Fridge purifier and retractable Dog Lead

Wokesmart Refrigerator Air Ozonizer Ionizer Purifier, Fridge Ionic Food Freshener Preserver, Waterproof Ozone&Anion Steriliser, Deodoriser Expert, Freshness Extender, App Control, 90-Day Battery Use.

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I’d never heard of this method of sterilisation but daughter told me its built in to many new fridges. On looking it up it seems there’s some mixed feelings about how well it works but it seems to make sense to me, and I’d like anything that helps avoid food poisoning, and of course unpleasant smalls in the fridge.
I have a very sensitive stomach and food poisoning when you’re in a wheelchair and quick trips to the loo are not possible is not good. I usually spend the time in my bedroom so I can access the loo there easily but its something I love to try and avoid so this is well worth a go.

The unit itself is simple, a small compact device, very stable with rubber base, and charged by USB. I did that ok, switched on and set in fridge where its been merrily blinking away for several days. I’ve not noticed any bad smells, so that part seems to work fine.
The QR reader/the app section is a different matter. If you’ve tech knowledge it’ll be simple, but I haven’t a great deal so for me its a play and see approach.
My card reader on phone told me it couldn’t find anything, so I tried going to the app via the playstore using my phone, searched for wokestore and found it. It downloaded easily and then got a little confused over how to find my fridge, – its 16 years old and I couldn’t work it out.
I seem to have set a cubic foot area somehow though…and also the app tells me the battery life left is 11 days, and I’ve completed a deep clean ( must be my press all buttons multiple times method as I don’t know how I did it.)
Two issues though.
a) its been going for around 5 days so should have 85 days battery life left not 11, but of course if I’ve set the cubic area wrong – and I think I have – then its working from that not my actual fridge…
b) though I had info in front of me just now on my phone I can’t seem to get to it again. I can find the app but not open it ;-(
I haven’t taken off any stars for this as I struggle with tech stuff/apps etc and will ask family to take a look when they visit. If they struggle then I’ll edit, but for now I’m putting blame on me not the device.
If like me your tech knowledge is limited you might want to ensure you have someone to set it up if you want to use the app function.
The device works fine without though I assume, as it doesn’t need an app to work the basics, to charge it and to power up and set going in the fridge.
So long as its working I don’t need to know details, and the light will tell me when battery needs charging.

Stars: Five, well worth using

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

A-forest Black Retractable Dog Lead 5m 50kg Extendable Pet Leash Training Suitable for A Large Dog 

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This comes in a solid card box, and oddly, encased in a pink fabric bag….fine for those sweet Fifi lady dogs but not so great for the macho Rambo bulldog types 🙂


These leads are useful if you want to have a long lead for when in the park or woods, and yet shorter for when in traffic on the way there. I’ve usually seem them for smaller dogs ( I have this mental vision of tiny dogs being whipped off their feet when its retracted quickly…I’m sure it doesn’t but…) This one though is designed for larger dogs, those up to 50 kg, a massive 7.5 stones for those who think in old money! Great for Labs, German Shepherds and dogs like that, but not Yorkies and Poodles.

The handle is a solid plastic, very comfortable to hold, with a lock button in place for the lead. the lead is 5 mtrs long and 1cm wide, and the tape looks very strong. It seems excellent quality and great value at under a tenner .


I like the addition of the reflective emblem, especially if you’ve a dark haired dog, safely is so important and reflective gear really does make a difference.

Stars: Five, excellent value lead

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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