Daisy Earrings, Laser Infrared Thermometer, UV LED Nail Lamp Gel Curing Dryer

BAMOER 925 Sterling Silver Darling Daisy Stud Earring White Enamel With Clear CZ for Women Girls Fashion Jewelry

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Delicate little pair of earrings for pierced ears.
They come in a brown velour drawstring bag not a box, but they’re a great price and you can always buy a box if you want one. This way you;re not paying for a box, that inevitable gets stuffed in a drawer or thrown away.
These are advertised as 925 sterling silver, but I assume from the price, that’s actually silver plated 🙂 Lower down in the description it does say plated, though mentions gold, no CZ either – that needs amending…The actual earring is a pretty little daisy head design, very simple in style, with white enamelled petals surrounds by the silver plate and a silver centre. The description and title suggests the inner is a CZ but its not, its a simple silver dot. I’ve taken off one star for the wrong description. It should stipulate silver plate not gold, and not have the CZ reference. If thats amended it will be a five star from me. They have simple post and stud fastenings.

They’d be great for casual day wear for anyone and little girls will love them – actually this not-so-little lady loves them too!! Sometimes simple really is best, and this allows the beauty of the simple daisy to show through. I think a yellow CZ inner, or a yellow enamel dot would be even better to enhance the daisy appeal,  but this is still very pretty as is.

Stars: Five, a pretty gift for anyone with pierced ears. Or you could do what I often do with single earrings and wear them as a broach….

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

Laser Infrared Thermometer KingTop GM320 Non-contact Digital IR Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun [FDA FCC CE ROHS Approved Lifetime Warranty]

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I’ve has a cooking thermometer for a while now, never realised how useful they were and wish I’d got one years ago.

When cooking lots of things when family are here sometimes things take longer in the oven, especially if they’re from freezer and this takes the guesswork out. Prior to using a thermometer we had a few episodes where lasagne or similar wasn’t quite hot in the centre. Its useful for microwave cooking, where ovens can vary in wattage which affects cooking time.  Its great too for seeing how well done or rare meat is – I like my beef fairly rare but not raw 😉 and its easy to give it just that bit too long. That’s when these come into their own.

My daughter has been a vegetarian since she was nine, around 25 years now, and hates the thought of eating meat, or her food touching meat, though she does cook it for the family ( when she first got in a relationship I’d get phone calls “Mum, how long does X Y Z  take to cook?”  When I’m using the thermometer I’m careful to wash it between uses,  and she does the same at home ( she’s got another one I had for review). A couple of weeks back she said if I was offered another she’d like it so she had one for meat and one for veg food, and then a few days later I was offered this. Timing!! With its no need to touch food technology its perfect for her. No more worrying about meat juice in the veg food!
I tried it out at random at first, on my leg, out in the garden on a chilly early morning, on some things in the freezer and against my usual one with a cup of coffee. The readings are very quick, I did some close and some several feet away and each displayed very quickly. I had the light on the display as my eyes are a bit duff..but you can leave it off. If you press the hold button it does exactly that, holds the temp on display until you release the hold switch. If you do that don’t forget to release the hold as the ten second cut-out saving the battery won’t come into play until you do. Its got another button that is to do with emissivity but TBH I’ve no idea what that means…Measuring the coffee gave almost the same result on each thermometer, the variance could be that I was slightly closer to the edge of the cup. I did note the edge of cup temp less than the centre of the coffee, and it surprised me how much difference there was.

This is a great gadget for cooks, for food safety, and I know my daughter will want to claim this one, its perfect for those like her that want to check a range of foods without cross contamination. I’m sure its got other professional uses too, but food safety and taste is what we want it for. Its easy to use, comes with batteries inclded, just pop them in, zap at something and you’re away.

Stars: Five, perfect for measuring food temp without touching.

Hangsun UV LED Nail Lamp Gel Curing Light Nail Dryer Machine With 30S 60S 90S 30M Timer For Shellac Nail Vanish Gel Polish And Manicure Art 12 Watt

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I had one of these for review last year, tried it on ordinary polish but of course it doesn’t work on that, so bought a basic shellac kit of base and top coat and a colour. It was so easy to do that I’ve become a convert, and have bought more colours since.
I find that the polish stays looking good for around two weeks, even if like me you grub about in the garden, poke around with paints and are generally thoughtless of your manicure. Ordinary polish lasts about 2-3 days for me at max so this is a real time saver, and I love the glossy look.
I do one coat base, use dryer for 60s, then two coats colour with 60s in dryer for each, then one top coat and I give that 90s. TBH I’m not sure in needs the extra time, I just hope it will harden it more. I do find that the polishes and base still feel tacky after 60s but are dry enough for next coat, and it works well that way for me.
I’ve never had this done professionally so not sure how my way compares to that but its works for me. I never get a good coat with conventional polish as waiting for it to dry is a real pain and invariably I end up smudging two or three nails….

This unit is a bit larger than the one I currently have, a bonus as it means I can get my whole hand in, not just fingers and then doing thumbs on their own…time saving even if its only a few mins.
Its so easy to do, just paint nails, stick hand in dryer and press time you require. The light comes on and when times up it goes out. It isn’t hot, just works by UV rays somehow. Of course I’m still impatient even though its so quick so I read my kindle while I’m doing it 😉 You can do all sorts of special effects with paint, with adding glitter and cut outs, the only limit is your imagination.

Stars: Five, perfect for me, the larger size means fingers and thumb can do done in one go, and this is now my favourite.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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