Wrap Dress, Sleeveless Blouse Top and some nail polish

GRACE KARIN® Women’s Cap Sleeve Casual Dress Wrap Dresses JS6087

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Well I love the look of this vintage 50’s style dress. Something my husband would say is a Frock, not a Dress 😉

It comes in six different colours and I’ve a green one that isn’t currently available.

I ordered it in XL, and as you can see from the measurements its very true to the size chart given in the stores’ images. ( Not the amazon chart, the company’s own one)

The fabric is polyester/cotton, it has a slight sheen to it, and a feel as if its lightly starched. My mum, a keen dressmaker, would have called it Sateen, don’t know if that’s still a term used now?

Its a decent thickness, not thin and flimsy as so many dress fabrics are, and has a slight sheen to it. The colour is a dense solid one, this is a kind of Irish Shamrock green, and the finishing is good, no loose seams.

So many dresses on amazon seem to have Asian sizing and they come up very small, so its good when a seller has their own size chart, especially when measurements are accurate as they are here 😉

Its got a steep “V” neck, that I think could do with a hook/snap/button to hold closed, especially if you’re on the generous size in that area to avoid flashing everyone – unless that’s your aim of course! If you’ve got it flaunt it maybe? A pretty broach will help you play safe though if you don’t want o do that.

The arms are generously cut, that’s great, its horrible if they’re tight under arms and cut in and its not a good look either…

The wrap over section is very good, and you can see from pics 3 and 4 that there’s plenty of fabric so you shouldn’t flash everyone when you sit down. There’s a matching belt to pull the waist in if that’s too big, the wide, flaring skirt will ensure it still looks good.

Stars: Five, Pretty summer dress that can cover all occasions.

Messic Women’s Sleeveless Scoop Neck Pleated Front Fitted Blouse Top

Product Details

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Review from Jeannie’s Reviews on wordpress.com

I really liked the look of this top but….when it arrived I just don’t like the feel of the fabric, to me it feels a bit scratchy and cheap. Nan would say “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear” and that fits this perfectly.

I love the colour, a rich wine, though it does come in a choice of five shades. The fabric is a kind of mesh material, great for not creasing and holiday wear, and it feels like you could very quickly hand wash it and dry it ready to use again, though it should machine wash too.  I just don’t like the feel of it, but that’s a personal issue and others won’t be bothered by it. I am pretty fussy as regards the feel of my clothes, and don’t like anything slightly scratchy feeling.

Its such a shame IMO about the material as the design is great, it drapes well, and hangs loose over the hip area, making it perfect to wear with skirts or trousers/leggings. The pleats fall softly from the rounded neckline down to a separate banding round the hip, giving a blouson effect top. Its got a very short sort of Cap sleeve making it perfect for summer.  I ordered XXL thinking it would fit my daughter – she’s a 22 top, but its too small despite the size chart. I’d say its around a 16-18.

Stars: Three, great style but a let down in the fabric. In a chiffon, a silky fabric or soft velvet I’d love it.

Gellen Brand Environmental Gel Nail Polish UV LED Soak Off Nail Art Gel Nail 6pcs Starter Kit 8

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I love painted nails but have always struggled to get them looking good, and as for staying nice more than a day or two, forget it. Then last year I was offered a UV lamp for review and its opened up a new world to me. Shellac nails really do last two weeks, even if like me you’re always grubbing in the garden, feeding and grooming a horse, playing with the dogs. I find that the growth shows at the nail bed before the actual polish wears.

I started with one coat my usual base coat, cure for 30 seconds, then two thin coats of this polish, curing each for 2 mins, then a top coat of my usual brand and cure that for 60 seconds. That’s it, takes about 20 mins to do and stays good for two weeks or more. I’d never had a professional manicure so looked online for advice and videos of how to do this. I usually pay around £6 for one bottle polish so these sets are great value and I’m after some of the metallic ones next – they look gorgeous. The colour applies very easily and is rich and dense. Thin coats are better than thick ones.

You do need 100% acetone remover, the usual stuff just won’t do it, and it takes longer as the nails have to soak for ten mins of so. In fact it takes around as long to remove as apply!  Lasting so long though its time saved really. If the colour still looks good, and there is no lifting or chips you could just apply another top coat to renew the glossy shine and make them look  good again.

Stars: five, works well and great value.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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