Silk pillowcases and sleep (or other purpose!) masks


I was lucky enough to get tw0 lovely silk pillowcases this week, so I’ve done a joint review here.


My nan always said Silk pillowcases were the best, they protect hair from tangles, keeping it shiny and unbroken, and silk prevents creases that get in face overnight, and I’ve found with a previous review silk pillow case that it works. So many “old wives tales” have been proved to actually contain more than just a nugget of truth.


They’ve got a neat hidden zip closure, something I’ve not seen before and which does stop that irritating thing where pillows wriggle out of the cases – usually in the middle of the night!

The fabric feels really soft, and is a close weave. Its more than roomy enough for my pillow, so I popped it on and have been using for a few days, and its been through the wash. Like all silk items it does crease, but I hate ironing and simply shook it out after drying in tumble dryer. Use an anti-crease wash and dry flat or on line outside, shaking well first or as I do, tumble dry and shake soon as removed from dryer.

I’ve waist length straight hair and it does tangle as I’m a really restless sleeper, so the knots in the morning….sometimes I plait it but then I get lots of breaks so mostly its just loose. I’ve found with a silk pillowcase it does seem less tangled in the morning, not a miracle cure but everything helps. It seems to assist with the shine too – my hair is pretty strong as I don’t use heated products or backcomb or anything, but silk apparently helps the scales to lay flat promoting shine. According to web searches it has to be 100% mulberry silk charmeuse to get best effect, not cheaper ones or man made copies,  so its great that this is. Its costly but…another of nan’s mantra’s “cheap always comes dear in the end” .

My face looks like an AA roadmap most mornings, and that’s not really the effect I want, so I was pleased that again this really does help. I still tossed and turned, but somehow the creases didn’t get ironed in as usual. I have really dry skin so again that was a real bonus. Its really comfortable, feels fabulous against skin, and seems to absorb and dissipate sweat somehow, no wet, clammy pillowcase in the early hours as I usually have.


I’d love a full set of silk bed linen, one day maybe…when my ship comes in 😉 In the meantime at least I’ve now got three gorgeous pillowcases (one from earlier).



Two silk sleep masks too – First one comes in a pretty cream and gold embroidered bag, second in a  pretty deep burgundy/brown box. Either makes for a really pretty gift. The masks itself are both black both sides, and made from 100% Pure Mulberry Silk. They’re slightly padded. The Oosilk one says it’s padded with 100% mulberry silk.

They both feel very soft and incredibly light, and are big enough to cover the whole of the eye area without pulling or being uncomfortable, and both block out all light. They’re easy to adjust, having a wide, soft elastic strap with a sliding adjustment fitting.  I would have no issues sleeping in either of these, they’re very comfortable. Silk is often recommended for pillowcases, being kind to skin and seems to be a natural material for sleep masks IMO.
For those who are troubled by light, need to sleep during day, or sleeping in an unfamiliar environment these are perfect, whether its for a short nap or a full night’s sleep or for FoG purposes 🙂
They can be washed by hand and the instructions  are given online .

Product supplied for review purposes.

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