memory foam cushion, taps and a versatile box

Coccyx Orthopedic Comfortable Memory Foam Chair Pad and Auto Seat Cushion Relief for Lower Back,Tailbone and Sciatica Pain

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This has proved incredibly beneficial to me. I’m an amputee and use a wheelchair all the time. I’ve beeen using an identical one from another supplier that I had for review sonce March this year. I’ve been using it daily as I’m in wheelchair all day from getting up to going to bed, and its still looking like new, no tears, nicks, foam still works perfectly. Its been a real help with my back pain and I’m so pleased I’ve recommended this to friends.

Before that I previously had bought what was supposed to be a memory foam cushion but which proved not to be. I’ve unzipped this one to show it really is memory foam. That other one was in a plastic cover, which was great to wipe clean but which wasn’t so good for sitting on, making me sweat and feeling uncomfortable. This one alleviates that by having a zipped washable cover, in a kind of mesh type fabric. Its shaped to conform to body contours and the foam spreads pressure evenly and is soft yet supportive when seated.  The moulded sections help you keep in the right position, and the cut out inner is great for keeping pressure off the spine and seat bones. The base has little dots to help prevent slipping. I think it’s perfect for most people sitting for long periods. and if you’re a wheelchair user you know just how that can affect your back. For me this has really helped. This one is going to a friend who’s son is in a wheelchair too. I think it would also be good for those who develop pressure sores from sitting, as the central cut out would relive pressure in that area. I had one after surgeryfor broken hip ( fell out of my wheelchair!!) and though I was only lyingin bed for 3 days a sore that was incredibly painful developed at the base of my spine where I was half sitting.

I’ve found in really beneficial and for those who like me sit for long periods, maybe office workers or something its well worth trying.

Stars: Five, a perfect cushion for those seated for long periods.

12 Years Warranty Contemporary Kitchen Sink Chrome Dual Lever Swivel Spout with UK Standard Fittings Mixer Monobloc Tap Faucet

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This was incredibly timely, I’ve just finished repainting and revamping the kitchen, ( Ok daughter has done almost all the repainting over Whitsun half term! Thanks Tan) and new taps and sink were on the list. I’d seen some like this I wanted, so when asked to review these it was perfect.

Still haven’t yet got the sink so they aren’t actually working yet – I’ll update when that’s done.

They look good, I wanted one with mixer tap as that’s what we have and I prefer, but my current taps are hard for me to turn on and off as I’ve arthritis and my hands are bad. I’d seen suggestions that these lever ones would help that, and I’ve tried them and they are so much easier. They only need a quarter turn, unlike current round taps that need turning and turning and turning…Son in law said something about that means its ceramic inside – I’d no idea what that meant, he said basically helps them last well. He might have said more but plumbing and electricity are out of my comfort zone! * see below for more on that.

They look good, in a smart contemporary design with a highly polished steel appearance, with the little levers that have a red or blue disc for hot and cold. I’d looked at some very similar to this when researching taps and sinks and those were in the £35 – £45 bracket so these are well priced too. They have a 12 year guarantee- of course that depends on whether they’re still trading – doesn’t always happen- but its always good to see a company that has confidence in its own product. That gives me confidence too.

Comes with hoses needed for installation – now I’m saving madly for a sink to get them fitted 🙂 Soon, I hope.

From the website

Ceramic disc taps are designed to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, in hard water areas they do not and it is as well to know how they operate and how to service them.

It is very rare for the ceramic discs to wear out and the need to replace them is even rarer. It is, most often, just a case of dismantling the moving parts and servicing them. Should you be unlucky enough to have a tap wherein the parts do actually “wear out” then it is unlikely you will be able to replace the discs and will probably need to replace the whole cartridge within the unit.

The disc tap should be virtually indestructible because a) the ceramics do not wear out, and b) The distance moved by any part of the tap in any one go, is only a quarter of a turn.

Stars: Five, great for those with hand issues

Songmics pro Make up Storage Cosmetic case Croco pattern with mirror strap Black JBC221B

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An attractive and solid box for makeup or jewellery – or whatever you want really. Its got a huge amount of storage space cleverly designed so you can see everything in one glance, no rummaging through things to find stuff.

Its very big, gives you plenty of space, and has a top handle with a cushioned underside or a shoulder strap if you prefer to carry that way. Its made of aluminium, so even though its big its not heavy. The aluminium parts are a glossy appearance with soft sheen deep, rich purple PU surfaces between. Inside its matt black. The lid contains a simple lock and two keys are supplied. Keeps tiny fingers out of mums makeup…..

Once opened the lid and sides pull outward opposite each other to reveal a stepped inner section with a hinged lid containing a mirror. There’s also a side compartment with a square removable open toppped box.

Its got so much space if you have lots of makeup and want to keep it all together in one place instead of in multiple different drawers, and if you have girls nights in and makeup sessions its perfect for carrying around everything from facemasks to eye shadows to nail polish

You could use this for a pretty first aid kit, for crafts, jewellery making or embroidery, or even have your own feminine toolbox here instead – in fact that’s what I’ll probably use it for. Can never find a screwdriver or Allen key or the right batteries when I need them. The gorilla glue ( my answer to everything) along with the very necessary disposable gloves will fit here ( I once superglued my hand to the worktop so I wear gloves All The Time now…) along with duct tape and WD40 and I’m covered for most things!

Stars: Five, attractive and versatile box

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly


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