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Brennan, the youngest grandchild who’s five, was really excited when I told him this was coming. Sadly, despite the very strong cardboard packing box it was damaged, and the track broken in one section. Not the sellers fault of course, and a courier friend of mine said people would be horrified if they saw how parcels handled. In order to keep costs down they maximise volume and simply throw across warehouse to right direction, not carry them….
I contacted sellers with photos and they organised a very swift replacement which was fine when it arrived.

Its very simple to set up, simply open out place cars on track and wind away! There are little extras, the cardboard sides landscapes and some plastic signs etc. We opted out of using the landscape sides as they kept falling over onto the track, but the signs added some authenticity.
We had great fun racing, as its works by kinetic energy, through winding the controls each person controls the speed of their car, and it takes time to learn just where you need to slow to avoid shooting off the track.
There are lap counters too so you can go for a ten lap race for example, and just play without needing to keep counting laps.
The big frustration was  the white car, like another reviewer we found this stopped randomly, and we needed to keep tweaking the metal tags underneath. That’s really frustrating when its a two car race, and led to some tantrums and moans, but by using the other car and a timer we could still have races. I’ve taken off half a star for that as though the white car could be used for fun, it wasn’t any good to race with ( unless you sneakily assign it to some poor unsuspecting family member and then beat them hollow!!)

What I love about this set:
It comes with its own carry case, simply open up, place cars on track and its ready. No bits to slot together , no essential parts to lose. The tiniest of kids can do it once shown how.
It uses kinetic energy, no batteries needed, just human power.
As its power by individuals it really is a race of skill, learning to control speed and not go off the track. Teaches observation, accuracy, and patience
It tires users out quickly! Its surprising just how much energy is expanded just winding the controllers round, much better than some battery operated toy.
Its fun and quick, Bren has his eye on the version with a huge loop to go through….that’s shown on the case along with other versions, but not currently available.
When its time for lunch/tea/bed just put cars and signs in centre of track, slot cover over and fold up. That it, 30 seconds and its done 😉

Mudder Set of 3 Paper Film Frame 3 Inches Wall Hanging DIY Film Decor Borders for Fujifilm Instax Mini 25/ 50s/ 7s/ 8/ 90 Instant Film

More fun things for the craft box.

This is a real bargain. Kids love to draw and paint and tuck what they’ve done in one of these, use the string and hang it up and it looks really good. transform their marks into an artwork.
Mounts really make a difference to a painting, and though these are fun for the kids I’ve already been thinking of a series of artworks I’d like to do, maybe something like a month of flowers from the garden so July would have one with a rose, one with a marigold, one with a foxglove…you get the idea. Or you could get the kids on a beach theme and one do a spade, another a bucket and another some sea shells. You  could then frame behind glass in one long frame and it would make a painting they’d be proud of, and a great gift for relatives.
You could use some pressed flowers, or even some sand, a few tiny stone and shells, and create a unique holiday memento. My mind is bursting with ideas having seen these. I’ve not been painting over last few years due to physical restrictions, I tend to do big artworks and just can’t manage now, but after seeing these I’m thinking I might try some small works. Be fun anyway.

Its a set of three packs each having the same ten colours, so there are three of each colour and making thirty in total, and I think they’re a real bargain. The card is a decent thickness and weight, not thin and flimsy. The pegs too are painted so if you’re stringing them you can have matching or contrasting colours. You could tuck tiny photos in too, either singly or in groups.

Soarpop Waterproof Backpack, 40+5L Multipurpose Outdoor Hiking/Climbing Backpack
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Excellent sturdy backpack, coming in three colours. We have it in purple.

Its clear when you get it that its been designed for some rugged use. Its made of wear resistant 1680D high density nylon – to me I’ve no idea what all that means, but my description is that its a very tough close weave fabric that seems water resistant and well able to withstand the scrapes and plucks from thorny branches one encounters out hiking!

Its a decent size for a few days away, and depending on just how much you need to carry.
We were hoping to use this for Beth who’s on a week long guide camp this week, but the list of things they need was so long, including basics like mug, plate, bowl and cutlery that it wasn’t quite big enough, though the next sized one we had was huge and her things seemed lost in it. Its a shame as it would have been so much easier for her to carry this one. She’s 15 and this is a perfect size if only the list was shorter….
Its got lots of straps and hooks for hanging extras on – she has to take sleeping bag, and of course while it would have fitted well on this, the one she has means its going to be uncomfortable, hanging very low on her 😦

Its got one huge main compartment, perfect for several days worth of clothes, a smaller multi use section, maybe keep wash-bag or dirty clothes there? Then there’s two more smaller pockets, great for phone, keys, maps and purse etc, plus of course others inside the main section, along with a handy water bottle mesh pocket on the otside.
The straps are fully adjustable, and the shoulder and back is well padded for comfort.
Its a practical and smart bag for a few days away, and very robust and hard wearing, despite being under 2lb ( less than a kilo) in weight.

Vintage Retro Edison Loft Pendant Light, Makion Retro Industrial Ceiling Lamp, Incandescent Bulb, Painted Iron Umbrella Shade, Country Style Lamp for Warehouse, Restaurant, Bar, Counter, Attic, Bookstore, Bedroom ,Hallway, Home Decoration with Bulb included(Black E26/E27) [Energy Class A++]

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Review from Jeannie’s Reviews on wordpress.com

If you love all things vintage you’ll love this.

I’ve just redone my kitchen, back to basics and its got a kind of classic look now. I’d just bought two pendant light fittings which I love but this would have been perfect. I may yet buy another of these and change them or perhaps put this in another room. My home was build in 1682 so anything vintage suits it well.
There’s everything you need here, pendant, cord, the bit at the top where it connects to the ceiling *ceiling rose maybe?*, along with a free gift vintage Edison screw light bulb. That’s the bit that really makes this special, though as its a gift if its broken it won’t be replaced 😦
You can use any Edison screw bulb that fits, but I don’t know if you can get ones the same as this, and modern ones won’t give the same feel. Hopefully there are replacements around.

The fitting itself feels robust and solid, and isn’t a thin flimsy one so should last very well, and will be perfect to complete a vintage look room.

Salon Client Gown Hairdressing Gowns Kimono Style- 43″ Long (Purple)

Product Details


I dye my hair – keep out the silver!! – but as a messy person invariably I spend ages getting dye off my skin too, especially now my hair is waist length. Getting it off my back isn’t easy so this is a real help.
Its a good quality fabric, and won’t let dye seep through. Its actually very attractive with its kind to two tone purple/crimson colour. Its a decent size but I needed a tie, though the image shows one there wasn’t one in the pack I received. I know its easy to use a belt or something but one with the gown would have been better.
Its water repellent as it says, though I don’t know how long that lasts after washing. I’m not so worried about water though – its the dye I want to keep out and the close weave should ensure that. Even though its water repellent its not clammy in the way plastic gowns are and so its comfortable to wear.

Products supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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