wool and pinking shears

Worsted Weight Yarn, Yarn for Crocheting, Baby soft, 100% Acrylic Yarn, 8 X 1.76 Ounce Balls

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My nan was an avid knitter, she used to get items from jumble sales, unravel and wash the wool and then I’d have to help her wind it into skeins for new garments. she also bought new wool of course and I loved going to the shop with her and seeing all the different yarns. sadly her love of knitting and crochet has bypassed me but I still love different yearns and fabrics and can do basic steps with grandchildren.

This pack will go in our craft box, perfect for knitting/crocheting smaller simple items, making fluffy bobbles, and things like that. Its a greater starter kit too for kids, thick enough to produce something fairly quickly. When learning they always want to see results, and with thin yarns I’ve found they take too long to show they have produced something and they lose interest.
They key to learning with most kids is in letting them produce something, see results for their work.  Its why kids will grow cress and radishes but not things that take weeks to germinate – or longer!

This yarn is beautifully soft, comes in some pretty colours where even the pastel ones have a depth to them. the yarn itself is eight strands twisted together, with each strand also being twisted individually,  so it should wear well.
As with most wools hand washing is recommended, but modern machines usually have a wool or gentle wash programme and I tend to use that, then line dry or lie flat somewhere. You can roll it gently in a towel after hand or machine washing to remove excess water, and that helps it not to stretch out of shape with the weight of water held in it. My mum also loved to knit, made me three kids veautidul matching aran jumpers when they were toddlers. Sadly I knocked the washing machine and sent the programme from a cool wool wash to boil…..oops, all that hard work in sweaters that were too shrunken and out of shape to use any more. Mum was Not Happy. I’ve always taken great care since.

Stars: Five, versatile starter pack

BABAN 240mm Professional Dressmaking Pinking Shears, Crafts, Zig Zag Cut, Scissors

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More things for the craft box! These scissors are sharp- I tried them on fabric, paper and even some polythene – that stuff isn’t always easy to cut – but they went through them all very easily.

They’re a comfortable weight in my hand, not too heavy but not light and flimsy either. They feel as though they will last well. They are a little stiff but I think after they’ve been used a few times that will loosen – if not its my trusty WD40, that stuff sorts out most stiff issues ( I feel a Frankie Howard “oooh missus” moment coming on there…If you’re under 50 Google him and Up Pompeii! )

The handles have a soft grip section and that feels good, if you’re cutting a lot of fabric you’ll really appreciate that. Mum used to do a lot of dressmaking so she had her trusty Pinking shears, a set just like this though with plain steel handles, she’d have loved these ones. When you use them for fabric cutting it helps prevent materials from fraying.

They make great decorative edgings and strips for crafts too. Try them for paper chains with a difference at xmas. We make them out of old wrapping paper and some glue sticks, and it keeps younger kids happy for ages making a chain that seems to get endless after a while, We’ve two doors in living room – one to kitchen and one to hall/dining rom so they love to make a long chain to go through all the rooms. Little things like that are creative and fun and a great way to stave off boredom rather than endless PC games.

Stars: Five, great for crafts and dressmaking

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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