Mini glue gun, Precision Tool Kit, Clock repair kit, Toilet sensor night light

ccbetter® Mini Hot Glue Gun with 25 pcs Melt Glue Sticks High Temperature Melting Glue Gun Kit Flexible Trigger for DIY Small Craft Projects & Package and Quick Repairs in Home & Office Cleanly (20-watt, Blue)

I was cautious, having seen in reviews concerns about the plug, so emailed sellers and was assured that’s been changed. I’ve added images of the new plug below.
I’m really glad sellers took note of customers concerns, that’s always good to hear.

I’ve never used a glue gun but they look really useful, and as it happened grandson number two was here the day I got it out. He’s ten and has used one so I got some advice from him!
I stupidly couldn’t work out where to put the gluestick…doh, its obvious once he showed me. To be fair I hadn’t read instructions or looked at any pics, and I’ve never seen one working before – well, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!!

I started by trying to mend the mesh fly curtain I had for review a few weeks back. Its perfect but…one of the dogs is Rather Quick and has gone through it a couple of times, being quicker than the magnets release 😉 I stitched up one side but it wasn’t easy and I hate sewing, so thought once she’d decimated the other side I’d try the glue gun. Worked perfectly. Doesn’t look that good, but like everything it needs practice and this was my first attempt. Its functional that’s my main concern.
I then tried mending my kindle paperwhite cover ( I get loads of fire covers offered for review but of course none for paperwhite…) The magnet had come away from the cover, so it closed but no magnetic catch. Again I stuck it on but its not the neatest looking, though as my cover is old the plastic is cracking anyway. I’d been using sellotape which kept peeling and leaving my hands sticky, and was irritating when reading.
Then I tried sticking some gems on a wind chime I’d just repainted. It wasn’t easy picking up the tiny gems and the glue dries very, very fast, almost instantly. I ended by putting some gems in a saucer, adding the glue and quickly rolling the part in the gems. Bigger ones were easier so long as I made sure I had them in my hand ready to add the moment the glue was released.
I put on a disposable glove while doing all this BTW – an earlier experience with super glue, fingers and thumb stuck together and hand on kitchen worktop has left me Very Cautious now!

I’m really pleased with it, Son no 2 says he thinks its expensive, that you can get cheaper ones, I think its fine, I’d be happy to pay for this given all the uses it has in the home and for craft and DIY projects. I used to staple the kids nativity costumes etc as I hate sewing – wish I’d has a glue gun, that would have been even better!!
It does have a tiny wire stand that I missed at first, to protect things from the very hot metal end, but I just laid it over something so that part was in the air and not touching anything. Now I’ve seen the stand I’ll add it!
The glue comes out very quickly, I think with practice I’ll learn how much pressure to get a fine line etc, but for now I ended up with some nice glue candyfloss, where I removed the gun and glue was still connected to wind chime and gun….
Its easy to remove when dry though, and likewise where I’d spilled blobs on the  patio chair it came off easily when cool and dry.

Warning: The glue – it does get very, very hot so take care. Don’t let very young children use it and supervise older ones carefully. And take care yourself. I got a blob on my thumb without the glove and Ouch, It Was Hot.

Screwdriver Set, E-Durable Multi-Function Repair Tool Kit Screwdrivers Tweezers and Pry Bars Set Precision Tool Kit for Home & Electronics – 24 in 1

Terrific little set of screwdrivers for repairing things with tiny and specialist screws. They come in a handy case that can be hung up ready to use. There’s a magnetic closure on the case, and the parts all fit in special click fit compartments. The actual heads can be swivelled out while in the case making it easy to select the right one.

If you repair your PCs, phones, watches and glasses, ( that’s me! Screws always coming loose – the glasses not mine….) and can never find a tiny screwdriver when you need one this set is perfect to have to hand. Its small enough to tuck in a drawer, or you can wall hang it in tool-shed/garage. The handles all have easy grip fixes and the heads slot in easily with a twist tightener to hold firmly while in use.

Mudder High Torque Hands Clock Mechanism, 3/ 10 Inch Maximum Dial Thickness, 4/ 5 Inch Total Shaft Length, Black and Red

A simple little clock kit, ideal for repairing a favourite clock or for making your own unique one, either for a gift or for yourself. Mudder sell a number of different ones so you just need to pick which best suits what you want to produce.

I did one earlier with a similar kit on a  box edge canvas painting I had already done, but you could paint whatever you wish to suit your décor which would blend in. Or you could match it to a friend or relatives home for a unique gift which would ensure you’re giving a very personalised present. I this design would suit a more old fashioned/traditional design, something with that classic, elegance look rather than a contemporary appeal.
I used one similar to this in the clock I made but the hands were silver. Looked good but my eyesight is bad so I had to repaint them in white to make them stand out enough for me. Lost a lot of the subtlety but gained in function. The hands are quite fragile and bent easily so take care, but if the do bend its easy to straighten them again – I’ve done that with mine as clock is not in a case and got knocked.  If you could get a very thin board this would be great placed in one corner, with the rest left for picture maybe? …So many ideas that there’s something for everyone.

Everything you need for the clock part, apart from the battery, is here. It would make a great gift for crafters just as it is too.
We’ve had a number of these and the grandkids will love to make their own clocks once I’ve enough for each of them. All you need is a cheap canvas or even a thin price of wood. some paints and let them use their imagination. then attach the kit and – unique and home created clock.  Teaches them that’s its fun to make their own  things not just buy ready made goods complete.

MAIKEHIGH Motion Detection Sensor Automatic Toliet LED Nightlight, Toilet Bowl Lid Bathroom Seat Hanging Battery- Operated Nightlight Lamp 8 Colors Changing.(Only Activates in Darkness)

I thought this was a bit gimmicky at first but…for eight quid if it stops kids peeing on the seat or floor its well worth it!! I hate switching on bright lights at night and so do many kids, and that leads to the next person getting a wet foot or worse – wet ar se! Yuck, just what you want at 4am. Not.

Kids will love this, and its so useful, only comes on at night when it picks up motion – as it movement, not the other kind.
Its does say flexible arm- and its not what I would describe as flexible, its fixed but has a little “give” in the plastic, so even though my toilet was wider than the gap on the device it still slipped over and was held in place by the toilet lid. I expected it to have a kind of pull out flexibility, not just a softish plastic.
Its wipe clean, I just wiped over next morning with a little disinfectant and replaced ready to use.

At night as soon as someone enters the sensor zone the light comes on and shines in the bowl. Its pretty bright though not harsh on the eyes. You can tinker round with light settings, have them on rotate or a single colour, but I didn’t bother with that.

It takes three AAA batteries ( not supplied) Looking at the images I see there should also be a sticker to attach to outside of bowl. I didn’t have one, but it still stayed in place, and in fact I prefer without so its easy to remove to clean properly.
Great fun for kids…and useful for some adults!

Products supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.



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