Cushion cover, BBQ set, Multi-meter, Soldering iron

LIVEBOX Elegant Home Decorative Cotton Embroidered Throw Pillow Cover Cushion Case, The Tree of Life

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This cushion cover comes in four different colours, featuring spring, summer, autumn and winter and three sizes. It was hard to choose, but I’ve gone for autumn.

Mine is 45 x 45 cm – just under 18 x 18 inches in old money….and is a cover only, inner padding needed. Its made of a thick cotton/line fabric which feels an excellent quality, and of course linen is very hard wearing. I’ve done a close up of both fabric and embroidery so you can see how good it is.
The pattern is made up of some dense embroidery, giving a raised texture to the pattern, not just printed on. The edges are bound in a plain brown piping and it works well with all the colours.
Its easy to fit, with a snug plastic concealed zip to close, and machine washable – again, really useful especially with pale background. I’m a messy person, always spilling things so machine washable is something I regard as a welcome bonus as I hate hand washing or paying dry cleaning costs. ( though even on dry clean items I use wool/gentle wash on machine and dry flat/line dry. )
The finishing is good, all stitching neat and no loose threads. Its a quick and easy way to change the feel of a room by changing cushion covers, and curtains or blinds.

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Barbecue Tools Set,Kany 7 Piece BBQ ToolS Set Kit Wood Handle Tongs Barbecue Brush Utensil Sets with Carry Case for Outdoor Cooking BBQ

Last couple of days have been scorchers – hurrah, so BBQs everywhere are being dusted off ready to use. this set is perfect having all the basic tools wrapped up in a handy apron that doubles as a storage wrap.

The apron is in a black cotton fabric with pockets for each utensil, so they’ll always be to hand.
Tools comprise of fork, tongs and spatula, with the tongs being excellent. I love the serrated edge, which gives a good grip – we’ve often dropped sausages or bits of meat and had them gobbled by sneaky dogs… and these tongs help prevent that.
The salt and pepper shaker i won’t use much for actual cooking as I tend to use marinades and seasoning is in them but they’re handy to have ready for food after cooking for those that want extra seasoning. The oven mitt is a handy size and useful to have too – helps prevent burns.

The metal of the tools feels quite strong, and its set in a wooden handle, which is shaped to fit in the hand. From past experience I wouldn’t use the dishwasher as the wood can warp and the tops come out, but they’re easy to hand wash. Put the gloves and apron through the washing machine as needed and its all easy to clean. Once you’ve finished simply wash items, place in pockets, roll up apron and its ready for next time.

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Digital Multimeter, Blusmart Auto Ranging Digital Multi Tester – AC/DC Voltage, Frequency, Resistance, Diodes, Transistor, DC Current, Audible Continuity Tester with Back-light LCD Display

This is a useful device, can be used for all sorts of electrical problems, ( most of which are way above my head).

Tthough these are cheap devices, they are pretty accurate in measurements, and these are fine for most genral home users. Professional ones are far more expensive but this set at £14 will suit most homes.
I want it for testing the electric fence charge, there’s a light on the main unit but it doesn’t always work and putting your hand on tape to test isn’t fun!! Unless its someone else, then you can snigger at the *!%^& words that come out.
Its got many more features than I’ll ever use, and there’s a handy manual explaining it all for those that are interested in the more technical side. For me I just want the straight forward “is it on?” option. It needs a PP9 battery (9v)  that isn’t included 😦 shame, I do like when they come ready to use, and you need a Philipp’s screwdriver to undo the housing unit. The front display looks daunting if like me you’re new to these, but the booklet sets it all out and its not hard once you read that. Simply attach the ends in the correct sockets, pull plastic protective caps off other end, switch on, set yo what you need on the dial  and go.

Useful for all toolboxes.

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Soldering Iron Kit, Blusmart 60W 230V Adjustable Temperature Welding Soldering Iron with 5pcs Soldering Iron Tips, Desoldering vacuum pump, Holder, Solder Wire(Blue)
Soldering is new to me, but some time ago I’d bought some wire to make dandelion sculptures for the garden, so this will come in useful to weld all the parts together.
Son number one uses one for all sorts of household and garage repairs, so when he’s here it’ll be handy to have one he can use rather than bringing his from home.

Its pretty self explanatory, but instructions for novice users like me would be reassuring. I was puzzled what the syringe type device was for until I searched Google and found its for moping up excess solder.
Its got different tips included in the set so that will be useful, to be able to choose the most appropriate one for each job. I can think of a number of times in the past where this would be useful, repairing the connection on my stair lift on/off switch, joining the wires on the electric fence unit when someone ran the mower over them…I used tape for that but will undo and repair with this at some point for a stronger fix.
There’s a safety unit to hold the hot iron it when in use, and before storing when its very, very hot!

As an artist I also use wax for painting and was thinking this would be useful for two things, making marks in the wax and maybe setting up barriers to keep wax sections separate  in the way of stained glass. Some experiments brewing in my brain now – and of course I’ve still the dandelion to make. Its not just useful for home repairs jobs see, but for much more.
It is an inexpensive gadget so of course only up to home use, you want more accurate or robust unit for professional or longer use then its going to cost you more, for what it is this is excellently priced.

Stars: Five, useful for many home jobs

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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