Mountaintop 40L Backpack, set 12 Coloured pencils, Nerf compatible bullets

Mountaintop 40L Lightweight Daypack Camping Backpack,Travel Daypack, Casual Backpack, School Backpack for Outdoor Sport

Excellent value hiking bag. This is made of a tough, water resistant nylon, exactly what you need out hiking. Bags need to stand up to branches catching in the fabric, and a huge tear isn’t what you want. Likewise with the UK weather default setting being rain….it needs to be resistant if you aren’t to get soggy picnics and spare clothes. I’m really not sure about the bladder hydration system – I’d rather carry a few plastic bottles of water, same weight and water is sterile and fresh…

Its got what seems like 101 different pockets and compartments, good for keeping items separate and having essentials like phone and keys quick to hand. Last thing you need as you return to car for instance, in the pouring rain, is to be fumbling in the main compartment among clothes and everything else to find keys. There’s a handy zip pocket on the waistband for those.

The mesh side pockets are excellent for drinks bottles, and the zipped front pockets perfect for keeping maps etc. The straps are well padded and spread the load comfortable, something that’s important if you’re hiking long distances, or cycling, and the part that goes over back is also padded. Its roomy enough to use as a weekend bag too if you’re just going for a casual country stay, and easier than dragging a suitcase around.

WARRANTY- Includes 90 days limited manufacturer¡¯s warrant”  This part bothers me – two reasons. 1) isn’t the manufacturer confident in their product under normal usage? 90 days isn’t long, especially if this only gets occasisonal weekend use.

2) UK law gives a statutory 1 year warranty. Legal rights cannot be overridden, but this 90 days claim may discourage people from taking action.

I’ve dropped a star from my rating for this reason.

Stars: Four, good value backpack

12-Count Assorted Coloured Pencils 7-inch Premier Wooden Core Coloured Pencil Set of 12 Colours Woodcase Pre-Sharpened Pencils (12 Count)

I tend to say yes to things that will go in the kids craft box, and didn’t notice the price for these – they are expensive for what they are in my opinion.

They come in a simple card flip top box, and are unusual colours with some having a slightly metallic sheen. The range is limited though, no real reds or yellows so colour mixing and usage is limited. They work better as an additional set rather than a stand alone pack.
I do like that they are made from recycled wood, and also anti breaking, though I can’t test that thoroughly. I did press quite hard to check and they seemed fine. Pencils that constantly break are really frustrating!
I like the length and the hexagonal shape, I find those easier to hold than round ones. They are quite smooth to use and shade but colours not overly dense, takes tow or three passes to get a solid colour.

Stars: Three, good to use but restricted range and expensive IMO

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

100pcs Foam Darts Nerf Toy Gun Refill Bullet for Kids 7.2cm Darts for N-strike Elite Series

Nerf guns. Are there any kids who don’t have at least ? They’re great fun and my grandchildren love them. I didn’t know though that not all bullets fit all guns so do check before you order.

This set is great value at 100 – given they’re always getting lost its great to have so many replacements ready for those inevitable Nerf battles.
There’s always talk about kids being indoors too much, on games and watching TV, so enjoy the great outdoors, set the kids up with guns and a stack of bullets ( and a few rules, no firing at close range, and Definitely No Firing at Faces is the big one, even soft bullets hurt at close range. My big bro shot me with a grain of wheat from an air rifle when we were kids. I was trying to shut door with my hip – he stuck barrel against it and fired. Ouch, massive bruise and a few fibs to mum, sibling support and all that!!

Stars: Five, enjoy.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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