Pop up tent and ball crawl, Hammock and Coffee Grinder

Goodlucky365 Children’s Play Tent Tunnel Cubby-Tube-Teepee Playground 3pc Pop -up Indoor Outdoor Gamehouse Toy Hut Easy Fold Ocean Ball Pool with Basketball Hoop

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This comes in a circular zipped bag, same washable fabric as the tents. The real fun is the way they assemble, just take them out of the zipped pouch and they do just what it says, pop up. Don’t let toddlers open it – its really does come out quickly and it’ll startle them and may hurt them as it opens.

As you can see from the video putting this up is a doddle, and the kids soon had it done. We didn’t have any balls for a ball crawl but ingenuity rules, and they made some out of crumpled paper for throwing in the ball hoop.
They spent hours playing with this, throwing a blanket over the tunnel part to make it dark and linking it up with two more pop up tents we have. Its such a simple thing, and yet so easy. You can use it indoors, or outside where of course its great for picnics away from wasps and flies in the tent.
You can use all three parts together – they have fabric ties, or just a single part. One of the ties soon broke – though it was getting a hard testing with four kids from 5 to 14 and one dog bouncing in and out. I think Velcro snaps would be better and more robust – something for future perhaps? Or you could do that yourself with a bit of Velcro and some thread or glue – its always glue or staples for me 🙂 Sewing isn’t really my forte.

It is so light and easy to carry that it means its so easy to take it with you on a beach trip, on a picnic, a trip to the woods so for younger kids you’ve an instant play tent. Its a great place for snacks too, clean floor to sit on, and close front and no flies or wasps can get in. they’re quite scary for young kids when they buzz round food so this is great for eliminating them.
I think for those kids that hate getting changed on the beach – I always did, wrapped the towel round and tried to get dressed beneath it but it was awkward and i was always worried the towel would slip..this would be perfect with a large throw or blanket thrown over to create their own changing room. Of course when its time to go home simply fold it up, zip in bag and its instantly portable.

On a practical note, the fabric is polyester, with mesh sides and though most fabrics are flameproof these days I’d keep it away from fire. That’s a sensible precaution with any toy though.
The fabric is washable, and you could either hand wash it while flat ( don’t scrub, just wipe over with damp cloth) or pop it up and simply hose down Don’t pack away til dry though or you’ll get mouldy fabric and rusty metal inserts.
Packing it away its a knack that needs to be learned and pretty frustrating until you’ve worked it out. You need to make a figure of eight and then twist and fold into one circle….simple once you’ve got it though.
Stars: Five, Great fun for kids.

Enkeeo 2 Person Hammock ,Capacity 330 lbs ,Portable Backpacking Camping Hammocks Including 2 Premium 9.84FT Tree Straps and Carrying Case, Red Stripe

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This comes rolled up in a matching canvas bag. There are two lengths of strong rope included with the set, so this can be tied between two trees, or you can find a length of strong dowel and hang it as a chair, as the one I  already have. That’s been in use for several years now, and the fabric feels exactly the same as this.
You can get better designed straps than just this rope, but this is so inexpensive that its great to see anything added, they’ll do the job and it makes for a cheap summer gift.
I’m not sure yet whether to have this as a second chair, or sling it between two trees. Sadly we’re still waiting for long sunny days here on the coast, we’ve had rain almost every day for weeks now 😦

I’ve had one of these as a seat hung from my walnut tree for several years now and summer sunshine days ( soon I hope) see me under the tree relaxing and reading my kindle for hours. They are very robust and well made, and as I’ve said mine is now maybe 5 or so years old. They can be left out but mine gets brought in at night – mainly because I don’t want the foxes and feral cats peeing on it! Very hard to get rid of that smell….Its easy to bring in and out as its very lightweight. Mine is like a seat hanging from a wooden pole and attached to a clip that gets left out ( all year..) so it would be easy to have a similar clip setup for this one and just unclip to remove each evening.

This is a generous size and will allow for some comfortable snoozing out in the shade of the sun. The cotton fabric means it won’t make you sweat even on the warmest of days and its very comfortable.I have a couple of fluffy cushions just to keep me in exactly the right position, being and amputee means its easy to slide over on one side.  Its attractive too with the striped vibrant colours that don’t show dirt. I’ve only washed mine once, and it didn’t shrink.

Stars: Five, relax and enjoy.

Manual Coffee Grinder with Ceramic Conical Adjustable Burr, Portable Hand Crank Coffee Mill, Stainless Steel Spices Miller,Aeropress Compatible

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If you like good coffee you’ll know fresh ground is best and buy beans. (and store them in the freezer to keep fresh, just grind straight from freezer.) I used to use a stick blender in a plastic cup, with my hand over top to catch flying grounds…then son number 1 bought me an electric grinder. Its good, but as with all electrical gadgets, it takes up space, needs getting out and plugging in, and just doesn’t seem worth it just for me.

With this though its easy to store in a handy drawer, whip it out and use quickly. Its effortless to clean, has two clear sections so you can see how much coffee you’ve ground and yes, it is easy even if you have hand problems.
You could use it for spices, and toasted ground nuts too. I’ve just bought some pine nuts to toast for pesto, and plan to grind them in this ready to mix with the oil and basil.
When brinding for coffee the thickness of the grind can be altered so you get the size you want best, according to how you brew your coffee. I use a cafetiere/French press so medium grind works best, too fine and I get sludge ( urgh) and too coarse and the flavour doesn’t seem to come through properly.
If you’re just using it for coffee I wouldn’t bother washing every-time, just wipe out with a paper towel and put away. What could be easier?

Its a good looking, spacing saving, easy to use device. Sometimes the simplest ways really are the best ones.

Stars: Five, relax and enjoy.

Products supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.


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