Multi charger, Solar lights

Peralng® Intelligent Digital Strips USB Power Socket Surge Protection Power wiring board, Manufacturer with a line of multi-function socket, 4 Way Wall Socket and 4 USB Ports Extension Lead, 2m White for iPhone 6 6 Plus 5S 5 iPad Air Mini Samsung Galaxy Note 5 4 3 S6 S6 Edge S5 S4 S3 Google Nexus and other Smartphones and Tablets

This must have the longest title on Amazon! With its multiple charging options this cable caught my eye quickly – there are never enough chargers and someone’s always complaining another has taken their phone out to charge something else….Family wars 😉 Thought this might be the cure.

Surge protector cables are always useful but of course you can’t actually test them in the home, but have to take on trust they work. Or if there is a way I can’t find it. The cable is a little thin and that concerns me, I’d use this only for lower powered devices.
Son number two took this one, he’s got lots of electrical devices on the go and loves this. The photos are some of the things he’s used it for. He did find after a few days the LED indicator light stopped working. It isn’t an issue but is irritating and I’ve taken off two stars for that and  for cable thickness. When I want to use something I just pick the nearest cable, not look at whether its for low watt devices only – I assume everything can be plugged in including hoovers and irons etc.
I can see other reviewers have commented on the 10A/13A dichotomy – I haven’t a clue about issues like that, so do rely on sellers knowing their products are safe and correctly labelled for use, so that concerns me too.

It’s so useful being able to charge multiple devices at once, but I’m  wary of using it for things like kettles which are high energy due to the cable thickness. I’m worried its not able to stand up to that sort of high energy use.
I do like the 2.4A charge option for kindles and tablets. I’ve found they do charge on the lower 1A but of course it takes far longer. Still with this multiple charge at once gadget its not so tough, I can charge my phone/tablets, and there’s still slots for the grandkids devices which are inevitably flat when they want to use them ASAP!
Stars: Three, excellent idea but needs a little work to be five stars.
Aglaia LED Solar Powered Garden Light, Stainless Steel Waterproof Rechargeable Lamps, Ideal for Pathways, Lawns, Gardens, Pack of 6 Units

I’ve said many times now how I love solar lights, and the standard has become better and better. This set have a clean, classic look, and are easy to assemble. Top into middle tube, slot spike into base, switch on and push in the ground.  That’s it. simple 😉

Try to site them where they’ll get plenty of sun for longest use but I have solar lights in my north facing conservatory and they work fine. When you’re siting them ensure leaves won’t grow over them blocking the charger if they’re in flower beds, and if they’re on the edge of lawns make sure to either move them before mowing or place them where they won’t get damaged. That’s the voice of experience having snapped the spike off previous ones through bad positioning.
Its pretty easy though to push a cane or stick in the hollow tube to replace the spike. Actually you could place them on fence spikes if you’ve got metal fencing as I have, or on canes or poles to create larger lights.

I leave mine out all year round, I know other people take them in but I don’t. You may need to clean the charger area of green growth after a time if you do that or it’ll block the sun out.
Stars: Five, excellent value set.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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