Syllable D900S Mini Wireless V4.0 Bluetooth Earbuds and Sumerflos High End 925 Sterling Silver Sparkling Butterfly Charm Beads

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Well, up to now its been over the head sets or simple poke in the ear , or single over the ear headphones as far a choice goes, unless you’re into spending some mega bucks…. Now there’s an alternative though with this stylish looking set. You can use both or just one as they are totally independent.
What I think is the real innovation though is the charging unit, the case, acts as a kind of battery bank so you tuck them back in the box after use, and next time they come out fully charged. they can be used up to six times before the box needs charging, though if I was using them a lot I’d probably charge the box anyway every couple of days so its always ready.  Its easy to recharge the box  via USB cable.

The come in the neat rigid plastic charging box, accompanied by two spare ear-buds, a USB cable, the flat type that are better IMO as they don’t tangle easily, the rubber security string and a black velvet drawstring carry bag. Plus of course a user manual and instructions.  Its easy to see when unit is charging, it lights up blue. Just tuck box in pocket or bag when you leave and you’ve a set that will last all day even if you get held up somewhere.

They’re easy to use, pair with device,  tuck in ear and that’s it. I’m a bit tech phobic, and even with instructions things seem to go wrong – I know now though that its me, not devices, learned from experience…so when this wouldn’t pair I persevered. I got the lights flashing as the instructions said but my phone just kept telling me there were no devices nearby. I tried with it closer, then further away but nothing. Then I switched Bluetooth off on my phone, switched it on, asked it to search and there they were. I hadn’t altered any settings on the ear buds – go figure? I’m just jinxed with tech 🙂 but always get there in the end. I’m currently having trouble getting left one to find the right, keep getting a green light and there’s no mention of that in the manual but in case its just a charging issue I’ve put them box in box and connected that to PC via the USB cable. I’ll give it a couple of hours and retry. I did get them straight out without charging so my playing about with connections could have drained them. ( years ago in my works van the radio was playing up, I flicked switches on and off and scanned so many times but still couldn’t get it working. Garage man looked at me grumpily when i went to collect it – I’d clicked buttons and played so much that they had to leave it running for two days to clear the memory of all the settings I’d inadvertently locked in. I still do the same today, try any and everything before admitting defeat, but its a bit harder to mess it up now thankfully, more fail safes built in!
Its now the morning after, they’ve charged and at first the left one still wouldn’t come on- and then after following instructiuons once more they worked! I’m not sure what I did wrong but go there in the end. If you’ve more tech knowledge than me I’m sure it’ll be straightforward for you 🙂

I really need to swap out the ear bud for a smaller one, but I don’t have one to hand. I found they do need to sit firmly in your ear to get best sound quality, holding them in gives me a much better listening experience. Its a problem I always have though, tiny ears and why I like failsafe security things like this cord against losing them. I’d worry about them falling out – its a personal thing, not just this set but any in-ear one, – when running, but there’s a handy rubber loop that hold both ends on a cord so they won’t get lost. That’s a good idea for nervous nellies like me who don’t fancy losing out expensive earphones…can be the best quality going, cost a fortune but once its lost then its useless so little touches like this for security are welcome. I wish there was also a little clip to connect cord to t-shirt as I’ve seen on other sets.
If you wish you can use just one earpiece, handy if you’ve got kids and  want to be able to hear what else is going on around you, or I guess want to share what you’re listening to with another person.

The sound quaility is excellent, sharp and clear and free of interferecne for both calls and music. I’ve been listening to REM and the Ronettes this morning – child of the 70’s..Compared with listening with just the phone – tinny, or using my normal bluetooth speaker this is far better, and I don’t have to inflcit my music on everyone else. Its’ll be great too, to be able to relax out in the garden, sitting in hammock in the shade of the walnut tree, reading my kindle and listening to music with these. I often give review products away to family and friends – these are staying with me though.
There aren’t any volume controls on the set, you have to use those on the phone or device paired with, and make sure its not on full before you start listening or you could get a shock!

Stars: Five, attractive and innovative headset. .

Sumerflos High End 925 Sterling Silver Sparkling Butterfly Charm Beads Specially Designed for Pandora Style Bracelets in Limited Edition by French Designers

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I’ve had a couple of Pandora style bracelets for review – the grandkids love them.

This comes in a pretty display box, a soft brown case with a cream ribbon tie and a cream interior. that makes is a great presentation for a gift. It’s  beautifully designed so people can personalise their bracelets. Sumerflos have a range that changes monthly so it’s fun to look and see what’s new.

This one is a really pretty pale violet crystal one, set in 295 sterling silver. I love the soft colour and the butterfly style, I love butterflies. Its really pretty and feels quite solid and robust. There are lots of tiny gems filling the sides of the charm, making the butterfly wings. The gems look well set in and not easily detached, and its a great addition to your collection of charms.

Stars: Five, a really pretty summer gem

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.


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