archery set and sports/outdoor bags

Outdoors Team Recurve Bow 20lb Recurve Youth Archery Set Kids Bow

Youngest grandson Brennan is in a Robin Hood phase currently, so this really appealed to him and its has great use in the few days we’ve owned it. He’s 5, but it’s also been used by friends and relatives of varying ages from 5 to 62!

Its easy to set up, simply place the string ( I can’t think of exactly what its called…so string will do) into the ends of the bow and that’s it. We didn’t get the arm or finger guards in the set, but it came with two suction arrows and two with points. Strict instructions to avoid pointing them at animals, people or my polytunnel was given with those!
Brennan stuck to the suction arrows, just playing with how far he could shoot. He’s is ambidextrous and it worked well with either arm/hand combo. We’re going to make a proper target for him soon as time allows!
Daz, the 17 year old grandson soon bent the metal tips on the pointed arrows, they’re a sort of aluminium and fairly soft but the berk shot them at wood….#Roll-eyes

We’ve all played with it including my big bro who sentarrows into the trees, walnut first time, then tried for another section of garden and sent it into a sycamore. You can see him throwing a plank to knock it down!!
Having seen us using it, and taken it to his friends house Brennan declares he’s still the best archer 🙂 Its become a great summer toy, and excellent value for money.
Up to now they’ve been making bows and arrows from branches in my woods but they just don’t work anywhere near as well as these. We’ve going to collect some stick and feathers now and make some authentic looking arrows ( though Daz is banned from sharpening the tips!)

One fletch did peel off an arrow after the tree episode but was glued back easily with some PVA.

G4Free Duffle Bag for Travel Luggage Gym Sport Camping -Lightweight Foldable Into Itself 

Excellent bag, light weight but with a huge capacity.

It’s great for gym and sports, but not one you’d want to take hiking, the straps aren’t really suited to that.
It has carry handles or a shoulder strap, and is made from a tough but light ripstop,  weather resistant fabric. Once opened out there’s a massive main interior with a really useful plastic lined section section suitable for sweaty clothes and shoes!

Folded up it still has a couple of accessible zipped pockets great for phone, keys and purse/wallet.  Its very easy to fold back up – some bags take too much working out to be convenient, but this is simple. You do need to take care not to catch fabric in the zip though – I did that both times I put it back but its simple to carefully ease fabric out, and its nota big issue.

Its a really useful bag (I’ve been reading Thomas the Tank Engine to youngest grandson – that Really Useful phrase is embedded in my brain!) suitable for so many purposes, gym and swim, shopping, sports and PE, its so small its great to take Just In Case you need it.

G4Free Multifunctional Unisex Ultra Lightweight Water Resistant Packable Backpack for Hiking Cycling Camping Sports Daypack, Foldable Into Waist Bag

This bag caught my eye,its very lightweight and  it folds up and has waist straps to carry, then unfolds into a backpack.

The shoulder straps are quite thin, so its not one you’d want to carry things in all day,but perfect for short trips to gym etc, or for picnics or shopping when you don’t want to carry a huge emoty back with you.
Its made of a strong rip stop, water resistant fabric and the main section has a two way zip. It comes in four colours, we’ve the dark grey which is very smart. There’s so much space in this bag, and yet it rolls up really quickly into a handy waist bag, hardly noticeable to carry when empty. Even when round waist it has a section for keys, phone, wallet etc which is helpful.

G4Free Lightweight Folding Sports Gym Travel Duffle Bag Overnight Weekend Holdall

G4Free Lightweight Folding Sports Gym Travel Duffle Bag Overnight Weekend Holdall

This bag comes in four colours and unfolds from a tiny pouch carry bag to a massive strong duffle bag.

We have the blue one and its a vivid, rich turquoise colour. Its got a choice of carry handles or an adjustable shoulder strap. Its made of a strong rip stop, water resistant fabric. There’s so much space in this bag, and yet it rolls up really quickly, just roll both sides to middle and tuck into pouch.
Keeping this with you in your gym or shopping bag means you’ll always have a roomy bag to hand if needed.
Of course you might just want to make it your main gym bag, its great for t hat too, rolling up small to fit in a locker while you’re training.
You could tuck it into holiday cases ready for the extras we all seem to bring back, and especially important of you’re flying it won’t take up space or load additional weight to be charged for.

I really like the lifetime guarantee – of course that depends on whether the company really mean it, words are easy, and whether they’ll still be trading when you need them but its always good to see a company with confidence in their product especially when many are trying to flout the law with three month guarantees.

Stars: Five, very handy bag for many purposes.

Products supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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