Sports bra, kids wooden toy, glass bottles and cake decorating tips

Senchanting Zip-front Pullover Racerback Padded Wirefree Push up Yoga Sports Bra

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Eldest granddaughter is a sports fiend, she’s always playing something, football, netball, hockey, cricket, tennis, rounders and now she’s taken up horse-riding. all that means at 14 she needs a bra that supports and so when offered the chance to test this bra I jumped at it.

First off is the fabric, its got some stretch which allows movement, but not so much that it doesn’t support the bra area. No-one wants bouncing boobs.  The fabric is a wicking type, designed to draw moisture away from the skin, and has mesh holes incorporated which help keep wearer cool and dry. Its quick drying so its easy to quickly wash and rinse and hang ready for next use. With someone who’s doing sports daily as Beth does that’s important – a great supporting bra does no good if it spends most of the time in the wash basket. I know some people that shower with them on and then simply quickly rinse in plain water and hang on radiators ready to use. The fabric is claimed as breathable and antibacterial, I’ve no idea if that’s right, but it certainly looks breathable and it didn’t feel uncomfortable when Beth was wearing it. Its cleverly shaped by way of different stitching technique ( beyond my craft level but that’s how it looks, I’ve tried to show it in the images ) so there aren’t seams and stitching to rub, and I really like the way it looks.

The  lower edge of the top has a wide, supporting elastic section. That means it grips to skin without rubbing and really does make a difference. There aren’t wires in the top, and the shoulder straps are cut wide to offer support without cutting in. That applies to all sports, comfort is priority, though this bra also looks good.

What we really liked was the racer back and front zip closure. Its so easy to put on,  and when you want to remove it quickly and get showered its far easier than fumbling with back snaps and hooks….The zip is a sturdy plastic one and at the base these a neat flip cover to prevent it rubbing. The zip front is quite high and really offers a high level of support. We did find, as the seller says, that they were sized small and used their chart ot order a size S which fits her well, she’s usually a 32c.

Its a great bra, designed for comfort and practicality while still looking good. the little touches such as the zip cover and the wide waist band make all the difference.

Stars: Five, excellent supportive and comfortable bra



Fajiabao Magnetic Cute Animal Jigsaw Puzzle Wood Drawing Writing Double Side Doodle and Scribble Board Early Learning Games Toys Birthday Gifts for Boys Girls Random Delivery)

I’ve a bit of a passion for more traditional toys – seems today all things electric rule in Toyland….so this wooden box full of magnetic shapes and chalks for the dark side, and with a marker and eraser for the whiteboard side appealed top me.

It caught Brennan’s eye too. I had thought he might not be interested – he’s 5 and a half, but he loved it, had great fun making up magical animals, and then writing sentences on the reverse. He’s just at that stage where letters and sounds are fun and he’s starting to understand how they make words and sentences. You can make a lot of sentences out of three and four letter “sounding” words I discovered!His school does the sounding method of letters not the way I was taught by naming them, and for Brennan it works really well.

Its a solidly built item with enough things to get kids started and of course you could add your own magnetic numbers and letters to make learning fun.

Stars: Five, solidly built traditional toy.

Tenn Well Amber Glass Bottles, 10ml AMBER Glass Bottle with Black Caps & Dropper Pipettes for Fragrance, Aromatherapy Essential Oil, Perfume, Serum, Cosmetics, Lotion (Dark Brown, Pack of 8)

These are fun, eight pretty amber coloured glass bottles that have a close fitting roller cap and a screw top. Dark brown glass gives extra protection from light which quickly degrades essential oils. There’s also some handy pioppetes included, useful for transferring essential oils from container to bottle.

If like me you like to use essential oils as perfumes these are perfect. Most oils can’t be used neat, and need diluting with a carrier oil. I use either sunflower, almond or jojoba oil for that. Add into bottle with enough of whatever fragrance oils you choose and you’ve a great perfume, unique to you if you use a blend of oils, rosemary and lavender perhaps, or a citrussy lemongrass and sweet orange or lime oil for a fresh wake up perfume. Or go for something like bay rum and sandalwood, apple and cinnamon – the only limit is imagination. I love rose oil, its one of the most expensive but you only need a little. I was sitting out in my hammock reading the other day with rose oil on and a bee spent a few mins buzzing round me looking for the flowers – poor bee!!

I’m also going to make an insect repellent as our garden is full of midges and when I’m feeding my horse early morning and evenings i get badly bitten. Some people never have a problem – sadly I do…I’m planning maybe lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint – something like that anyway. Need a bit more research first. Conventional repellents reeks, are expensive and full of nasty chemicals. This way I’ll get  a safe, pleasant smelling one. You can add vinegar to insect repellents – if you want to smell like a chip shop, I don’t so I’ll stick with carrier oil 😉

Stars: Five, very useful product.

26-Piece Cake Piping Nozzles Kit, Kootek® Professional Stainless Steel DIY Decorating Tips Icing Tip Set Tools with 2 Reusable Coupler & Storage Case for Cakes Cupcakes Baking Cookies Pastry, Fits Kids Beginners

This is a really comprehensive set. There’s a useful plastic container, easy to clean as the dividers are removable, and of course that also means you can customise it to your own needs. Its got a hook at one end so can be hung up ready for use.

The tips are varied from narrow circles to large ones, with serrated tips, v shaped, petals shapes and curved edges so you can create many different designs. They’re stainless steel, and easy to clean. As always ensure they’re fully dry before storing. There are two plastic couplers included so you can change tips easily when icing. All you need is an icing bag,( and icing!) either reusable or a disposable one. It makes cake decorating so much fun and is great to do with younger family members. The larger tips can be used with whipped cream for desserts too, add a few sprinkles and the kids will be drooling. If your grandkids are like mine sprinkles make all desserts fun – if only there were some for veg 🙂


Stars: Five, Great for cake makers

Product given for review purposes free or discounted. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.


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