Garden Hose Pipe 100ft & FinBurst Wrist Support Strap

Garden Hose Pipe 100ft KingTop Magic Hose Expandable Stretch Hosepipe with Spray Gun

Well, our garden is big so there are hoses all round it, with ends jutting off for different areas but you can never have too many  🙂 and I liked the look of this one.

I was hoping to use it for the front garden, an area currently without access to hose. What I didn’t realise though was that the tap connector is for round taps – and our inside taps are all square and too big. It would go on the outdoor tap, one of those round end brass type ones, but that’s got the current hose connectors fitted. If I take them off they’re hard to get to stay on again,  as I need water daily for my horse I didn’t want to mess up that. I could buy a connector to join it to existing hose and would have done that, but a friend has taps it would fit though, so the review comes from her husband’s assessment.

  1. Hose was tangled when removed from the packaging, a cellophane
    type bag, and this was to be expected, however it was very flexible and
    therefore easy to untangle.
    2. Initial connection was to a standard brass fitting from which a
    ‘Hoselock’ quick release fastener had been fitted. When the water was
    tuned on the fitting leaked. When I fitted the tap connector provided
    with the hose it was completely watertight.
    3. I did not measure the initial length of the hose before using it
    but found that as I moved beyond its initial length of the hose it
    stretched out ok with no loss in water pressure or any leakage from
    connectors. the final length was about 27 metres ( 88 feet)
    4. Before the hose will return to its resting length, the water was
    turned off and the hose drained. The hose then readily contracted back
    to about 12 metres (39 feet)
    5. The tap connector was awkward to remove, however this is not a
    problem because it will probably be left on the tap for future use.
    6 Overall I found it to be a very useful tool, it was easy to use and
    takes up a lot less space than a conventional hose with less length. The
    connectors did not leak even under the stress of stretching out. I would
    recommend it.

Stars: Five, excellent value so long as you have round taps or buy a connector/adaptor

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

FinBurst Wrist Support Strap – LAUNCH SALE – Premium Adjustable Wrap for the Gym, Fitness, Lifting and much more – For Men & Women (1 piece)


Years of using crutches and self propelling wheelchairs have caused damage to my joints and I often suffer with painful wrists so I was pleased to be asked to test this.

First thing though is I wish it came in a two pack 😉 there is a discount though for multiple purchases.

Its very simple, wrap around wrist, attach first Velcro fitting then wrap out strap around for final security.

I’m not sure exactly how these actually work, its easy to see how they stabilise wrist and maybe they help by supporting the joints, taking some of the stress, but I also find that they keep wrist warm and that always helps painful joints. ( I often have a warm wheat bag round my neck where my vertebrae are damaged, but can’t really do that to hands…) this has been on one wrist or the other since it arrived last week.

Its easy to clean too – I hand wash it as from experience Velcro picks and pulls at clothes in a washer or dryer! Makes cloths tatty and means ages with a needles or something try to pick fluff out of the Velcro. I just give it a quick hand wash and hang up to dry.

Stars: Five, excellent product for wrist support and relief.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.


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