swimwear, ripped jeans and hoodie dress

Firpearl Women’s Vintage Ruched Plus Size One Piece Swimsuit 24 Blue

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rA really flattering and attractive fifties style swimsuit.
The fabric is stretchy, being a nylon spandex mix, and quick to rinse out and dry, perfect for holidays. Its well made in a fabric that’s not flimsy as many are, but which feels able to withstand some wear 🙂 and won’t go transparent when wet! The stitching through is excellent .
The skirt part is flattering for ladies with larger tummies and for anyone who wants to avoid the dreaded “camel toe “ look…. and the top is adjustable. I like the bright and vibrant colour, works well with the black sections.
The top has shaped, non removable inserts, which offer support for larger boobs, and keep nipples hidden. Pools and beaches can be chilly and not everyone want to be an exhibitionist.
My daughter has this, as a larger lady she likes to keep a bit more covered and the top with its shaped section appealed to her.

Stars: practical and attractive costume.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.
Attraco Womens Floral Swim Shorts, Ladies Board Shorts, Black

Product Detailshttp://amzn.to/2a4FuMi

These are in a pleasant feeling fabric, a polyester, but feels like a soft cotton, not the nylon type I expected. I’ve a size XL. The waist measures 38 ins and will stretch to 42 ins, hip is about 44 to 46 ins, its hard to judge exactly where to measure.
The legs are nice and lose and cuts slightly upwards, and they have a wide elasticated waist with a drawstring tie. The edges of legs are bound over rather than simply hemmed.
They come in a black floral patterned fabric and are great for beach or swimming with a T-shirt for those of us who don’t want to ( well, might want to but don’t look like ) a Baywatch beach babe!

GLO-STORY® Womens Dresses Casual Letter Print Long Sleeve Hoodie Midi Dress For Ladies

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Granddaughter Beth is a hoodie addict, got one tucked over her head lots of the time much to the families irritation! Usually though they are on a sweat top or a jacket so to find this dress was at least a variant on the theme.

The fabric is a kind of soft cotton with lots of stretch, and actually looks quite smart, much to my surprise.
Its long, around calf length and has a rear split and a central pocket that opens each side, a kind of muff effect. the stitching and finishing is good.
It comes in a choice of three colours and we have the black one. The print isn’t right through but applied to the surface of the fabric and nice and clear.
Beth is a size 8, 5 ft 2 ins, and we’ve the small/medium size which is roomy on her but not so much that it looks loose.

Its a perfect casual dress for days out of for lounging at home on chilly evenings.

GLO-STORY Women’s Ripped Denim Skinny Jeans Comfy Stretch High Waisted Jeans Jor Lady Pencil Pants Trousers

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I really like these jeans. The description says high waisted but I’d describe them more as hipster/low waist style.

They come in three styles, and we’ve the multi ripped ones.
The tears are on the front only and very regular, you could customise them by extending some tears and adding some to the back if wanted. I think splashing a little bleach on too would add some zap and make them unique, but its a personal thing and they are very attractive as they are.
They’ve two side and two rear pockets, with a small front zip and button fastening. Seams and stitching are very good. Legs taper down to a narrow ankle, though the fabric is very stretchy so they are easy to get on and comfortable to wear for long periods. Back in the 70’s we used to wear narrow leg jeans, had to point toe down so ankle was straight  and slowly wriggle them up the leg, and then lay on bed to do up waist… Breathing was sometimes a challenge and as for going to the loo when out – forget it! . Hurrah for lycra and elastane!

The fabric is polyester/elastane mix, a decent thickness and feels like a very stretchy soft brushed cotton.
I really like them and think they look great on Beth. She’s 5ft 2 ins and size 8 and we’ve the size small, but she thinks they’re too big, though agrees the length is fine. She likes her jeans Really Tight 🙂 again, that’s personal preference. I thought these were fine on her.


Products supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.



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