pretty cushion cover and beautiful summery dress

Sterxy “Floral Horse” Velvet Cushion Cover, Multi-Colour, 18 x 18-Inch

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This cushion cover comes in many different prints, from pretty florals, simple rainbows, whimsical houses and quirky animal prints like this one –  the horse one – well, I would pick that one wouldn’t I!!

Its 45 x 45 cm – just under 18 x 18 inches in old money….and is a cover only, inner padding needed. My wheelchair cushion on the upstairs one is plastic and has just split – very uncomfortable, so this is a perfect replacement, though its so pretty its almost a shame to sit on it. Its marketed as polyester velvet, but its a very short pile soft velvet, not the longer pile often seen. That makes it perfect for this use though and very gentle to sit on – hurrah, no more plastic!
Its easy to fit, with a snug plastic concealed zip to close, and machine washable – again, really useful especially with pale background. I’m a messy person, always spilling things so machine washable is something I regard as a welcome bonus as I hate hand washing.

Stars: Five, a beautiful cushion cover.
Womens Sexy Party Long Maxi New Ladies Boho Casual Beach Summer Dress Plus Size

Wantdo Women's Peacock Printed Bohemian Summer Maxi Dress Plus size

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Really pretty dress in polyester chiffon with a soft silky slightly thicker lining,which goes almost full length, about 10 inches up from hem.
Comes in several different colour/print combinations and is perfect for dressy summer evenings, weddings, cocktail parties etc. Its well made in good quality fabric that doesn’t feel thin and flimsy, and has well stitched seams. Finishing of clothes is important and this is faultless. Its a pull on A-Line style dress, and unlike many sold online its very generously sized.
I can’t find washing instructions on it so either  hand wash  and line dry or as I hate hand washing I’d use a cool, gentle wash setting on my machine but still line dry not tumble it.

I have the peacock dress in a size 4XL, sellers chart show this to be equivalent to an 18. . Daughter Tan is wearing it – over her t-shirt and leggings of course. I had to promise to crop out her face. She’s an 18-20 dress size and found the hips and the bust excellent fit, she is very generously curved across the bust, and often finds clothes just too tight. When buying tops she usually goes for a 22, a 24 even when available, so you can see how this dress is generous on size. It reached the ground on her and she’s 5ft 6, so was a good length.
I’m a 16-18 and same height though am sitting as in a wheelchair and sizing was good for me, I could easily have gone down a size to the 3XL but having found so many online buys skimpy in size I played it safe with the 4XL. We both felt the tie, though gorgeous, didn’t suit us – we’re the long leg, short body type and it just didn’t look right. Tan tried it round neck choker style, and over the head as a headband and I liked that effect, very Roaring Twenties with the rich colour and flamboyance of the peacock print. The v neck is flattering to those with larger busts too.

Its a perfect dress for summer, for lifting your mood, for parties, BBQ’s. cocktail parties or weddings, a real all round dress. I’ll be wearing it in the garden, rarely go out but still love pretty dresses even here at home. They lift my spirits and everyone needs that sometimes. I love the way the fabric is soft anf floaty but the underskirt is a bit thicker so you don’t do a “Lady Di” and reveal all in the sunshine….

Stars: Five, a gorgeous versatile summer dress.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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