Ohuhu Electric Automatic Pencil Sharpener, Special Design for Colored Pencils, Belle Poque® Sleeveless Vintage Short Prom Cocktail Swing Dresses

Ohuhu Electric Automatic Pencil Sharpener, Special Design for Colored Pencils

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We can never find a pencil sharpener when we want one so this looked excellent.

Its simple to use, insert four AA batteries, push pencil and and go – that’s it. Its starts as soon as the pencil hits the sharpener and stops when you remove it. You can use it by USB instead of you wish, handy to keep by PC/Laptop/Tablet for notes. I find whenever I grab a pencil its blunt ( in the same way as pens have always run out of ink. Do you think somewhere there’s a reverse person, for whom pencils are always sharp and pens always full? Like Chaos theory for people.)

The pencils sharpenings are collected inside the device, you just pull off the clear plastic top when its full. Neat, tidy and effective eh? But – we did have one issue when Beth got a little enthusiastic. I’m not sure what happened but the pencil seemed to jam so she pulled it out quickly, and it then wouldn’t work. On opening we could see the sharpener had slipped off the spring, so it just needed slipping back into place and hey presto we were away again.

There’s a spare blade insert too, which is easy to replace, simply slip old one out and insert new one ensuring its sitting properly on the spring that makes it work. It sharpens standard size pencils only, we’d a couple of larger ones that wouldn’t fit.

Stars: Five, simple and effective device

Belle Poque® Sleeveless Vintage Short Prom Cocktail Swing Dresses

Product Details

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Well I love the look of this vintage 50’s style dress. Something my husband would say is a Frock, not a Dress 😉

It comes in eight different patterns and I’ve the tea rose style one.

Sadly the XL is the largest size available currently,  but too small in the bust for me *blush*  It measures 36 inches there, even with the slight stretch in the fabric, which is a 12, maybe a 14 and I’m a 16-18 😦 Diet Jeannie – NOW! The waist is generous though at 34 inches, and there’s a matching belt to pull it in if that’s too big, the wide flaring skirt will ensure it still looks good.

The fabric is cotton, it has a slight stretch to it as if there’s some Lycra? Makes if feel very comfortable though. Its a decent thickness, not thin and flimsy as so many dress fabrics are, and has a slight sheen to it. The design is on the surface of the fabric, not printed through and the finishing is good, no loose seams, zip down the back is nicely finished off.

If only this fitted me it would be perfect for summer – or even if it came in a larger size 😦 So many dresses on amazon seem to have Asian sizing and they come up very small. A UK XL wouldn’t equate to a 12 – more likely the 16-18 that I am. Still, its incentive to lose weight I guess.

Stars: Five, but do check that sizing before you order.

Products supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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