Solar fairy lights

I had a visit from relatives yesterday when I was placing these outside ready to get charged.. They said they’d not had much luck with solar lights, but I’ve found that the recent demand has brought about a much improved product and mine all go well.I had one set that didn’t work, emailed seller and it was quickly replaced.

Currently I’ve three single lights in the north facing conservatory – that doesn’t have any lights so these motion sensor ones I use have been going well since last year, I’ve some coloured single ones in front garden been left out all year round for over two years now, six singles stuck in some large plant tubs, a pretty coloured set hung across dining room window with charger on window sill, some simple copper wire ones wound round a star shape out in front garden, and now three new sets, of which one is this set. They’ve all been going well, I simply ensure charger best placed for sun whether inside or out and they glow well into the early hours.

They do need to be charged for 6 hours or more before first use, so don’t expect them to glow straight from the box, although sometimes they have a weak charge. Look at where to place charger so it doesn’t get overshadowed by grass, plants or trees. I’ve found they also work inside if you place charger in a sunny windowsill. They’re designed for outdoor use so perfect to just hang round garden and leave – that’s what I do. Eventually they all die off, but that’s true of everything, so long as they last a decent time I’m happy.

Each set has the usual, a green wire with lights, attached to charger/battery, and a stake for placing charger into ground. The back has the off/on and a mode button to change from always on to flashing. I do find with these buttons its not easy to tell if working, and I don’t want to go trundling round the garden in the dark fiddling. What I usually do is take them under a table/into a cupboard, place something like a thick cloth against the front of the charger and they should light up, giving you a chance to see they work and to choose the mode.

Winter I find they don’t last as long but still work for several hours, and its just cheering at night when i can’t sleep to peek out at them. Its very dark where I live, very rural, no nearby lights of any kind so they show up well.


Solar Globe Fairy String Lights, GDEALER 20ft 30 LED Crystal Ball ,Waterproof Outdoor String Lights, Solar Powered Globe, Fairy String Lights for Outside, Garden, Yard, Home, Landscape, Halloween, Christmas Party-Warm white (1 Pack)

Product Details

The lights on this set are a pretty clear ball with tiny bubbles inside, and give a soft creamy light as soon as it gets dark, lasting well into the early hours at this time of year when the sun is strong.

Solar String Lights, GDEALER 72ft 200 LED 8 Modes, Solar Powered, Waterproof, Starry Fairy Outdoor String Lights ,Christmas Decoration, Lights for Patio, Gardens, Homes, Landscape ,Wedding Party,-Warmwhite (1 Pack)

This set is  200 LED small ball lights, on a 20mtr string with another 2 mtr to the charging unit. That means they can cover a largish area. Mine are across some large Rhododendrons in my front garden. They give a soft creamy light as soon as it gets dark, lasting well into the early hours at this time of year when the sun is strong.

Solar String Lights, GDEALER 22ft 50 LED Waterproof Solar Powered String Flower Fairy Lights Christmas Lights for Home, Gardens, Lawn, Patio, Halloween, Christmas Trees, Weddings, Parties – RGB (1 Pack)

Product Details

This set is  50 LED small flower lights, on a 20 ft string. Mine are over grandson Brennan’s playhouse. I usually tend to go for white lights, but these are red, yellow, green and blue and work well to decorate his little hime!

Products supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly. 

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