Hippih Womens Halter Bikini Bra Set, DCCN Women’s Canvas Single Shoulder Bag

Hippih Women Double Coloured Padded Push Up Halter Bikini Bra Set swimwear Swimsuit

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A pretty bikini, with a decent rear end covering – adly so unusual in many bikinis. Not everyone wants to go the Daisy Duke look….I’m a little bemused by the “women’s” in the title though – do many men buy bikinis?? Each to their own 😉

I ordered the largest size – L – classed as a 10-12, and that seems about right though I hardly think a 10-12 is large! Still so many clothes on amazon are Asian sized and you really need to check carefully so as to get the right size for you. Of course you can return items if you order wrongly, but its hassle for you and costs the seller which of course costs the consumer in the long run,, so its better all round to check before you buy.

The fabric is a decent thickness, I’ve had some that are so thin they are almost transparent but this keeps everything covered that needs to be ;-).
The top can be worn as strapless by tying the halter straps under arms to back, or as a halter top if you prefer it that way. The bikini straps fix by way of a  metal bar closure. The cups have some moulded padding ( not removable) which will help give a good outline and hide the dreaded nipples. Beaches and pools can be chilly and many of us get embarrassed at the results…
The bottom part of the suit is a good size and fits high up, giving a more modest look. Again not everyone want to show all, some people want the tan but without exposing every part of the body. The fabric has some stretch to it too which helps for a good fit.

These type of suits are more suitable for swimming and beach games too – less likely to slip off when you get  more energetic. I like the addition of the grey fabric, its a kind of soft slate grey and works well with the black to create a suit that looks more expensive than it is.

Stars: Five, attractive and practical suit.

DCCN Women’s Canvas Single Shoulder Bag Summer Tote Beach Bag

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This is a practical and summery canvas bag. It comes in four colours, I have the green one.
Its classed as a shoulder bag, but its one of those where the straps both fit on one shoulder not across the chest as I prefer. I find on one shoulder they always slip off but that could just be me ad this design is very popular.

The fabric is a strong looking canvas, and feels very robust. Its not rough as somne canvas bags are, all the stitching and finishing is very good and it feels a good quality bag.
Though its a close weave canvas and that repels light rain, you might want to weather protect it if you keep electrical things inside, canvas does tend to hold the wet once it gets through, though the separate inner sections should help with that. Its easy to buy a fabric spray and treat  though depending on what and how you plan to use you may not bother. I won’t – Ill have my phone and kindle in but I’m not planning on being out in heavy rain, I’m home based so have a choice that workers don’t.

Its fully lined with two inner zipped sections, three small pockets handy for pens etc. and a separate small zipped outer section for keys and phone – things you want to access quickly. The main section closes by both a zip and a buckle making it very secure. Important if you’re in a busy area where pickpockets are all too prevalent.
Its a very practical size, having space for all the things you need on a day out. If you’re like me the things you “need” seem to get longer and longer. Kindle – that’s always first – then money, cards, keys, phone, pens and paper, tissues, small bottle hand-wash, tablets, throat sweets, bottle of water if you’re away for long… and of course all the things everyone else expects mum and  nan to bring.

Stars: Five, practical and attractive summer bag.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.


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