pretty metal buckets, car mattress, and some coloured solar lights

Flower Pots , RIOGOO Iron Hanging Flower Pots,Balcony Garden Pots Wall Planters Metal Bucket Flower Holders – Portable Style ( 8 PCS )

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These are cute and caught youngest grandson Brennan’s eye. He’s five and has been having fun planting seeds with me this year. These pots don’t have a hole in the base so could theoretically get waterlogged in heavy rain, but if that worries you just tap a few holes in the base with a nail, its easy to do. The suggestions of peppers and tomatoes is a little hard to believe though, they really aren’t big enough for that but single flower plants, a few radishes, mixed leaves for lettuce, spring onions or some pretty herbs such as basil, chives, thyme and oregano would be perfect.

We intend taking them to the beach…probably 😉 but they would look great set with matching colour pansies or some geraniums, lobelia, marigolds or similar, or used in the home to store pens, paperclips etc or even in kitchen to hold cooking utensils or cutlery. They’ll brighten up anywhere.
You could also put a few tea lights in them along with a couple of drops of citronella or lavender oil to keep away midges when sitting out on warm summer evenings. ( Hah! That’s not a joke BTW we’ve had one or two nice evenings)

They’re made of metal and painted in eight different colours. You’ve a choice of either handles or hooks, we’ve got the ones with handles.
I’d have liked to see an option of single colours, so for example you could have eight red ones, eight yellow ones ( Bren’s favourite colour, the yellow one has been claimed by him already).
They’re inexpensive but pretty robust, and wont dent easily.

Stars: Five, so many ideas for these.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.


ETTG Auto Car Inflatable Air Mattress Bed for Back Seat of Cars SUV’s and Mid-size Trucks Outdoor Travel

ETTG Auto Car Inflatable Air Mattress Bed for Back Seat of Cars SUV's and Mid-size Trucks Outdoor Travel (Black)

I wasn’t really sure about this, how easy it would be to set up but it really was simple.
The box has everything included, the mattress and pillow, the charging unit and the adapters to fit the valves.

My eldest grandson set it up, he’s 17, and he said it was very easy and quick to inflate. He tried it out for fun, lying on it and said  it was comfortable. If you have a long journey, go camping, going to a music weekend or something this will be perfect, it means you can quickly convert the car to a useful sleeping area.

Its got a decent size mattress which is flocked on one side, that means sheets or sleeping bags won’t slide round. When that happens its hard to get comfortable! There’s also two pillows, again flocked on one side. The mattress is shaped to fit in foot well of car and give good support, and you can adjust the air pressure to your own preference.
The images show it set up in a Peugeot 307sw estate.

Stars: Five, great idea for outdoors folk.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.
XIAOHE 23 Ft 50 LED Solar Powered Fairy String Lights Soft Lighting Globe Ball light for Outdoor, Garden, Christmas,Home Decor(Colourful)

I love solar lights, got them all round the garden. I’ve currently got some coloured single solar lights in ground in front garden, been left out all year round for over two years now, six singles stuck in some large plant tubs, a pretty coloured set hung across dining room window with charger on window sill, some simple copper wire ones wound round a star shape out in front garden, and recently had four new sets. The family joke its going to look like Blackpool illuminations soon in my garden.
They’ve all been going well, I simply ensure charger best placed for sun whether inside or out and they glow well into the early hours.

These have black wire, set with lights, attached to charger/battery and a stake for placing into ground. The back has the off/on button and a mode button to change from always on to flashing.
I do find with these buttons its not easy to tell if working, and I don’t want to go trundling round the garden in the dark fiddling. What I usually do is take them under a table/into a cupboard, place something like a thick cloth against the front of the charger and they should light up, giving you a chance to see they work and to choose the mode.
You can hang the charger unit up rather than place in ground if you get the sun better that way.

This set is  50 LED small frosted globe lights, on a 23 ft string. That includes the  7-feet lead to charger. You don’t need as much as with electric mains ones, as it only needs to reach a sunny spot.

These are inside, I’d intended them for garden but Bren has claimed them so they’re in his bedroom with the charger set ion the window sill. They look really attractive as soon as it gets dark, lasting well into the early hours at this time of year when the sun is strong.

Stars: Five, pretty and practical.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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