Morning Fun Men’s mirrored Driving Sunglasses, Polarized Glasses,

Guaranteed to make the sun go in now!!

Morning Fun Men’s mirrored Driving Sunglasses, Polarized Glasses, Sports Eyewear ,Fishing, Golf ,Goggles 8177y


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These have found a home with son in law James who’s on the road much of the day. Summer sun makes travelling headachy if you’re not wearing sunglasses, but in fact they’re also useful in winter when the sun glares blindingly off snow and wet roads, especially as here in UK its so low in the winter.

They’re a good looking pair, and come in nine different colours/styles. We have the blue ones, and the blue is very intense, rich vivid colour. I really like the appearance – would have kept them for me but I wear glasses 😦

They’re comfortable to wear, really light weight which is important if you’re wearing them for long periods. They come in a soft body carry case which is good, so many pairs get ruined when tucked in a pocket and sat on….The nose section is very important, its an area where as a glasses wearer I know can get really irritated if its not right. these have a soft rubber attachments to the bridge meaning they’ll be more flexible and less likely to slop than with shiny hard plastic inserts. You can very gently adjust them but take care not to force it and snap them – I’ve done that with my glasses before.

There was a tiny tiny scratch on one cornet of the lens when they arrived. Its barely noticeable but looks like they’ve been set against something sharp. I think under normal conditions the scratch resistance would be fine. I have that on my glasses and its what it says, resistance, not a total prevention so you still need to treat them with care.


Stars: Five, good looking and practical lenses

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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