ETTG Insulated Folding Picnic Basket and FIRELION Outdoor Gel Touch Screen Cycling Gloves

ETTG Insulated Folding Cooler Picnic Basket Bag Thermal Tote–Color randomization

We love picnics, woods, park, beach, and with seven grandkids taking out own food is essential on a day out. Its too costly to buy food for all of them and this way we can go out far more often, saving money for admissions rather than spending on expensive cafe food. Two of the family are vegetarians too, so this way we can tailor food to everyone and can healthy lunches.

Great size bag, in a lovely bright vibrant pink and floral fabric. There are three colours but sadly there doesn’t seem to be an option to chooose which one you want.
Its got a padded carry handle that’s practical, its surprising how heavy a picnic bag can get. Its made of heavy-duty, easy clean, 600-denier material that withstands normal wear and tear, and has Microban to provide protection from odour and stain causing bacteria.

The interior is fully lined with thermal materials, so you can have hot food or the more usual cold. Or buy two bags and have both! I’ve never thought of taking hot food on a picnic but warm quiches, pies, scotch eggs and sausage rolls sound great! Then you could have cartons of drink, sandwiches,dips and salad, fruit and yoghurt the other bag.
The bag is supported by a metal band around, that attaches via four Velcro straps. That’s good for protecting food while travelling. Its also got a domed top so that you can put taller containers in, increasing the height from 8 inches to 11 inches.

Once home simply empty out debris, wipe clean and soon as dry fold flat for storage. something that’s really useful. You can detach the bag from the metal support, via the Velcro straps to make cleaning really easy.
It collapses right down to take up very little space when stored, folds to less than three inches high,

Stars: Five, great for picnics all year round

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.
FIRELION Unisex Outdoor Gel Touch Screen Cycling Gloves Mountain Bike Bicycle MTB DH Downhill Off Road Gloves

So, I’m not a cyclist, with only one leg biking isn’t really practical 😉 but I do use a wheelchair and that’s really tough on hands, finger, wrist and shoulder joints and skin of palms.
I also have arthritis now and my finger joints are swollen and painful, but though warmth helps I tend to end up in fingerless gloves, or ones with a pull over end, because most gloves are too thick to be practical for doing anything other than keeping hands warm.
Its been a problem for me especially in winter when cold exacerbates the pain.
These gloves are perfect though, they’re so flexible and though thin are very warm. The gel padding on palm protects when I’m pushing on the wheels, and there’s some grips built in which are useful, as sometimes its hard to grip, and wheels slip which then pulls on my other (damaged ) joints and causes pain.
The finger and thumb on each gloves have stitching which means – Hurrah, I can use them when opening my phone and kindle.
With ordinary gloves they don’t respond, and I have to take them off to make a call, change pages on my kindle, send a text etc but these do it easily without needing to be removed. That makes them worth every penny to me, and the grips and gel pads are a bonus extra.

I do have a tendency to lose gloves, usually as I have to take them off to do things and drop them in the garden, its large and overgrown…or out at shops or somewhere. I’m hoping that’s a thing of the past as I don’t need to remove these, but am about to order more so I can have a spare set in another coat, then hopefully they’ll always be with me whichever coat I grab.

The size chart is really useful, measure across centre of palm. Mine measures 8cm and I ordered the medium and they fit perfectly.

Stars: Five, fantastic comfortable and practical gloves.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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