15 piece set Paint Brushes and 72 tin set colouring pencils

Artistic Vista – Paint Brushes | Complete 15 Piece set. Perfect for Acrylic, Watercolour, Gouache, Oil, & Face painting.

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As an artist I’m always interesting in art equipment so was delighted to get these for review.
The case comes in three colours and I have the pink  one. It comes with a handy large plastic palette. These are always useful, I let watercolours dry and reuse avoiding waste that way so I like to have several of them. This one has sensible size dishes, I hate those with just a tiny dish, which means you need to keep mixing more paint….I like big, wet washes and use smaller ones for fine detail only so big palettes like this are perfect for me.

The case is a robust canvas one with insets to hold each brush in place and a strong plastic zip to close. Its an excellent way to store brushes, as it stops them rubbing against each other and the bristles getting damaged.
Do make sure brushes are totally dry before you close to avoid mould, though the canvas will let them breathe and helps avoid that. You can flip the brush holder up into a stand, useful when painting and for getting brushes air dry.

These brushes are long handled. Its personal preference whether you prefer long or short, and of course for travel short is better but for the studio I prefer long handles. They just seem to balance better to me. There’s a good variety of brushes here, from fan, angled and square tips, to the versatile round shape. There are plastic tips for the fine brushes like the rigger and they are good to keep the shape of them.
I like that the tips of the rounds ones come easily to a point making them excellent for sharp lines and definition. That’s very important. The angled and square ends gave a good sharp outline, and all the brushes picked up the paint well.
As with anything you get what you pay for, and these aren’t going to be as good as pure sable brushes that can cost as much as this set ( or more!) for just one brush, but for most artists these are excellent value and produce very decent quality results. I use watercolours and keep my very few sables for those, never for oils or acrylics because they can be hard on brushes, especially if like me you tend to work large and use texture.

I’ve done a quick practise with three of them, the rigger, a medium chisel and the fan brush. With each I’ve used watercolour and continued til the brush ran out of paint. The first in red is the chisel, showing used flat and used on its side, the second is the rigger, used with a purple mix (I just reused some old paint dried on a palette so the colours aren’t great,) and the last is the fan, useful for foliage effects. They all pick up paint well, but don’t hold as much as sables do. Again its back to getting what you pay for and I think these are an excellent compromise, and would be happy to use them.

Brush tips: Wash gently before using for the first time as many are coated with a protective treatment. Clean after use by wiping on old rag or kitchen roll and washing gently in clean  water, or for oils use a recommended solution. Gently tease brush head back into shape. I use baby wipes a lot too – they help keep hand clean also if you’re a messy painter like me!  Periodically I wash my oil and acrylic brushes more thoroughly with a solid soap like Fairy, the green cleaning one ensuring i get right down to the ferrule and trying to remove any old paint stuck there. It happens no matter how well you think you’ve cleaned them. Brushes are expensive but will last well if you take care of them.
Don’t leave brushes head down in water – that ruins them, and don’t allow paint to dry on them. Keep wet wipes and kitchen towel and spare jar of clean water for watercolours and acrylics and clean gently as you use them. Its a easy habit to get into and will ensure brushes last for years that way.

Stars: Five, excellent brush set, will make a fabulous gift for anyone who paints.

Feelily 72 Colour Marco Raffine with Pencils Tin Box Pencils Set for Drawing Sketching Artist Creative (72 Colours).

As an artist I’m always interesting in art equipment so was delighted to get these for review.

There’s been a recognition recently that adults find colouring relaxing and there are several books aimed at adults with beautiful complex images ready to colour. These would work perfectly with one of those for a gift for a stressed adults! Add a set of these and one of those complex colouring books for adults and its a great gift to get someone to relax.

They come in a smart lidded tin, in four different sizes. I have the 72 tin size, and these are a double layer.

The pencils  look elegant in a simple silver colour with hexagonal design, and I feel that makes them easier to grip than round pencils. They are easy to sharpen and don’t appear to break easily. they are very soft to use, and I’ve tried them with both light and firm pressure as you can see in the images. Even with firm pressure on a sharp tip it didn’t break.

I like too that they are made from recycled wood, and are stated as non-toxic. UK laws are pretty strict but of course with the internet being world wide its easy for things to slip through that may be harmful.

There’s a huge range of colours and of course by using techniques such as blending and crosshatching you can create an infinite numbers of variables. They blend well, don’t break under pressure and are in strong vibrant and deep colours. I don’t know about light fastness though.

I’ve done a quick example, using them hard pressure to soft, and some crosshatching with two colours.

Stars: Five, excellent pencil set, makes a great gift.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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