Qi Wireless Power Bank, Clock with Extra Large Time and Date, Magnetic Screen Door

ActionPie Qi Wireless Power Bank Dual USB Portable 12000mAH External Battery Charger Smart LCD Display & LED Flashlight Backup Charger 2.1Amp Input Fast Charging (Silver)

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I’m a great fan of power banks, though they can be bulky so was delighted to get the chance to try this one with its slim and compact appearance.

I have one of the first I was given to review that I use all the time but its pretty big, and there are now many smaller ones like this which are perfect for popping in a pocket or bag and taking with you.

This is very well packed in its own box, fitted to avoided any damage while in transit. Its smart with  a contemporary brushed steel appearance. That also helps grip, glossy ones look good but I’ve found they are easy to drop…..  Its so compact its easy to pop in a handbag or pocket, and ensure you’re always able to make phone calls.

Smartphones soon run out of charge given all we ask them to do, email, web browsing and of course the ever present Facebook, which many people have set to notify them of new posts. All that means a battery soon drains, so with this pack you’ve got that backup, and simply plug phone in and you’re away again.   Not much use reading all those Facebook posts if when you need to make an essential call the battery is flat!

My phone, LG Spirit isn’t Qi enabled but it seems they can be upgraded easily. For those that are all one has to do is lie the phone over the charger and that’s it. So easy to do, keep it beside the desk if your in an office, on seat on car if you’re on the road and its always ready and charged up for you. Of course its got conventional charging connections too, with each of the two USB ports automatically detecting optimal charging speed for Android or Apple devices, with the included 2-in-1 Lightning + Micro-USB charging cable. That means you can charge three devices simultaneously, and the device has an auto shut off when they are fully charged.


Its simple to charge too, just connect up to pc via the cable ( no socket adapter) supplied or a charging socket. It has Intelligent protection against overcharge, overheat, or short circuit, which relieves worry if that bothers you.  I use my kindle charger, sockets are quicker! Keep it fully charged and you’ve peace of mind when out that you’re always contactable, or able to contact your family if you need to.

Its got a digital % display so you can see how much charge is left in the bank, something I prefer to the four five dots display used by many banks.

It doesn’t specify but we use these to charge kindle and tablets too when the grandkids are all here. With seven of them plus parents and often the kids friends there are never enough sockets so I keep a couple of power banks to hand too, fully charged for visits.


Stars: Five, attractive and useful power bank.

Homdox Memory Loss Digital Calendar Day Clock Desk Shelf Clock with Extra Large Clear Unabbreviated Time and Date for Elderly Impaired Vision Seniors

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My eyesight has deteriorated severely the last couple of years, and the only way I can see the time up to now has been to keep phone beside me and put it right up to my face, without my glasses. They are for reading and distance but somehow print text and things like clocks just won’t focus unless I put them about 2-3 inches in front of my eyes 😦 so this clock was a great device for me to test, and its proved to be perfect.

Its smart looking, with a simple white surround, flip out stand at back and functions such as on/off memory, night dimmer, and the one key essential info button. I’ve stuck to the basic display as you can see from images, that’s what I need most.

At night even without my glasses I can see the time if I’m about 2ft away, a huge improvement. Of course the rest of the family can see it clearly right across the room. Its very useful as eyesight deteriorates quickly for many of us as we age though I’m a bit put out by the Elderly and Seniors tag attached to the heading. At 58 I don’t consider myself elderly – I think the older you get the more far off Elderly becomes !! I’ve a friend who’s 71 or 72 – can’t remember – but I don’t think of her as elderly either.

Its easy to use, full instructions for setting up are given but I just plugged it in and it was showing correct date and time so didn’t need to do a thing. Un;plugged it and later in the day set up in bedroom and it still when to correct date and time. That’s great as it means during power cuts – and we get them frequently – it doesn’t need to be reset and I won’t wake up at six after a two hour power cut thinking its still only four am

Stars: Five, Useful clock for anyone with impaired vision

Magnetic Screen Door (Black) – Fits 94cmx208cm Doors (99cmx210cm Curtain) ★ Premium Quality ★ Tough & Durable

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My conservatory door is the main one to the house and opens out onto my garden. We’ve woods, ponds, lots of flowers and my horse living here, so when the door is open in summer as I like it means the room quickly fills with flies, bees, dragonflies and the odd butterfly. Usually I hang up a net curtain but its only partially effective so this seemd a great option.

Its easy to fix on, took son in law and daughter about 5 mins. Simply stick the sticky back Velcro round top and sides, press curtain to it and its done! It does have some pins for wooden doors but mine is UPVC – I’d have loved wood but the cost…Its Perfect. I’ve been using it for four days now, and the weather has been warm and muggy, with thunder and rain, and that’s when we get the most flies, but we’ve not had one come in. That bodes well for a fly free home for the summer. My daughter was so impressed she’d love one for her conservatory but she ha double doors and this is only one size. I’m hoping the range gets expanded as the box does specify other sizes.

The magnets hold it together easily and are like magnetic bars attached all the way down the centre, right to the base. As soon as you walk through they close behind, unlike my nets which fly around, get caught on door and let in flies. Its well made out of a heavy, tough black mesh that won’t let things through but allows cooler air to enter. the mesh feel like it will last years. It reminds me or the mesh (metal ) fronted “meatsafe” pie cabinet we had when I was a kid, when few people could afford a fridge. Amazing how things change over 50 years, it was like a different world back then but some of the things used are still relevant today with a little adapting as this screen shows.

I’m impressed by this LIFETIME WARRANTY: If it EVER fails, simply contact us and we’ll REPLACE IT FOR FREE! though of course that’s if its still trading. I’ve a “worlds sharpest knife” with a similar guarantee, simply return for money back. address is Twin Towers USA though….That’s an extreme but shows how we can’t predict what will happen in the future, but its good to know a company has confidence in its product. I bought a floor steamer from amazon last year which failed after 6 months, just gave up half way across kitchen floor. Sellers then tried to tell me they only gave a 3 month warranty. Of course legally UK law – and it was a UK company – states 1 year as min so after arguing I did get money back. If they’d stated 3 months upfront I’d have avoided it as clearly they don’t have confidence in their product, unlike this company who clearly do value what they sell.

Stars: Five, Perfect timing for summer

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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