SheSole Womens Platform Sandals, Men/Women Bike Helmet, Coocheer Syma X8C RC Quadcopter Drone

SheSole Womens Comfortable Dress Strappy High Heels, Platform Wedge, Sandals

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Back in the 70’s as a teenager I used to wear wedge soles all the while – and as they say “what goes around comes around” and wedges are back once more.

I find them really comfortable to wear,  and the cushioned sole on these adds to that. Though I’m a wheelchair user I still need shoes!! The straps are soft, not a harsh material that rubs, and the stitching is neat. Looking at the sole its not cork right through, but thin veneers of cork stuck to a kind of hessian base. It won’t stand up to hard treatment I think – but then strappy sandals are meant to be admired, to wear on sunny days out, not for tramping through mud and grot!

Though the heel size is high at 4.5 inches the platform sole means its not teeteringly high, and they are very comfortable and easy to wear, especially with the cushioned insole. There’s a buckle for small adjustments in the straps round the ankle, and it has an elastic section, so once fitted they can just slip on and off easily and quickly. They look great in the Brown I have, and the sizing ( 6) is very true to size. That’s important when buying online, so disappointing when items are too small, and that happens all too often 😦

They come in White and Black too, and each would be perfect for summer days out or evenings where you want to dress up but be comfortable. As the saying goes Pain in your feet shows in your face!

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Stars: Five, excellent summer sandals

Men/Women Bike Helmet Racing Bicycle Cycling Helmet Visor Adjustable Road/Mountain Bike Helmets Dirt Bike Helmets BMX Helmets

As a keen horse-rider I wouldn’t dream of riding out without my hat, one fall can mean a lifelong injury. You can’t escape risk but with the right equipment you can minimise it.  Yet there are still so many cyclists to be seen out on the roads with no head protection. Its not a luxury its an essential.

By law kids under 14 have to wear head protection when out horse-riding, I don’t know the legalities for cyclists but it would seem to me sensible to have the same legalities. It doesn’t matter if you or they feel silly, if their friends don’t wear hats, the brain is so important and so vulnerable to knocks. Even when going slowly its easy to fall badly, I was knocked  unconscious out in the woods a few years back even though we were just walking, and I was wearing my hat. What would have happened without it I don’t like to think.

These hats are designed to protect the head in the event of a fall, covering vulnerable areas likely to get knocked. They aren’t the same areas as for horse riders which is why the styles differ. There’s a special foam, that will spread the pressure in the event of a fall, plus of course an air layer that helps cushion the brain and head. Its got adjustments inside for that air layer, so you can customise the fit to each person.

It comes in a choice of nine colours, and is actually a very attractive design. Its lightweight and that makes it very comfortable to wear, and has lots on inlets to let the air through. On my riding hats that’s one thing that’s really uncomfortable, the way they make heads sweat, but this simply doesn’t, the air vents work perfectly.

Don’t compromise on safety ensure you and your family wear head protection.

Stars: Five, all cyclists need head protection.

Coocheer Syma X8C RC Quadcopter Drone UAV RTF with 2MP HD Camera 2.4GHz 6-Axis Gyro

This arrived in a huge box, I didn’t expect it to be quite so big. You need a lot of space for this, I’ve got four acres of garden, but its got lots of trees and we ran out of flat space! Out on the beach, or on large commons or fields this would be perfect.

It implies its ready assembled, that’s not entirely true, you do need to fit blades and protectors, and the legs. You need to ensure you get them the right way round too. Some of the screws are very tiny so assemble on a hard floor, tray or table or similar because they are really difficult to find in carpets as we discovered….The instructions weren’t great, but it wasn’t too difficult to do and took about 20 minutes to have it complete and ready to go.

You need an SD card for the camera, and I was so pleased to see one included for a change, I get so cross when after paying ££s buyers then have to purchase an SD card too…and as a bonus its also got a USB card reader! We took a couple of photos, but to be honest its difficult to get them clearly, and video worked so much better. I would think if you’ve got a bit more tech knowhow than me you could take stills from the video and get a better picture that way. Aerial views are so amazing and with this device you could get some incredible images. Take care though not to infringe people’s privacy!

Its fairly easy to use just takes practice, but its Very Fast and powerful. We’d assembled it in my living room, and when son in law switched on we all felt the draft! Outside use only and definitely for older children and adults. This isn’t a child’s toy but a serious piece of leisure/hobby equipment. The remote is pretty big and heavy, having four AA batteries inside.

Flying time is given as 10-12 minutes on full charge,  but we didn’t test if for that long, only using the charge already in it. There’s an important reason for that – it comes with a US plug, and an EU adapter, but to use in the UK it means you then have to buy an EU travel adapter to convert it to UK sockets….and I’m really not sure its safe to use that way. You can charge via USB but its quite a big device to have beside your PC. I do think things sold in UK should have UK plugs included.

It has some spare blades and screws included, which is useful, and it feels pretty sturdy although we did find one of the struts snapped when it landed a bit heavily on the grass. It was disappointing, but can be glued back though as its just where it attaches to the main body or maybe spares can be bought.

Stars: Five, a great device for serious hobbyists.

Products supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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