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KUCI® Women Classic Soft Chiffon Chic Wide Leg Palazzo Trousers, Casual Loose Pants

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I love these trousers, they’re great for me at size 16-18, and I’ve the XXL size.

They’re a double layer construction, soft jersey inner and very fine chiffon outer layer. The fabric has some stretch too. Daughter Tan found them fine, she’s size 18-20, 5ft 6ins and  has generous thighs and often trousers just too tight but with the stretchy fabric these were perfect. Beth, size 6-8 tried them on, mainly so we could show length, she’s 5ft 2ins and they were hanging in the floor for her ( huge round the waist too *sigh*.

Shorter ladies may need heels with these, or to take them up a bit. The fabric and hems would work well though if that’s what you want to do without affecting the look.

They’re hand wash only, though I’m lazy and would stick them in the machine on a cool, gentle wash….line dry though, I can see the fabric might not stand up to the heat of tumble drying.

They’re very pretty trousers, draping generously from the waist in a wide leg style. They’d be great with a pretty, sparkly top (I love glitter and glitz!) for dressy summer evenings, but are fun enough for wearing with a T shirt for more casual days too.


Stars: Five, lovely trousers for casual wear or dressing up.


KUCI® Women’s Elegant Strapless Lace Patchwork Party Long Prom Evening Dress

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Well, with its pretty silver trim on the top this has to be a hit for me. The term Patchwork isn’t really right though, its more embroidered than patchwork.

Really pretty dress in polyester chiffon with a soft silky jersey type full length lining.Comes in black, with a gorgeous soft silver embroidered top section. The lace effect embroidery isn’t scratchy as is so often found and so won’t rub underarm skin. I hate when that happens, looks good but feels very uncomfortable. and is perfect for dressy summer evenings, weddings, cocktail parties etc..
I have the size XL, which I’d say is around a 12-14 fit. I find it a bit snug round the bust and I’m a 16-18, daughter Tan at 18-20 could get it on but its not very flattering, especially worn over clothes!! The elastic shirred back allows for some stretch but too much and it just doesn’t look good. Beth is 6-8 and its Huge on her and far too long. She’s 5ft 2 and Tan is 5ft 6ins, they’re both either barefoot or in flats, and if it was a better fit it’d be a good length on Tan. Shorter ladies ( or gents – each to their own) will need some heels to avoid tripping over in it….

Its well made in good quality fabric that doesn’t feel thin and flimsy, and has well stitched seams. Finishing of clothes is important and this is faultless.  There’s a hidden zipper to the left, which is great for ease of putting on. It can be worn with the halter straps included or as a strapless dress, thanks to the rubber/latex type fitting along upper edge. Its the kind of stuff you get on hold-up stockings. It drapes beautifully and is full length maxi dress style. The top has a shirred elasticated section at the back giving some leeway on fit. There’s some soft boning in the top, that gives shape to the dress, and is more flattering than those without, but soft enough to be comfortable. There’s a straight band where the top joins the base and then the dress flows out from there.

Its hand wash only, and line dry. Personally I’d use a cool, gentle wash setting on my machine as I hate hand-washing, but still line dry not tumble it.

Granddaughter Beth is wearing it in the first images – over her t-shirt and leggings of course. I had to promise to crop out her face…She’s a size 6-8 and about 5ft 2 ins tall. This dress is huge on her…mum ( next images) who’s an 18-20 dress size found the hips ok but the bust too tight, but she is very generously curved there! It would have reached the ground on her if the top fitted better and she’s 5ft 6. Sadly XL is the largest size so its either give it to someone else or the ever hopeful Diet…

Stars: Five, gorgeous elegant dress.

Yidarton Women’s Sports Yoga Bra Running Jogging Fitness Exercise Pad Bra Aerobics Dance Vest

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Eldest granddaughter is a sports fiend, she’s always playing something, football, netball, hockey, cricket, tennis, rounders and now she’s taken up horse-riding. all that means at 14 she needs a bra that supports and so when offered the chance to test this bra I jumped at it.


This comes in six colours, and three sizes, S,M,L. Sadly the size chart doesn’t help as it doesn’t tell you what size S,M,L relate to – I ordered an S for Beth, she’s a 6-8/32C size and its fine on her.

First off is the fabric, its got quite a lot of stretch which allows plenty of movement, but that also means it gives minimal support, though the inserts help.  The fabric is 88%Polyester 12%spandex mix.  Its hand wash only but pretty quick drying so its easy to quickly wash and rinse and hang ready for next use. With someone who’s doing sports daily as Beth does that’s important – a great supporting bra does no good if it spends most of the time in the wash basket. I know some people that shower with them on and then simply quickly rinse in plain water and hang on radiators ready to use.

The fabric is claimed as breathable and moisture wicking, I’ve no idea if that’s right, but it certainly looks breathable and it didn’t feel uncomfortable when Beth was wearing it. It seems to be shaped by way of the side stitching acting as support, and some padded inserts that can be removed – they also cover the dreaded sticky nipples that you get from air con sports rooms.

Its got a racer back pull on design, we prefer those with zip front but of course they are more expensive. Its very soft, seams are all overlocked and don’t feel as if they would rub – again thats very important. The  lower edge of the top has a soft ribbed brushed fabric section. That helps it grip to skin without rubbing. There aren’t wires in the top, and the shoulder straps are cut wide to offer support without cutting in. That applies to all sports, comfort is priority, though this top also looks good.

Its so easy to put on and  remove quickly, great for showering when you’re hot and sweaty and its far easier than fumbling with back snaps and hooks….Its a great bra, designed for comfort and practicality while still looking good. Its not the best for strong support for active sports, but very reasonably priced and great for low impact sports.

Stars: Five,well priced,  good looking and perfect for lower impact sports..

Yidarton Womens Robes Kimono Nightwear Dressing Gown Lounge Bridesmaid Short Style

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Taken from description: Cloth Length 100CM/39.37″, Bust/Waist 118CM/46.46″, Shoulder: 51CM/20.07″ I measured across from underarm area , edge to edge and its around 47 inches so pretty accurate. I’m a 16-18, and this is too small. It meets at front but there’s no wrap over. I’d say its fine for size 12, maybe 14 and under.

I’ve the purple, its a beautiful rich aubergine but there are six colours in total. The fabric is soft and silky but very thin, almost transparent, and has a matching tie to close.

The collar runs along the front edge and is in a matte, sheer fabric, double layered and providing an attractive contrast. The seams are all overlocked and neat, no loose threads or poor stitching. I’d rather the price was a little higher, more sizes and better/thicker fabric.

Stars: Four, size advice needed. Fabric very thin, but inexpensive so thats what you get.


Yidarton Ladies Long Maxi Dress V-neck Black Polka Dot Pocket Boho Casual Cocktail Sleeveless Beachwear

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This is a pretty sundress, but do check sizing, so many clothes on amazon are Asian sized and that’s different to UK sizes, much smaller.  I ordered this in XL a 14-16 according to sellers and I’d say that’s right, its a bit snug on me in the bust, a 16-18.

Its a thin fabric but as a sundress that’s what I want. Its made of a 50% Cotton and 50% Linen mix though its doesn’t really feel like linen to me… and hangs really well. It does appear to crease – but not too badly and I think they’d drop out when hung.  The images are taken straight as it arrived, in a simple plastic bag. The dress is machine washable but its such a light fabric that on holiday you could just rinse it out, hang up overnight and its ready next morning.

It’d make a great beach cover-up too, for when you’ve been sunbathing or swimming and want to tour shops or something without getting changed first. Its a simple design, flattering “v” neck, spaghetti straps that can be adjusted, couple if useful pockets and it flares out to hang really well. The seams are all over-locked and the hems are simply turned up, not a bound over edge.


Just add the sunshine now!


Stars: Five, excellent value sundress for summer

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