Solar Garden String Lights, USB Copper Wire String Lights, Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

OMGAI Solar Garden String Lights, Garden, 10 Meters 100 LED Outdoor, Warm White

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I love solar lights, so useful as you can put them almost anywhere in the garden, just set up and leave them. I have one set that have been out all year round for over two years and still going strong, though a couple have been casualties of the tractor mower….

So this set are tiny soft, white/cream light on a flexible cord. Simply push stake into ground, attach charger – ensuring you can get as much daylight on it as possible and then arrange the string of lights how you want them. It’s that easy. Maybe round some bushes or trees, over a pergola, decorating a summerhouse, however you want. You could leave them trailing in the ground through some plants, then at night they all get softly illuminated.
They have two modes of light, flashing or constant on. For me its the constant on, I only like flashing lights if they’re a variable twinkling, but its an individual choice.

You can of course use them for Christmas, or for parties, but mine stay out all year. I love to look out at the garden in the early hours of the morning and see them glowing. I’ve lots of individual solar lights, but this is the first string set and I’m not sure whether to put them along some trellis fencing or spotlight one of the smaller trees I have. We’ve a large garden, with loads of trees and some of the smaller ones would be perfect for this set.

Stars: Five, terrific for garden decoration and parties.

String Lights,Solla® USB Dimmable LED Copper Wire String Lights Warm White 33ft 100 LEDs Flexible Starry String Lights Waterproof Fairy Lights for Indoor, Outdoor, Garden, Patio, Wedding,Party, Xmas [Energy Class A]

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I’ve some lights like these on a solar panel which has been outside since xmas. The copper wire looks fragile but its pretty tough and flexible. I much prefer it to the usual plastic covered wires seen. It makes the whole string decorative not just the lights themselves.

The arrived in a sturdy box, containing lights wound round a plastic reel, with USB connector, a remote control and another shorter USB lead which is needed if you want to use the remote. The remote already has a battery, and when storing if you keep the little plastic barrier it’ll ensure they don’t accidently get drained.

I plugged into my pc for testing, first without the second cable and then with, and used the remote function. Everything works perfectly, the lights are a soft gentle creamy colour. there’s also a red/green and blue version. I know from the set I already have how versatile these are.
You can use pc or laptop, a suitable battery bank ( that makes them easily portable) or a USB mains adaptor. They have different selections, on constant, flashing and a choice of brightness, all controlled via the remote. .

You can use them for Christmas decorations for tree or elsewhere indoors, or for parties, or outside run them round fencing, summerhouse or plants and they’ll add some subtle and pretty lighting to whatever you have planned. Just make sure the USB and power source are protected from the elements.

The one thing I’m not so sure of is outdoor use, I know from experience the copper cable and lights are fine, but you will need to either keep USB connector inside, which limits range of use,  or ensure its covered from the wet – UK British summers invariably have plenty of rain, especially when planning an outdoor event!

Stars: Five, terrific for Xmas and parties, and for occasional garden decoration.


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Firhealth Automatic Intelligent Medically Certified Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, FDA Approved

This is a simple and easy to use device, use the same as the ones in GP surgeries. Simply place cuff round upper arm, ensuring the cord is in the right place ( manual shows where), plug in to unit and press start. Within a very short time it gives BP reading and pulse rate. The screen readings are clear and easy to read.

It has a memory function and can save readings for two users, and date and time can be set. Full instructions are provided.


It’s important to remain still and relaxed when using, and of course not to expect a normal reading after eating, drinking or exercising, though its fun to see how these can make readings vary.

On a more serious note high BP is often called the silent killer, as it can occur without any warning signs. Mine was picked up on a routine GP annual check, and although it was very high, and I now take daily tablets to control it, I had no symptoms and hadn’t done any lifestyle changes to account for it. I felt fine, no head aches, no heart palpitations – nothing abnormal.

A year later it had increased again and I’m now on higher medication, so this is useful to me to check that BP still under control. The surgery advised me to but a monitor so the offer to review this at discount was timely 🙂

Stars: Five, great for monitoring BP.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.


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