow Leather Bag and PowerLead Bluetooth Smart Watch

Aretha Baguette Genuine Cow Leather Satchel Bag

Product Details

Well, this is a good looking bag, roomy enough for purse, phone, keys tissues and all the rest of the detritus that accumulates in most ladies handbags ( Guilty!!) and yet well made so it will stay look good.

Its genuine leather, and arrived very well protected in a sturdy box and wrapped in a fabric bag. It does smell quiet strongly on first opening but that soon goes once its out of the box. It feels very well constructed, stitching is good, finishing is neat and the leather is thick enough to withstand scuffs and bangs that happen to handbags.It comes in two colour ways, red and black,  and the metal parts are gold plated which enhance the appearance. the interior is fully lined.

 It has two comfortable carry handles, but also has an adjustable strap so it can be used across the chest for security. That’s how I always carry bags. The base has four metal studs that help protect the bottom from scuffs and keep it looking good. The interior is very roomy and well thought out with two zipped compartments and two open pockets for phone and keys.

Each bag is handmade and I think these are an excellent quality. I usually give review products to family and friends but this one is staying, I really like it and it feel good enough to last for years. I’ve still got an old Radley leather bag bought maybe 20 years ago, and I see no reason why this one won’t last as well if properly looked after.  Leather is such a forgiving material, and looked after can last years. I use a little leather dressing from time to time on mine after wiping off any dirt. If it gets wet simply allow to dry naturally, away from heat and it’ll be fine.


Stars: Five, good looking and practical size bag.

PowerLead AWOW KW08 Bluetooth Smart Watch Sports Smart Watch NFC Wrist GSM Smart Watch

This arrived in a square white card box, well presented inside and has everything you need to charge up and go. I do like this wireless charging – fun, though I’m having a hard time understanding how it actually works. Kids and grandkids keep trying to explain but my brain isn’t wired that way and so much new technology just doesn’t seem to make sense to me. Gosh Nooo– I sound like my parents *blush*.
Smart watches…well, it seems they really can do almost everything, from taking and making calls and texts, taking videos and pictures, monitoring heart rate and activity, can even have micro sim inserted to make a stand alone phone. It can be used as a remote to take images via your camera-phone, and as the res is low on the watch that might get better results. It even tells the time!!
Its attractive to look at with a wide, chunky strap that adjust in size, has a unisex appeal and a smart, clean appearance with just a little decor via the different coloured straps and faces.
It was easy to set up, though as other reviewers have said instructions are in tiny, tiny print – must go with those tiny, tiny fingers….basically just play around for a bit and its self explanatory. Granddaughter found the sound was very clear, and that the functions were easy to navigate. She was pleased with it – has her eye on claiming it, but she’s got a few more jobs to do for me before its hers!
One thing we found was that you need to have tiny, tiny fingers to text…even 14 yr old granddaughter struggled and she’s slap bang in the middle of the text generation. I assume that’s true of all smartphones though not just this one. Its the first time I’ve seen one close to. There is a voice control function, and I guess once you’ve practiced a while it overcomes that limit, but if its like the first speech to type software for PC you’ll need to check Very Carefully what you’re sending 🙂 I remember getting really frustrated when I tried some years back, typed all sorts of weird and wonderful things unintentionally.
My opinion is that I’m not convinced of the usefulness of smartphones, but given how well they sell and how many are around clearly I’m in a minority. I’m not really sure what they do that a phone won’t and why people need both but hey – clearly its me, out of step with the majority as usual. ah well…I’ll stick to my phone and leave these for those that Simply Must Have One. Pricewise it compares well to others in its style, its not an Apple one, but it seems to me to be up with the rest.

Stars: Five, good looking and useful for those that want yet another gadget!

Products supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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