Head torch, Baby thermometer, BBQ thermometer ( don’t mix ’em up!!) and argan oil

ETTG LED Headlight Headlamp Flashlight 3 Modes for Camping Running Hiking Mining Outdoor Sports Hands-free Camping Headlight

This arrived in it’s own display box, well packed along with some other items in a larger box. We use a head torch we bought some time ago for dark mornings and evenings when my horse needs feeding. She lives at the end of our garden and its dark and muddy, so a good torch is essential and one like this that leaves hands free for carrying tubs of food makes life so much easier.

This performs very well, it really lights up the garden, even with just the single central light on. Its goes a long way and a decent width so its easy to see where to walk and what’s ahead.
Its got three modes of light, single central one, double side ones or all three. It also has a strobe function,good if you need to attract attention in an emergency.
It came with rechargeable batteries, simply insert and its ready to use. The straps are very adjustable going from small, without a hat or can be adjusted to fit over a helmet. Its very easy to adjust and once size is fitted it doesn’t slip. We have a similar one which is used twice a day in winter to feed the hirse.
As well as the torch and batteries there’s a USB converter supplied, so its ready to use soon as charged. It doesn’t have an actual USB socket but a circular one, so you need to ensure you don’t lose the little USB/circle converter cable or you won’t be able to charge it…personally I do prefer those with a standard USB connection. I’m a great KISS beleiver!
This doesn’t have an adapter or cable either, but most phones and tablets use them so there can’t be many househoilds without one. If you don’t have one then order when buying, the cable at least so you can charge via PC or the adapter too so you can charge via wall/mains.

Its perfect for anyone who needs to be outside in poor light and especially good in that it leaves hands free.

ETTG TT-8861 Digital Thermometer Gun Non-contact Infrared IR Laser forehead Body & Surface Temperature

Handy little gadget. I thought at first it was going to be like those food thermometers I’ve had, but its not.

Temp can be set to body or surface, and in Fahrenheit or centigrade. It has a default body temp of 38 but this can be changed. the backlight can be switched off too so for very sick kids it’s silent and no light to disturb. the reading can be set to hold til you’re ready and out of the room.

Its so easy to use, pop in the batteries supplied ( hurrah for that – a real peeve of mine when they aren’t included, same with SD cards…) Then simply point and go.
There’s an audible beep, but that can be switched off if wanted, and that’s it. The display temp shows and its more or less instant. No waiting which is ideal for sick kids.

I did try it against my food thermometer and got slightly different readings, but that could just be different models, different uses or simply user error!
I’d advise if you have one of these keep a record of what normal body temp is when healthy then its easy to spot changes, as we all vary a little in temp etc. Knowing what’s normal for you and your family can make a big difference to knowing when to treat or ask for help.


Grill Thermometer, Vinsic® Rechargable Wireless BBQ Food Thermometer, Remote Remote BBQ, Smoker, Grill, Oven, Meat Thermometer, Double-probe, Remote Control Up to 100M Distance (White)

I’ve never used one of these, but they seem to be a handy gadget to have especially if you BBQ much.
No one wants to give guests food poisoning and its all too prevalent with BBQs and poorly cooked meat. Stuff thats not cooked through then sits in the warm til eaten allowing bacteria to multiply with the dreaded trots next day 😦 who hasn’t either had that or know someone who has?

So temp options are Fahrenheit or centigrade and you simply set a temp and wait for it to tell you once its reached. Its great for monitoring food, and you can set the type of meat.
I’ve always wanted to BBQ slowly a big beef brisket or something, or maybe a rack of beef short ribs – its all those US novels and the BBQs that make my mouth water. Now if we just get some sun on the right days when family are here maybe I’ll finally try it knowing I won’t be stuck outside monitoring the joint but can use this and watch from elsewhere. ( round the pond with jug of Pimms sounds good! )

Full instructions are given for charging and using in various ways

Argan Oil Organic 100ml in violet glass bottle, – 100% cold-pressed, pure natural & organic certified ,- moisturizing Body Hair Oil with Vitamin E, for soft and young skin healthy nails face., Helps with neurodermatitis, psoriasis, stretch marks, acne, eczema

I have waist length, dark brown hair and of course it tangles easily at this length. I’m also an amputee with just one leg, so conventional conditioners are something I have to take care with as they make the bath very slippery – if I’m not careful I achieve something like the “Bambi” effect and as I’ve found to my detriment bones break easily 😦 When I was asked if I wanted to test this it seemed like an easy solution. Wash my hair and simply apply a few drops while wet. )

I’ve been using it for a few days now, on wet hair when just washed, but also on dry hair between washes. It’s left my hair silky smooth, and a little goes along way.
It has two ways of application, dropper or pump dispenser, I find the dispenser easier, so spillage isn’t a problem for clumsy people like me…..
I use two squirts, rub my hands together and apply to the length and ends of hair avoiding the roots. Too much and hair just looks greasy, though I think an in-depth application wrapped in a hot towel would be a great conditioner for very dry hair.
I use it as a face and body moisturiser too and its perfect, light and non greasy and a little goes a long way.
I like that the company uses 100% pure, natural, made from organically certified crops, cold pressed, without pesticides or harmful parabens / chemicals / sulfate

Its in violet glass bottles, I’m used to brown or dark bottles for keeping out light which destroys the oils but didn’t know that violet improves the lifespan of the product.
Being a cynic(!) I had a quick net browse and found it does seem to be widely believed that violet glass is the best. Learn something new every day 🙂


Products supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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