Umenice Premium Travel Golf Umbrella,MYTK Battery Organizer,Battery Holder

Umenice Premium Travel Golf Umbrella Automatic 8-Rib Vented 210T Fabric Black Colour

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I often think the UK default weather setting is Rain, it seems so this year anyway, so a good quality umbrella is essential. this one fits the bill perfectly.

This opens out to a massive 46 inches, easily enough for two people and yet folds up small enough to tuck in a bag, just 19.5 inches. Usually golfing umbrellas this size don’t fold down – this makes it great for practical purposes where you want a big brolly but not one that’s cumbersome to carry when its not raining.  Its very easy to open, simply click the handle and it automatically snaps fully open. That’s really useful if you’ve briefcase, bags, dogs or children with you, leaving only one hand free. No more struggling to keep hold of them and open brolly!
Once opened out its a good decent size to keep you and a friend dry. Then to close simply press handle again and it folds down. Tweak the fold in the fabric to ensure correctly folded, and its easy to roll up and pop into the case provided.
The fabric feels very robust, its a  210T thread-count fabric, coated with high effect waterproofing. It feels like a silk type fabric. The  framework is a mix of stainless steel and fibreglass giving it flexibility, and looks set to last through the strongest gales. The special slits in the fabric won’t let wet in but will let wind through and help guard against that awful inside out brolly, where you struggle in wind and rain to get it back again.
The handle is very comfortable. Usually they are very thin and hard plastic or wood, either curved into a U shape or straight, and both are difficult to grip and slippery in the rain. This handle is slip resistant and wide enough to grip firmly and has a soft breathable section, making it very comfortable. The controls for opening are here on the handle, and easy to flick with a thumb while holding it, but do take care who’s close by, it opens very quickly and you won’t make friends pinging them with your brolly!! There’s also a loop to slip over wrist to carry or hang up later.

Stars: Five, excellent for British summers. Its raining now as I’m looking out the window – its July and I’m wearing a cardi too….

MYTK Battery Organizer,Battery Holder(hold up to 72 batteries) with Removable Tester

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I’ve a drawer full of batteries, many I use for testing review items, many for household remotes, smoke alarms etc and of  course there’s the grandkids toys – they all need batteries.
Prior to this they all lay in a jumbled heap in the drawer, though I do have a basic battery tester there too.

Now we’ve put most of them in this device, and can see at a glance which ones we need. the tester is useful, being a part of the case it won’t get lost as the current one does, and just slides out when you need it. It doesn’t need its own power, but takes it from the battery tested. That does mean with rechargeable ones that are dead it doesn’t work, but a few mins charge is enough to get it showing red. For us though if no lights show we just charge the battery.
Rechargeable 1.2V batteries that are full only register as red and yellow, that’s normal.

It does say it can be wall mounted – I disagree, the batteries sit fairly loosely in the case and if mounted on a wall they’d just fall out. To be honest though who’d want to see this on the wall in the home, in a work shed maybe but I just keep it in a drawer, it’s perfect for that.

Stars: Five, good idea to have holder and tester in one unit.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.


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