Wireless LED Mood Ball light, Faux Fur Cushion Cover, tissue paper flowers, pom poms

Glovion Rechargeable & Wireless LED Mood Ball light Glow Globe night lamp with Remote &Multi-Color Lighting Modes 14CM Ball

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This is a fun light, reminds me very much of the seventies.

Its a soft glow lamp, perfect for a child’s room or when you want some subtle effects. Use the flashing/strobe/face effects though and its not at all relaxing! They’re so fast it feels almost headachy to watch them. Maybe if your kids are having a small party it would be fun, but not otherwise. You can set any one fo the colours, and I love the soft purple effect and the blues, as my favourites.

Son number one exclaimed “ oh, we have one of those in our bedroom, its set on red.” Cue lots of sniggering and Amsterdam Red Light jokes…He’s going to change the colour now 😉

Its powered by rechargeable batteries and sadly the charging socket is under the device, which means you can’t leave it charging whilst on to use for longer periods, as its unstable that way. (see image) Shame. Still, the sellers say it stays on for 6 hours on a full charge so would be fine without for a decent spell.

Like several items I’ve had recently the cable is USB at one end but circular at the other – lose the cable and the device is useless. With a standard USB cable at least you always have replacements, either to hand, or easy to buy.  I don’t know if one of the other cables I have that look the same actually are the same? Maybe? There’s lots of numbers etc. stamped on it but they mean nothing to me and….is it worth the risk when electricity can be a real fire hazard if wrongly used? I don’t want to risk it. I’d be so much happier if this has a standard USB cable.

There’s a couple of things that stop this being five star for me, first the socket being on the base, that makes it unstable, banced on the end of the cable, a minor issue but would have been so much better to either have some small feet on the base so cable sits under the unit and is stable, or put the socket on one side. Then the remote – its really only effective I found at a very short distance, maybe 3-4 feet. So no lying in bed and using remote to control light when its the other side of the room. Then there’s the modes, far, far too quick when the rest seems to be aimed at relaxation. The soft ball shape, subtle lights and then this glaring, harsh flickering that’s produced by using the mode effects. #notgood. Add in the cable issue and I’ve taken a star off. They’re not major points but added together show that some more thought in design could have made this so much better.


Stars: Four, a fun light but with a few minor irritations for me.

LIVEBOX Deluxe Home Decorative Super Soft Plush Faux Fur Throw Pillow Cover Cushion Case (24 X 24 Inch, )

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Cushion covers are a great way to add colour accents in a neutral decor room, or change the feel of the room, bright colours livening it up and catching the eye while the softer shades make it feel more relaxing.

Colours are very important to how we feel, its not by accident McD’s use so much red – its a colour designed to make us hurry and that’s what they want, customers in and out and more turnover. Colour theory is really interesting…

These cushion covers ( note: no inserts, covers only) come in 13 different colours and three sizes. They feel really good, tactile, with the 100% polyester fabric being a soft plush not the harsh feel this type sometimes are. They are easy to use, having a simple zipper side to close. Stitching is good, no loose threads, and once closed the zip is hidden by a clever overlap of fabric.

The front is in the faux fur fabric, while the reverse is a simple brushed suede effect. It can be machine washed too – hurrah – though I’d not tumble dry it. Frizzled too many things in there!

Stars: Five, a great quick way to change the feel of a room.

Ohuhu [5-pack] 8″/12″ Tissue Paper Flowers, Crafts Pom Poms, Pink, Rosy Red, Orange

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I’m always looking for things for the craft box, the kids really enjoy making things ( when Beth was small she used to call it the Making Box) We already have some of these and they are a great hit with the kids.

They come in a pack containing five flowers, in two different sizes and three colours, so make a range of pretty flowers and are really easy to do. They’re already tied together so all you do is open the pack, and gently tease out each tissue layer, a final tweak once its done and Voila! Pretty tissue flowers. There are some YouTube videos showing exactly how to do them if you’re still unsure. They’re fun to make and a great way to get kids involved in party preparations etc.

Even though the tissue is delicate its surprising that it doesn’t tear easily, and Brennan in his enthusiasm isn’t the most careful of kids, but his came out very well. Any tiny tears soon get hidden anyway in the mass of petals.

Confession time: last time we made them I was the only one to tear anything *blush*


Stars: Five, great fun for kids and make attractive flowers.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.


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