Beautiful parasol/umbrella, Beaded dress, Amethyst pendant, Owl pendant and Crystal earrings

PrettyGuide Women’s 1920s Embroidery Sequin Deco Cocktail Gatsby Flapper Dress

Product Details

This is a really gorgeous dress, beautifully finished, and well constructed throughout, beaded hems and edges, neat stitching, clever hidden side zip BUT the sizing!

Knowing how many clothes on amazon are Asian sized I ordered XL. description says 20-22 but its too small for me, a size 16-18.  I’d say its a 12, a 14 max, so do check that as other reviewers have found the same issue.

The waist measures 30 inches and the bust area 36, and looking online that’s about right for a 12-14. The fabric does stretch generously, though doesn’t look so good when its pulled out of course. I’m really disappointed though maybe its yet another diet incentive as I just love this dress!


Its got a very vintage feel which appeals to me, and yet the styling is so classic its suits any formal occasion. The dress is kind of almost sweetheart neck style which is very flattering to all bust types, and has pretty beaded curved edges to shoulders and neck, and scalloped hem at knee length. Its a dropped waist style, very popular in 1920s and one that suits most people.

Its in black only with thousands of tiny bugle beads and sequins in silver and black. My passions for all things sparkly has found a dress I adore…if only it fitted 😦

The decorated lace top layer covers a soft plain black under layer, which covers skirt and front but leaves back open to a breath-taking mesh and bead over skin effect. You need to choose a bra carefully or go without unless you want to risk spoiling that effect.

Its polyester, which is fine to machine wash, but all those beads won’t like the battering so do as it says and carefully hand wash. Don’t wring it out but blot carefully in a towel before drying flat somewhere.

Its a perfect dress for summer balls and winter parties.
Honeystore Lace Flower Totes Dome Umbrella ,3 Folding Anti UV Travel ,Sun Parasol, Purple

Product Details

Well, umbrellas usually are plain and dull, maybe a few with quirky patterns but just look at this, its an umbrella that’s also a parasol, and will cheer you up when using it on even the dullest of days ( think November foggy days when its grey all day )
I’ve never seen one so pretty, but Honeystore has lots of them. this one comes in four colours and we’ve the purple, a lovely rich but soft lilac shading to a dense deep purple colour.

It comes in a pretty blue box, making it a perfect gift. Then on opening the parasol is in a matching fabric carry case with a lace handle.
It’s telescoped up, and on removing it from the case you just release the Velcro strap and push up the central mechanism to open it out. To fold simply release top clip, which brings all the folds down, tweak them neatly, and roll up securing with the Velcro before tucking into case. Check its dry first though as always or you’ll get mould. That’s not pretty and smells vile so avoid by ensuing all damp has gone.
The fabric is a pretty floral pattern with varying shades of lavenders and violet, with a purple lace trim. Its got a kind of holographic shine to parts of it. Its difficult to explain just how beautiful the fabric is, I hope the close up photos I’ve done give an idea.
The ribs are a strong but flexible fibre and aluminium construction, and very lightweight. They don’t seem to have that non inside out facility but its easy to shake into position, and once up seems stable.
The handle is just a metallic painted knob engraved in a flower pattern, not the most comfortable but really pretty. I’d have liked to see a padded section here, holding that narrow central part will cramp hands after long periods in the cold and wet, though the end knob will stop it being blow out of hands on windy days.

As well as being rainproof this is treated with a 50+ SPF. That’s great for those sunny days where fair skins burn. Being careful I’d still use a sunscreen but this is a great added extra for adults and kids.

Stars: Five, just gorgeous, protection on sunny days and cheering on rainy ones.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

Fashion Silver plated Necklace Triangle drop shaped Amethyst Crystal Pendant Necklace With bag ( Random colour )

Product Details

This is a really pretty necklace, at a bargain price. It comes beautifully presented in a bronze card box with black velvet inner that really shows it off well.

Its suspended on a pretty open twist chain with a round clasp, one of those that flicks open then closes round the other end of the chain. The picture and description on the site mention a box chain, but you’ll note the one I have is different. Both are very attractive though so unless you’re really set on one type then it doesn’t matter. In that case I suggest you contact sellers prior to purchase.

The pendant itself is a pretty, amethyst coloured, triangular stone, a lovely light violet colour, in a silver rope type setting to match the chain. There are tiny clear gems set at the corners of the triangles.
This would make a great gift for anyone, and looks far more expensive than it is.

Jewellery Chic Boutique Quirky Kitsch White Black Crystal Eyes Cute Wise Owl Bronze Jewellery Necklace + Gift Bag


Product Details


This is cute, a great gift if you’ve a friend like mine who loves all things owl! Pretty pendant presented in a coloured mesh, drawstring bag.

Its kind of kitschy in style, very art deco type.
The owl face is set on a bronze type metal, open fret oval, and the back looks like it could open but doesn’t – shame, as I thought you could tuck some scented petals or something in there…Still…the owl is really cute, a cream coloured enamel body with open holes and clear gems adding decoration, and more metal and two dark stones for “ear” feathers and eyes.
The chain is in a matching bronze colour and quite long, and a weight that suits the pendant.
I don’t know what metal it is, so those with allergies would need to take care. I have issues with some metals so for those like me we need to know what is used to make jewellery, and the description just says “alloy” but not what type. At this price though its likely to be one that isn’t for those with sensitive skin – as always you get what you pay for, in this case a pretty trinket suitable for many but not all people.

1Pair Women Lovely Crystal Earrings Silvering Crystal Shiny Ear Stud Earrings (with random colour box)

Product Details


Review from Jeannie’s Reviews on

A Pretty set of earrings for an inexpensive gift. Sometimes you just want something not too dear to brighten up a friends day – or lift your own mood with a fun treat.

These are set on a post, with a plastic back holder. The earrings are six clear jewels,  held in the gaps created by a running, rope type circle. The metal is described as “alloy”, and anyone like me who is sensitive to certain metals needs to take care. Itchy, weeping, swollen ear lobes aren’t a pretty look 🙂 and that’s what I get.

Others who don’t have a problem will love these though, and of course you get what you pay for and can’t expect precious metals at this price.
If you really love them and aren’t too sensitive to metals you could try painting over the posts and rear of the earrings with a clear varnish, that might create a barrier between skin and metal, and is something I used to do with the metal back on watches…now I just use my phone.

Stars: five, a cheap fun set
Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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