Foneso Digital Kitchen Scale, and remote control boat

For years I didn’t  have any kitchen scales…it made cooking something of an adventure and the results a little…strange. Still, I managed without , but some months ago got a set similar to this. Its made a massive difference to cakes ect which pleases the grandkids, no more volcano buns or biscuit type birthday cakes. Of course for weight control weighing food is a good idea and I was surprised at what some portions weighed….

They come in a well packaged box, easy to undo, no awful plastic shrink wrap type that nearly takes off fingers when undoing. Its smaller than the one I currently have, with a sleek black and brushed steel appearance. Being so small its easy to fit in to drawer or even leave ready to use on worktop. Its easy to clean, no hidden corners or awkward to get to parts, just wipe over the surface and its done. These scales can measure up to 5kg in 1g increments with a high-precision sensor. The display is clear and easy to read. They use 2AAA batteries which are supplied.

The weights come in a variety of displays, metric or imperial and liquids in ml or fl.  Its easy to change from one to another, simply press until the desired reading is shown. What I really like best is that you can add a bowl to the scale, and then set to zero, meaning when adding ingredients to the bowl only the additions get measured. Example: place mixing bowl on scale, zero, add sugar and the weight of the sugar only is displayed. You can zero again and add next ingredients so all you need is the mixing bowl. Saves on washing up 😉 and I’m all for that.

PowerLead Prob H100 2.4G 4CH Remote Control Speedboat ,Capsized ,Electric, RC Boat ,Simulation Model Of Flywheel (Blue)

Youngest grandson was so excited when he saw this, he loves going to the boating lake and taking his current boat. This one though is far, far quicker, it does say for 14+ ( though description says “Applicable age:7-35 years old” )but 7 is definitely too young for most kids. 35 though?? How on earth can you be too old to play with something like this:-) Sunday mornings at one of the local lakes has dads, granddads and kids of all ages there. ) I think 14+ is pretty accurate if its not to get broken, as younger children can’t control it. As always though it depends on the individual child. Poor Bren is only 5 so it was a no-no for him.

Its got almost everything you need, good clear instructions, just needed the battery fitting into boat and charging, and batteries fitter into transmitter.  You need four AA batteries for that so check you have some when ordering. I see one review suggests buying a spare battery for the boat too – that’s a good idea if you plan to spend longer periods having fun as it soon runs out. The stand to keep in on when not in use is a good idea, means it can be on display if kids want, or kept in box if not. Try to ensure the top is snuggly fitted after battery charged so as to keep out water as much as possible when sailing. Inevitably there’s splash or spills.

Bren and dad went off to a local lake to play.  They found the boat incredibly fast but sadly the lake they’d chosen that day is a small one, and the boat got a little damage when it scraped the sides. Our fault not the boat, its so fast you need plenty of space til you get good control. What we did like, and wish our other boats had, is the low battery alarm. That means your boat isn’t left stranded and waiting for someone to shunt it out or needing sticks or hooks to reach it. A small thing but very useful, and the alarm was very audible. Once they got the hang of control they had great fun, but next time its the bigger lake or the sea that’s going to get used, and we plan to take all the boats for some races 🙂

Stars: Five, great fun – a fast boat.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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