VECELO Eames Style Dining Chairs, Yidarton Womens Summer Sleeveless Long Lace Dress

VECELO Eames Style DSW Eiffel Plastic Retro Dining Chair/ Lounge Chair, Set of 2(white2)

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Doing reviews I learn a lot. Book reviews throw up unfamiliar words, places and events while the products mean if I see facts I’m not sure of, or that interest me I look it up. Recently I’ve learned about silk making, lab created gem stones, the differences in types of fabric and how and what they are made from, and now furniture styles. Its something I’ve never really looked at but these quirky chairs reminded me of the Phillipe Starck juicer…and when I researched him and Ray and Charles Eames I was fascinated. I got distracted for far too long yet again….

These chairs have a classic modernist look, yet remind me of the 50’ s in style, so work well with retro decor too IMO. They come in three slightly different styles, and Ihave the one priced at £34.99 – sold as White2. I’ve got one in my kitchen, just been redecorated in creams and we’ve taken off all the top cupboards to give a clean minimalist feel, and it works well there, ( the other is in the dining room – when the family visit we can go from just me up to 12+ people so extra chairs always useful.

They’re easy to assemble, the only part you have to do is attach the top to the base, and all parts, even the Allen keys, are included. Didn’t take more than a few minutes once we’d worked out which way we need to twist the base brackets! Then it was simply place over seat, attach with screws and bolts and tighten.
We’d just finished it when my 6 ft. 4 in big brother arrived. He sat in it and announced it was comfortable for him. Chloe, who’s now 12, helped assemble them and sat in one too and liked it, so it got a vote from all ages, and they’ve come in really useful over the weekend with seven of us here.

The top is a matt plastic, moulded to fit shape with no sharp edges, really well finished, and the legs are real wood, not some plastic imitation. They come protected with padding, and a clear plastic coating that peels off easily, and there are rubber floor protectors on the base of the legs.
The chairs feel very sturdy, are easy to clean and I think they’ll last well. Compared to the priced of the originals these are great value too.

Stars: Five, excellent quality chairs

Yidarton Womens Maxi Dress Summer Sleeveless Cocktail Long Lace Dresses Evening Party Backless Bridesmaid Dresses


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This is a really pretty summer dress, coming in a choice of three colours and at a bargain price. The fabric does feel quiet thin though and some of the seams had a few minor tags that need snipping, but you get what you pay for and this will be perfect for a summers use.

I have it in the rose colour, size XXL which equates to a size 14, maybe a 16. The fabric is stretchy and there is a lining under the front top and all the skirt down to about mid calf. The outer is a soft chiffon type material with a poly/cotton feel lace top that is lined at the front and open for a surprise back view. It has an elasticated waist so will stretch easily.
Beth is wearing it – she’s only a size 8 and 5ft 2in so you can see its far too big for her, but can get an idea of what size it is and how it looks on ( over t-shirt and joggers sadly! There’s only so much co-operation I can persuade her into.) The back has a zip fastening that needs closing very carefully to avoid catching the fabric, but as its so stretchy and the style lends itself to it I’d leave it done up and simply pull on and off.
Its machine washable but must be cool wash, and I don’t think it would be suitable for tumble drying, but it would dry quickly on a line or an airer indoors.

Its perfect for holidays as it doesn’t crease, the images are as it came, straight out of the bag. It would be a lovely summer dress too for balmy walks on the beach ( if summer does finally get here ), parties and even weddings.
Just see the price as a bargain, and enjoy a pretty dress rather than thinking its too cheap. Why pay more when you can have this for just over a tenner?

Stars: Five, bargain priced pretty dress.

Products supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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