pop up tent and flask

Kany Portable Outdoor Automatic Pop Up Instant Quick Cabana Beach Tent, Sun Shelter, Canopy Sun Shade, Sport Shelter, Family ,Kids ,Baby ,Outdoor Camping ,Fishing, Picnic, Hiking.

click image for amazon link. Note: Tent isn’t that big!

This is great for the beach, its very light and easy to carry, and it comes in a circular, zipped bag, same washable fabric as the tent.

This has some UV protection on the fabric which is useful especially if you’ve babies or toddlers. Their skin is so delicate and vulnerable. I’d still slather them in a high factor cream though and use this as additional protection not instead of creams and lotions.
It has six metal pegs to help secure it in the ground, and outside pockets to add sand if necessary to weigh it down. Being lightweight means it will blow away easily if its a breezy day, but the pegs should be enough for most purposes. The mesh section at the back helps too, by letting air through and that also  helps keep inside cooler.

The real fun is the way it assembles, just take it out of the zipped pouch and it does just what it says, pop up. Stand well back though, especially younger children and its very quick!

It is so light and easy to carry that it means its so easy to take it with you on a beach trip, on a picnic, a trip to the woods so for younger kids you’ve an instant play tent.
Its a great place for snacks too, a clean floor to sit on, no dirt to get in sandwiches, fruit or cakes, and helps prevent flies and wasps getting in. They’re quite scary for young kids when they buzz round food so this is a great bonus, especially if you put a trap such as a pot of sugar water outside to divert them.
If you’ve toddlers and babies it gives a shady place for them to nap too.

Youngest grandson Brennan will love this on the beach, he loves being there but has very sensitive skin, often has patches of eczema that gets irritated by the sand, so at least he can rinse it off and sit inside while eating or to rest his skin for a while.
Of course its a great play tent in the garden, or inside if you’ve the space. We’ve three pop up tents now and the grandkids love to get them all out and play houses, shops, vets etc giving them each a specific designation.

Stars: Five, great fun for kids and practical for the beach.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

MAIGG Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle – 40oz – Wide Mouth, BPA Free – Double Walled Construction – Powder Coating.

click image for amazon link

Back in the seventies when I was at school flasks were glass, and inevitably would break on the way leaking all over rest of lunch and schoolbooks. Gave up after a while.

Now they are so much more robust and this one is excellent. Its stainless steel, looks good, is easy to grip, has a wide mouth so you can take thick soups and stews not just drinks on cold days and add ice cubes to cold drinks in summer. all that and its a massive 40oz capacity!
Being stainless steel of course it avoids any toxins associated with plastics, and the dual wall construction means it keeps drinks cool or warm for several hours. I haven’t tried timing it, but that seems reasonable to believe. The wide mouth means cleaning is easy, no need for those bottle brushes we used to have that were pretty useless anyway. I can vouch for this part, cleaned easily after use. Hurrah for progress.

The flask is great for summer and winter lunches at work, for picnics, beach trips, and of course drinks while at sporting events. Given the cost of hot and cold drinks while out it’ll pay for itself in no time.

I really like the 100% guarantee, its good to see a company confident in its product. Of course that does depend on whether they’re still trading but given I’ve seen too many things stating 3 month guarantee is great to see a company that stand by what they sell.

Stars: Five, well worth buying

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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