back pack, rug sack and sleeping bag.

SENPAIC Vintage Canvas Laptop Backpack Rucksack Hiking Backpack Daypack

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Well, I’ve had more formal, office style backpacks to review, and ones that are purely camping type. This is very similar in construction to the office type but with a more casual feel. Perfect for students or those working in a less traditional atmosphere.

It’s incredibly versatile with padded straps for use as a back pack, a detachable strap to use it as a messenger bag ( always my preference) or carrying handles if you prefer the bag/briefcase style.
Its got great internal padding for tablets etc. endless zipped and Velcro-ed pockets for keeping items safe, and of course safety features such as the two straps that fasten over the top when carrying as a bag that make it difficult for thieves to open without you noticing. Given how much some tablets and phones cost, and how adept at theft some are that’s very important.
The main inner section is closed by a two way zip – these are useful, and all the zips are very solid, sturdy ones – handy when student bags get some rough treatment! I like the Velcro flaps over the two inner pockets, practical for phones, keys etc. There’s two sideways-on pockets on the outer front side, with each having another smaller zipped pocket. Providing you remember which pocket holds what, ( I never can!) that makes it easier than rummaging around in one huge central space. There’s a few D rings attached too so you can clip extras on there if needed. I’m not sure what – keys maybe? For horse-riding I use these for spare lead ropes, for hikers they hold all sorts of useful extras, but apart from keys I’m not sure what you’d want these on a college/uni bag for…but always useful for the old just-in-case. ( Him Indoors used to joke “who is this Justin Case guy?”) You could even use it for a casual overnight bag, with room for basic toiletries and a change of clothes.

The inner fabric is a soft brushed cotton feel, with a padded section for tablets etc and the outer is mostly strong canvas denim with some leather effect sections.  It comes in two colours, black or brown. It has  a classic vintage look and feel, but of course made with more modern durable fabrics.
My only criticism is that the denim could have been treated to make it water repellent, making it better suited to out UK weather – default setting Rain. We’re at end of June and here in N Norfolk its rained almost every day. Wet denim is heavy, takes ages to dry and doesn’t do electrical gadgets any good. I’ve dropped a star for that but of course if this appeals in every other way you could go to a camping shop or saddlery and buy a rain proofing treatment, or look here on amazon – they aren’t perfect but do repel the worst of the wet making this a safer bag.

Stars: Four, water repellent and this would be a five.

Stoga BSW-SL010 Outdoor Portable Sleeping Bag Ultra-light Sports Camping Hiking Traveling Sleeping Bag Thickening Envelope Warm Adult Travel Bag Waterproof Emergency Sleeping Bag

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This is a lightweight bag, weighing a little over a kilo, but its incredibly warm for the weight. It comes in a carry bag, useful to clip onto d rings if camping and hiking.
Its made of  terylene, a sort of nylon feel fabric, but not that old fashioned slippery sort where the fabric made the user sweat and slide around in the bag. This is a soft feel fabric, with a waterproof outer material. Handy when sleeping on wet ground. I haven’t tried that so can’t say how well it works.

The zips slide open and closed very easily and they are constructed so as not to let out heat, or snag fabric getting stuck ( all mens trousers should have zips like that !) You can unzip the whole bag to lay flat – useful if you want a large waterproof surface to sit on or to make a double quilt if staying with friends/family. You can zip two bags together to make a double quilt.  Its washable too – great if its sweaty teen boys using it 😉 they have an aroma all of their own….
The head section pulls closed making it a kind of mummy style bag, and really will keep the user snug. It feels very well made, with a soft stuffing that doesn’t feel as though it will “lump up” into uncomfortable bumps. The seams are all well finished and the zips strong and can be opened from inside as well as outer. Its generously sized making it comfortable for larger people not just skinny teens. Its very easy to roll up and slide into the carrier, making it space saving and easily transportable. With summer holidays coming up its perfect for scout/guide camping trips or family breaks.

I’m not sure about this statement though, as its sold on amazon UK I would think the UK one year statutory guarantee applies, not just a three month warranty. “We offers 3 months repairing and 30 days free exchange for all products which are built with the highest quality standards and we stand behind our products for best after service.” It makes me feel the company are not confident in their product. I have removed one star for that.

Stars: Four, an excellent quality sleeping bag, but I would like company to be confident it will last beyond three months…

Sadly on its first outing it was great, lovely and warm but on washing once home the stitching gave way and zip needs refixing.

sl bag dmge

Outlander 2212 lightweight Travel Gear Packable Daypack

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The UK have just introduced a bag charge (which I think is great, save all that plastic in landfill) so this backpack is a great buy.

Its waterproof, folds into a tiny pouch with a zip that can be easily tucked in a pocket, and is perfect for carrying around so you’ve always somewhere to put purchases.
It’s got a large central capacity with a two way zip, a small inner zipped pocket and two more outer zipped pockets and two mesh side pockets – perfect for drinks bottles for hikers or students.
Its incredibly lightweight, made of a highly rip and water resistant nylon fabric and very strong with  reinforced  stress points, so will take groceries, heavy books, packed lunches easily. Its in several colours and two sizes, 20L and 33L. I have it in purple, 33L and its going to go in my handbag ready for shopping. I’m always forgetting to take my bags… As always I would have liked a couple of reflective tabs on this, safety is so important.

I love this “Warranty: Our Promise-Lifetime Warranty-Exchange, return, whatever it takes.” Its great to see a company with such confidence in their product.

Stars: Five, perfect bag to carry everywhere just-in-case 🙂

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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