back pack, rug sack and flashlight

Bistar Galaxy Unisex School Backpack Bag Animal Print Rucksack for Teenagers

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Well, 15 yr old Beth has claimed this, with the terrific choice of different designs there’s one for almost any teen – and older!!

Its very vibrant, with a solid and well printed design. The spec says it won’t fade, that’s something only time will tell but its good to see a company have the confidence to make such claims.

Its got plenty of pockets, both in the main compartment and secondary ones on the outside, along with bottle holders, so useful when every teen has a water bottle to hand it seems. Its also has a pocket under the back, for keeping wallet, keys etc secure.
The main zip – that is a serious Zip. Its a big chunky design with a closer that’s large enough to fit fingers in and pull, when it makes a quirky Clacking noise. I love it!
The straps are padded and adjustable so suitable for all sizes. Its a great school/college/uni back pack, and will hold everything the kids need for the day easily.
Its big enough to use as a casual weekend bag too, for when they stay over with friends.Teens don’t want suitcases, they stuff everything in a back pack like this, so its a perfect dual use bag.

Stars: five, wide appeal, practical backpack

Mountaintop 32L Hiking Daypack/Camping Backpack/Travel Daypack/Casual Backpack for Outdoor Climbing School

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Excellent value hiking bag. This is made of  polyester and feels like the usual water resistant, tough type that don’t rip and tear easily.  Bags need to stand up to branches catching in the fabric, and a huge tear isn’t what you want. Likewise with the UK weather default setting being rain….it needs to be resistant if you aren’t to get soggy picnics and spare clothes.
I’m really not sure about the bladder hydration system – I’d rather carry a few plastic bottles of water, same weight and water is sterile and fresh…but it doesn’t have the bladder part included so tuck your bottles in there and play safe 🙂

It comes in nine different colours, so one for everyone. we’ve the bright blue/purple one. It lies flat but opens out inside to hold plenty of supplies.
It’s got lots of pockets and and compartments, good for keeping items separate and having essentials like phone and keys quick to hand. Last thing you need as you return to car for instance, in the pouring rain, is to be fumbling in the main compartment among clothes and everything else to find keys.
It has several straps for hanging extras on too, they always come in usuful for sleeping bags, hiking poles and other items you might need.
The mesh side pockets are excellent for drinks bottles, and the zipped front pockets away from the main part are perfect for keeping maps etc.
The shoulder straps are well padded and spread the load comfortable, something that’s important if you’re hiking long distances, or cycling, and the part that goes over back is also padded. It has a strap that goes round waist which helps stop it sliding and being uncomfortable.
Its great for a few days hiking, or a casual weekend away when it’s easier than dragging a suitcase around.

Stars: five, useful and practical weekend backpack.

Cree XML-T6 Light LED Flashlight, Trekking Lighting, Camping Lighting, Adjustable Flashlight Black

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Unusual flashlight  – it has a telescopic function. Something I’ve not seen on torches before. Its a simple twist grip to extend the body. Useful when looking at things from a distance.

There are three brightness settings. The lens gives an incredibly bright light, make sure kids don’t look in light or point at peoples faces, as you’ll see bright flashes for ages 🙂

Its a simple design, easy to carry with some grip on the body, or use the wrist strap ( I assume the grip is what they mean by skid proof? )
Its powered by three AAA batteries, not supplied. Check when you order that you have them. I like them to be supplied ideally, as when things arrive ?I want to use them right now, not search for batteries, especially when we haven’t the right size…

This is perfect for so many uses, keep at home for power cuts ( we get them often), keep by the door to garden, in the car, in a dark cupboard, use for outdoor pursuits, biking, fishing, boating – you can never have too many torches!

Stars: five, useful and practical flashlight

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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