Memory foam pillow, Picnic bag, Electric toothbrush and Fleecy Throw blanket.

LANGRIA Contour Memory Foam Pillow with Zipped Washable Breathable Knit Cover, White and Blue

I’m a huge fan of memory foam, had a mattress with this for the past few years and until then I didn’t realise just how great it is, so much more supportive, it “remembers” the individual shape without getting saggy.

This pillow is perfect, comes in a neat zip up bag, it unfolds and expands slowly as its released.
It can take up to 72 hours after opening to reach full size though mine is pretty close now after opening last night, 18 hours ago. I remember when we got out mattress, a super king size and it kept growing and growing, like a huge lump of bread dough. I had visions of struggling to open bedroom door later, with the room being full of matters – it wasn’t, it does stop:-) I didn’t notice any smell from it when opening.

The pillow itself is shaped to mould under the neck and support your head. It comes with a zipped cover which can be washed, and as the interior can’t be washed I’d use a second pillow case leaving the zipped one as a kind of pillow protector. It will fit inside a standard pillowcase, though I expect there are shaped ones around you don’t need them. It’s a nice large size, measly small pillows are awful, when your head slides off in the night as you move it wakes you and that’s not conductive to a good rest.
Foam pillowcases like this are good for people with breathing issues, and the mesh at the side of the cover helps airflow through it.
The supportive bit, the neck shape is great for those with spinal issues, neck problems and any type of upper body arthritis.
It doesn’t suit everyone – I have damaged neck vertebrae and tried one a while back and didn’t like it, but my friend who had it absolutely swears by it and bought more. They change all the while though so I’m giving this one a go, and if I don’t get on with it it’ll still suit someone in the family. You can never have too many pillows, and this will be perfect for the grandkids with asthma.

MIER Large Cool Bag Insulated Double Casserole Carrier Thermal Lunch Tote for Potluck Parties, Picnic, Beach – Fits 9″x13″ Casserole Dish, Expandable, Green

Great size bag, in a lovely bright colour. Its got a padded carry handle too that’s practical, its surprising how heavy a picnic bag can get.

We love picnics, woods, park, beach, with seven grandkids taking out own food is essential on a day out. Its too costly to buy food for all of them and this way we can go out far more often saving money for admissions rather than spending on expensive cafe food. Two of the family are vegetarians too so this way we can tailor food to everyone and can healthy lunches.
This bag has two separate cooler sections and a handy pocket on the outer for wet wipes, hand sanitizer, tissues etc.
The interior of the two main sections are fully lined with thermal materials, and being two separate sections you could put hot food in one. I’ve never thought of taking hot food on a picnic but warm quiches, pies, scotch eggs and sausage rolls sound great! Then you can have cartons of drink, sandwiches,dips and salad, fruit and yoghurt the opther section.
Once home simply empty out debris, wipe clean and soon as dry fold flat for storage. Its fold right down to take up very little space,something really useful.

AVEVIVI Sonic Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush With 2 Replaceable Toothbrush Heads, IPX7 Waterproof Rate, White


Arrived in very sturdy packing, cardboard box with moulded plastic inner. I hate going to the dentist, always convinced I’ll need loads of work though fingers crossed that hasn’t been the case.So I use an electric toothbrush and have done for years now. It feels just wrong if I ever have to use a manual one…

Its got three modes of use,  Super, Normal, and Massage. Super seems to be the same as normal only faster, and massage feels like a gentle brushing. It comes with two spare heads so this one is going to be used for family when they stay, with them each having their own brush head. Its easy to change, simply pull one of and slot other on. You’re not limited to three of course, just buy extra.The in-handle timer pulses every 30 seconds to let you know when to switch areas of the mouth will be very useful for children who aren’t sure how long to brush, gives them an idea of when to move section and helps get all the teeth cleaned. Kids teeth are so important to look after.It has a vibrating head, and I used to have one that rotates. To be honest I prefer that, I have a small jaw and these take a little getting used to if I’m not to keep knocking my teeth but that’s a personal preference.

It’s simple to charge, slot the brush onto the base. Plug in to a USB connector via the cable supplied, and that’s it. A red light comes on to show its charging and it auto shuts off when ready.There isn’t a USB socket connector supplied but most households have a few with tablets, e-readers etc using them, or you could use PC of course. I used a battery bank to show in the pics how it charges, that works well and of course will be great for camping and places where there isn’t mains electric, or abroad where you UK adapters may not work.

If you value your teeth – and you should, get a decent brush. Don’t stay with those old manual ones!

sourcingmap Super Soft Warm Rug Luxury plush Fleece Throw Blanket, Suitable for Chair or Bed, Machine Washable,Burgundy, 150 x 200 cm (59″ x 78″)

This comes in three sizes and nine lovely rich colours.

I’ve got the smallest size in burgundy and its a lovely dense vibrant colour. Its beautifully soft and cosy, with a kind of soft velour feel, not a long pile throw but a soft short one. that makes it really practical to use, vacuum hair off it if like me your dogs like to sleep on your furniture, or just shake outside. Its easy to wash, simply pop in the machine and its done. When it comes out it feels almost dry so either tumble dry, lone dry or use an airer. this time of year a short while outside leaves it soft and sweet smelling ready to use very quickly. Its 100% polyester so long lasting and heard wearing.

There are so many uses, extra blanket, furniture or bed throw, car blanket or seat protector. It’s great for outdoor picnics for sitting on and then as invariably happens it turns cold can be used as a blanket too.
My grandchildren love to snuggle into one of these and watch films in winter – saves on heating bills too.

Stars: Five, perfect for summer picnics

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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