1920s Vintage Sequin Fringed Flapper Dress, Vintage Elegant Satin Purse, Thigh High Boots,

PrettyGuide Women 1920s Vintage Beads Sequin Fireworks Fringed Flapper Dress

PrettyGuide Women 1920s Vintage Beads Sequin Fireworks Fringed Flapper Dress

This is a really gorgeous dress, beautifully finished, and well constructed throughout, beautiful fringed hems and bound edge to neck and arms,  neat stitching. Knowing how many clothes on amazon are Asian sized I ordered XL,  but its a bit small for me, a size 16-18. I can get it on comfortably, the fabric is quite stretchy, but it doesn’t look good around the hips 😦 I’d say its a 14, so do bear in mind as other reviewers have found the same issue. I’m disappointed though maybe its yet another diet incentive as I just love this dress too, loved the last one from this supplier, but that’s been claimed by daughter in law. This is closer to my size though 😉 !The  bust area measures 35-36, and the hip about 38 inches. The fabric does stretch generously, though doesn’t look so good when its pulled out of course.  I’m five foot six, and the fringing comes just above my knee. the fringing is deep though so that actual dress part is considerably higher. I think it looks great but again it depends on the individual if they feel comfortable.

Its got a very vintage feel which appeals to me, and yet the styling is so classic its suits any formal occasion. The neck is like a boat style, reminds me of Audrey Hepburn…The neck and shoulders have a deep sequin trim and neck, and a long fringe at knee length. The front has the most amazing starburst pattern, flaring out from the centre, with a deep upside down “V” shape in black sequins at the base. The back is more subdued, with just an echo of the base V shape and the banding on neck and arms. Its a kind of A line style but just slightly flaring, not the wide flare often seen, and the fringing adds a very popular look from 1920s. All you need is a long cigarette holder and a huge feather in a headband and its perfect. ( please keep a fake cigarette though, not the real thing, smoke is awful on clothes, on people, bad for health and gives the most appalling bad breath!)
Its in black or silver, I have the black version and its got  with thousands of gold, silver and black sequins in varying sizes. My passions for all things sparkly has found a dress I adore…if only it fitted 😦 Soon maybe? I could aim it for xmas! I blame my nan for my all things sparkly fixation, she gave me a beautiful black taffeta dress, with sequins and diamanté decorations for playing dress up when i was a kid and the love has never left me.
The decorated top layer is a very fine, slightly transparent fabric but covers a soft plain black under layer, which goes down to the fringing. It measures 38 inches from shoulder to top of fringe, 43 ins down to bottom of fringe  Its polyester, which is fine to machine wash normally, but all those beads won’t like the battering so do as it says and carefully hand wash. Don’t wring it out but blot carefully in a towel before drying flat somewhere.

Its a perfect dress for summer balls and winter parties.

Stars: Five, just gorgeous, a beautiful dress!

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

Uni-love Vintage Elegant Clutch Bag Satin Purse Evening Handbags for Women White, Silver

Product Details


This bag comes in white or silver and I’ve the silver version.
I’ve just done a review for a 1920’s style sequin and beaded dress and this would work perfectly with it. I love it.

Its got a shiny satin outer, and its very sharply pleated giving a textured kind of look, and making it very vintage looking. Nan had a couple of bags like this from the 20s –30s.
Its fully lined, with a handy little pocket inside for items such as a card, a key or maybe a lipstick, easy to get at.
It can be used as a clutch but also has two chains included which clip on to convert to a handbag or a shoulder bag. I like those, keep hands free and I usually wear across my chest, though of course it could be hung from one shoulder.
Its got a beautifully decorated top, in silver with tiny diamante gems, and  with a quick lift up claps to close.

Stars: Five, just gorgeous, great for cocktail evenings or xmas parties. and a terrific price.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.


SheSole Womens Ladies Faux Suede Thigh High Boots Over The Knee Stretch Sexy Block Mid Heel

Womens Ladies Thigh High Over The Knee Long Lace Up Block Heel Boots Shoes Size 2-7

These look really fun.
They’re quite high but with a blocky heel that makes them easy(ish) to walk with – does depend on how used to wearing heels you are!

They’re in a faux suede so a fashion boot rather than one for warmth and hard wearing but great for clubbing etc. The fabric has a slight stretch and a soft velvety feel, very much like real suede, but for vegans, etc  a great replacement.
They have a generous calf width so can be worn over jeans, and a tie top so they’ll stay in place even if you’re dancing quite vigorously. There’s a zip at the ankle too for ease of putting on and that allows them to have a flattering shape there. They’ve a good solid sole and heel and cushioned insides so making them very comfortable to wear.

They’re sized in whole measurements from a 3 to an 8. We’ve the 8, they’re for my 17 yr old grandsons girlfriend. I only let him have them on condition he modelled them first! He’s almost 6ft tall and wore them comfortably over his jeans. ( though not without a bit of protesting first!!)

Stars: Five, fantastic ,comfortable and attractive boots.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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