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Aurora Tears Women Vintage Elegant Multicolour Mystic Topaz Zircon Gemstone White Gold-plated Ring

Product Details

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Really pretty ring that comes in four sizes. Its in its own display box, in a rich crimson velvet.
The descriptions says “white gold plated” but its stamped S925, usual silver letter/number combo so I’m going with that. Its a very large stone that sits high above the setting so not really practical for everyday wear, but wonderful for a fun or dressy night out.

The stone is a really pretty mixed colour, that changes according to position but its a combination of greens and purples mostly, from soft to dark colours, and with hints of blues and yellows peeping through. It a real eye catcher and I love it.
The central stone is square cut and held up by three silver square branches set with clear gems, and the sides of the square setting have another smaller line of them.

If you like fun, dress jewellery this is  perfect and would make a great gift for yourself of someone who also enjoys unusual jewellery.
I’d love a more day to day wear sized ring with this gem or necklace/earring/bracelet set – its such a beautiful gem.

Lanfeny “Bean Vine” Simulated Cats Eye Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace, Bi-Colour Dual Oval Gemstone

Product Details

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This is a really attractive pendant, which comes in a smart, pewter coloured presentation box.

Its two stones set slightly off-centre to each other in an almost figure of eight, yellow gold plated silver setting.
I love these gems, they’re a smooth cabochon style, highly polished. One is a soft, mossy green, and the other a creamy moonstone type. The setting connects to the chain at two points so it always hangs correctly, and its suspended on a delicate gold plated chain.
The chain has three little extra links, so the size can be adjusted to make it smaller. It would make a great gift for adult or child.

WOSTU Luxury Slender Rose/White Gold Plated Bracelet with Sparkling Cubic Zirconia Stones for Women Girls

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I love this bracelet. Comes in a black velvet pouch with drawstring tie.

Its in six different colour ways, and I’ve the rose gold with clear stones. I love this colour in jewellery, its a lovely gentle look, and matches the gems beautifully.
I often give away review jewellery but this one may just have to stay with me 🙂 because I’m so taken with it.

Its got two links so you can make it smaller for a child, or if you’ve a very small wrist. Its gold plated so should be fine as regards allergies, and the cubic zirconas are cut so they sparkle and catch the light well.
The pattern is a repeating one, with a large stone, then a small stone set in a leafy design. Its a very delicate looking bracelet which would be great for a dressy night out.

Wostu 2016 Easter Sale European Beads Bracelet for Women with Fashion Design Oxidation Heart Charms

Product Details

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Pandora style bracelets seem to have become a coveted item over the last couple of years, and this Pandora style one is really pretty. It comes in either black or pink and silver in three different sizes.
It has a pretty black mesh drawstring back to keep it in.

The one I have is the silver/pink one and has several really pretty charms on it, ranging from simple alloy moulded beads, some decorated with words engraved into them, and two  Lampwork Glass Beads, all in pretty contrasting shades of pinks and silver.
The beads are held on a silver plated snake chain.
It feels very robust and able to withstand wearing for long periods. Its a simple snap fastening with a safety chain, I always like to see those having lost too much jewellery!

It’ll make a pretty birthday or Christmas gift, and I know many people who would love to have this.

UMODE Jewellery 6 mmWhite Gold Color Cultured Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings for Women

Product Details

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I didn’t used to like pearls but they’ve grown on me ( huh, unintended pun that!) and are now something I really like to see.

These are freshwater pearls, farmed in mussels rather than the traditional oyster ones, which make them far more affordable but still genuine pearls. Wiki says “Cultured freshwater pearls are pearls that are farmed and created using freshwater mussels.” and has lots more info if you’re interested. reviewing means when I’m looking things up I get diverted by all the info around on the web. Pearl farming has a long and fascinating history. My nan loved mussels, would buy and cook fresh ones and I can recall getting excited when she’d find a tiny pearl in one.

So these earring are very pretty, two dainty little pearls glued on to a metal stud backing. They’re very simple and sometimes that’s the best setting, lets the beauty of the pearl shine through.
Being a natural product, even though farmed, each one is slightly different in shade and size but these are pretty well matched and a soft gentle white colour.
The company gives assurances that the metal shouldn’t irritate though I can’t find actual inof over what it is. From lower part of description.
“Q:Will it give me skin irritation?
A:The materials are environmental friendly materials. We use the most advanced technology, control the rate of hypersensitivity under 0.003%. So please do not worry about skin irritation.”

They’ll make a pretty birthday or Christmas gift, and I know many people who would love to have these.


NinaQueen – Angel wing – 925 Sterling Silver Charms

Product Details

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I’ve had a couple of Pandora style bracelets for review – the grandkids love them.
This comes in a pretty display box, that makes is a great presentation for a gift. It’s  beautifully designed so people can personalise their bracelets. NinaQueen have a range that changes often so it’s fun to look and see what’s new.

This one is a really pretty wing shape, angels or birds, take your pick…. with a separate ring top, so as well as wearing on a charm bracelet you could thread a chain through and wear as a pendant necklace. Its set in 295 sterling silver. with tiny gems embedded to catch the light along the wing and in the ring top. The wing itself has some engraving, adding definition to the feathers and wing shape, and there’s a gold coloured band along the top edge.
I love this charm, really hangs well and is so pretty.  It feels quite solid and robust. The  gems look well set in and not easily detached, and its a great addition to your collection of charms. It’s compatible with Pandora charm bracelets and most other brands’ charms bracelets.

Stars: Five, great gift for anyone with charm bracelet, or add a chain and make into a pendant.





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